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  2. Hi Brian, I have done this change but unfortunately the error still appears when the admin dashboard is first displayed, if the user goes to another selection (e.g. products) and then comes back to the dashboard then it doesn't display the version number error again. How do I stop it from appearing in the for instance. Best Regards, Peterp
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  4. FYI and to be clear: CubeCart 6 does not come packaged with any modules. However, the first time you view admin, Manage Extensions, CubeCart determines if you have any module of types gateway and shipping already installed, and if not, will fetch PayPal Commerce and All-in-One-Shipping as needed and install them automatically.
  5. Really it's a question for PayPal but they call it an Alternative Payment Method. Any payments made via an alternative payment method like SoFort (I prefer SoFart) should just go directly into the PayPal account. It's dynamic to the customers locations. So for example a customer in the US will see Venmo and Holland iDeal. Full list here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/checkout/reference/supported-alternative-payment-methods/
  6. I've just installed 6.4.3 out of the box for a client. I note that it comes preloaded with a PayPal gateway. However, this PayPal gateway has the option of SoFart and pay by card. Can I assume that SoFort is somehow affilliated with PayPal, and that Card Payment is also linked to PayPal. My client has no card facilities, only PayPal.
  7. Can some one please help me I cant figure out how to to the drop down menu, I got the dox to show up but no items to pick from Thank you
  8. When the Module class (via /classes/module.class.php) instantiates a module's class, the config settings (fetched via Module) are passed into the module's class (via the module's __construct() function) and becomes the class's private attribute _module. This private class attribute _module is visible everywhere in the module's class. There is no need to fetch it again once inside the module's class. I think I see you are trying to use the variable $module that was passed in via the module's __construct() function. This variable is strictly local to that function - not visible in any other function of the class - that's why it was immediately assigned to the class's private variable $this->_module.
  9. Call is designed for remote server calls. Process is for real time with redirect to receipt page.
  10. Hi, In my payment gateway, for safety reasons, I would like to check the form's signature (to ensure the response is genuinely from the payment provider). For that purpose, I need to use a couple of settings which are input by the admin of the module's settings page, namely: the certificate, the mode (test or prod) and the encryption algorithm). But while a simple $mode=$this->_module['mode'] works perfectly in fixedVariables() function, it stays empty when called in call() function. I have tried the below, but with no luck: $this->_module = $GLOBALS['config']->get($module); Is there any reason why I need to specifically call the module's settings differently in that function? Best regards, Guillaume
  11. In some payment gateways, the function call() seem to be used to process the payment, while in some others it seems to be the function process(). Looking at cubecart.class.php, I found the following (rom line 278 onwards): if (file_exists($class_file)) { include $class_file; $gateway = new Gateway($GLOBALS['config']->get($module)); $command = (isset($_GET['cmd'])) ? strtolower($_GET['cmd']) : null; if (!empty($command)) { # if (method_exists($gateway, $command)) $gateway->{$command}(); switch ($_GET['cmd']) { case 'call': if (method_exists($gateway, 'call')) { $gateway->call(); } exit; break; case 'process': if (method_exists($gateway, 'process')) { $gateway->process(); } break; } } } My interpretation of this is that there is a variable $_GET['cmd'] depending on which either the function process() is used, or the function call(). However, I couldn't find much information about this variable, studying the code. I would apprecate if anyone could enlight me on what exactly it does, as this would make my understanding clearer of when exactly each of these functions are called. What I am especially after is, when exactly each of these functions are called. Is call() used when the payment providers gets back to the merchant? And process() used when the payment has been accepted (i.e. independently of the user closing the window)? What puzzles me is that this piece of code is in a function loadpage(), which implies that it is tighted to the UI experience. Best regards, Guillaume
  12. According to this site: https://www.atechtown.com/xampp-control-panel/ this is what you would use to view the various XAMPP log files.
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  14. Thanks. That would make my plugin somewhat dependant on the plugin "Additional Product Fields", but this is an interesting idea, I'll give it a try!
