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  2. We can certainly discuss incorporating this feature, but you would have to elaborate on what details, exactly, it is that you want to have shown to the customer, where the relevant data that comprises those details would be located, and an idea of how making this info available in this fashion makes it easier for you to manage.
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  4. That's what I have been doing, just thought since it offered digital downloads that there might be a way to add it under options or something that I didn't know about. Thanks.
  5. Would mentioning this in the product's description be a solution for you?
  6. How can I show a field of how many photos or videos come with the digital download? Gunstra
  7. Admin > Documents > Welcome (document). Inside the editor box change tghe images and text and save.
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  9. Thanks Amy, It sounds like you are saying I can have variants that differ depending on what option is chosen? If so this sounds very exciting for my future. Right now I want to simply be able to show a color ICON next to the option in the list. So for example if the option is color, I want to have a swatch of the color next to the text. Or even better, have a group of small color blocks that can be chosen instead of a drop down list. This way my customers could just click the color they want and not need to know the name of it.
  10. Customers see these option values when they choose a variant. If your variants differ in more than one way, then tap Add another option. You can have up to 3 options for each product. As you add the product options, a list of variants appears.
  11. I will study this and report back soon. Please try adding just the new file 'element.recaptcha.invisible.php'.
  12. I would like to implement reCAPTCHA for new registrations (customers) and make certain fields mandatory when registering. Please can someone forward me a link or provide instructions on how to do this in CubeCart? Thank you
  13. maybe that was a poor example. Some of these things your'e suggesting to add already exist, which makes me think that the skin has maybe already been modified. eg: content.recaptcha.head.php, you're suggesting to create this file. but it already exists. So I'm unsure as to leave it or modify it. {if $RECAPTCHA=='2' || $RECAPTCHA=='3'} <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"></script> {/if} {if $RECAPTCHA=='3'} <script> function recaptchaSubmit(token) { $('.g-recaptcha').closest("form").submit(); } </script> {/if}
  14. Once again thank you for the info, I will wait for the next version with paitience.
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  16. Please observe the differences between the 'from' code versus the 'To' code. Then, find those lines specified in the 'from' section. The specified lines could be anywhere in the file, and may have extremely minor differences, but should be easy enough to locate. For example, in your code posted above, the last two lines (mostly) match: </images> </skin> Between those two lines, add the following changes: <!-- Use this to add custom variables into the skin which can be found in the smarty SKIN_CUSTOM array --> <custom> <recaptcha_badge_position>bottomright</recaptcha_badge_position><!-- Invisible Recaptcha Badge Position: bottomright, bottomleft or inline --> </custom> For the template file edits, note the essential difference between the 'from' section versus the 'To' section. Among all the lines of code in the template files, locate just the one line (or two, three) specified in the 'from' section. Apply the difference noted.
  17. just the first step alone. My config.xml is populated with all sorts. I found a number of discrepancies between your etone and my korouto <?xml version="1.0"?> <skin version="3.1"> <info> <!-- UIDs can be generated on the unix/linux command line using `uuid -v4`, or you can use any string, as long as you think it wont accidentally be picked by anyone else A good example of the latter would be something like '[email protected]'. While not necessarily an active email address, it's a pretty good approximation of a unique key --> <uid>[email protected]</uid> <type>skin</type> <name><![CDATA[kurouto]]></name> <display><![CDATA[Kurouto]]></display> <version>1.0.3</version> <minVersion>5.0.0a</minVersion> <maxVersion>5.1.*</maxVersion> <creator>CubeCart Ltd</creator> <homepage>http://www.cubecart.com</homepage> <mobile>false</mobile> </info> <layout> <products> <perpage amount="6" /> <perpage default="true" amount="12" /> <perpage amount="24" /> <perpage amount="48" /> <perpage amount="96" /> </products> </layout> <styles> <style images="true" default="true"> <!-- images: TRUE tells the template system that this style has its own image folder. FALSE would use the contents in the root of the images folder --> <directory>blue</directory> <name><![CDATA[Blue]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Blue style]]></description> <default /> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>green</directory> <name><![CDATA[Green]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Green style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>grey</directory> <name><![CDATA[Grey]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Grey style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>orange</directory> <name><![CDATA[Orange]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Orange style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>purple</directory> <name><![CDATA[Purple]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Purple style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>red</directory> <name><![CDATA[Red]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Red style]]></description> </style> </styles> <images> <!-- Common --> <image reference="thumbnail" maximum="138" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" /> <!-- Category Page --> <image reference="category" maximum="580" quality="100" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <image reference="subcategory" maximum="70" quality="70" default="noimage_subcategory.png" /> <!-- Product Page --> <image reference="gallery" maximum="50" quality="60" default="noimage_gallery.png" /> <image reference="normal" maximum="270" quality="90" default="noimage_normal.png" /> <image reference="enlarge" maximum="600" quality="90" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <!-- Possible names (sizes): thumbnail (138), product(300-ish), enlarged (big), zoom (bigger, poss. source?) --> <!-- These are the ones currently in use --> <image reference="tiny" maximum="30" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail_tiny.png" /> <