  15. Thanks. I haven't yet come to a solution which gives me full satisfaction. Nevertheless, the below comes in handy: #URL encoding of all values except email and URL foreach ($hidden as $key => $val){ if ($key != "vads_cust_email" and substr($key, 0, 8) != "vads_url") $hidden[$key] = urlencode($val); } In other words, I encode with urlencode all the values of the form, except URLs and emails.
  16. hi Brian, I think I have fixed it. I uninstalled xampp and then reinstalled it and then did all of the mods again and it seems to have worked. Thanks again for all of your help I appreciate it immensely. Best Regards, Peterp
  17. Hi Brian, Thankyou for helping me with this issue. I'm currently using xampp (as localhost) so I'm not really sure how to configure a web server to write error log sorry for my lack of knowledge. If you can instruct me as to what I have to do I'm sure I can make it happen Best Regards, Peterp
  18. Do you have your web server (as opposed to PHP) configured to write errors to a web server error log?
  19. Yes, that would work. This knowledgebase article may be of some assistance.
  20. Hi Brian, No error log has been created. I have checked the version of PHP is 7.3 Where now Best Regards, Peterp
  21. am i able to just copy the entire ftp files from one cubecart shop to another and just change the email settings etc to a new branding ?
  22. Let's see if the error_log has any clues. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  23. For CC605 (CC606 probably has the same line numbers), in /admin/sources/dashboard.index.inc.php: Find near line 69: ## Check current version if (!isset($_SESSION['version-check']) && $request = new Request('www.cubecart.com', '/version-check/'.CC_VERSION)) { $request->skiplog(true); $request->setMethod('get'); $request->cache(true); $request->setSSL(true); $request->setUserAgent('CubeCart'); $request->setData(array('version' => CC_VERSION)); if (($response = $request->send()) !== false) { if (version_compare(trim($response), CC_VERSION, '>')) { $GLOBALS['main']->setACPWarning(sprintf($lang['dashboard']['error_version_update'], $response, CC_VERSION).' <a href="?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade">'.$lang['maintain']['upgrade_now'].'</a>'); } $_SESSION['version-check'] = true; } } Change to: ## Check current version if (false && !isset($_SESSION['version-check']) && $request = new Request('www.cubecart.com', '/version-check/'.CC_VERSION)) { $request->skiplog(true); $request->setMethod('get'); $request->cache(true); $request->setSSL(true); $request->setUserAgent('CubeCart'); $request->setData(array('version' => CC_VERSION)); if (($response = $request->send()) !== false) { if (version_compare(trim($response), CC_VERSION, '>')) { $GLOBALS['main']->setACPWarning(sprintf($lang['dashboard']['error_version_update'], $response, CC_VERSION).' <a href="?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade">'.$lang['maintain']['upgrade_now'].'</a>'); } $_SESSION['version-check'] = true; } } $_SESSION['version-check'] = true; // Make sure CubeCart knows that a version-check has been made, no need to keep checking. The added 'false' means the version-check will not take place, and the added line at the bottom replicates what would have happened after a version-check.
  24. Hi Brian, I have tried this code and on one of the locally hosted version of the cubecart when I try to save the snippet all I get is a blank screen and it doesn't go back to the admin screen. I decided to try it on another machine which is using the same cubecart version and it all worked perfectly. what could be the cause of the blank screen happening when i try to save the snippet. Hope you can Help, Peterp
  25. Hi All, One of my clients is running version 6.0.6 and is quite happy and does not want to upgrade at all, however he is getting the warning message in his admin which states "Warning: Your store is not up-to-date v6.4.3 is available but you are running 6.0.6 update now" . How do I suppress this message, he is currently undergoing a software audit and intends to update in the near future but for now wants this message to be removed. Thanks for any help Best regards, Peterp
  26. Currently, no. There used to be a plugin but the publisher has disappeared. CubeCart used to have a "Tell-a-Friend" feature, but has been removed (it was horribly abused). There exists a manner that is cumbersome and definitely not dynamic: Create a new newsletter and select only the email address of the target customer to send it to.
  27. Is there a mod or a way to send an email to specific customer somewhere in admin ?
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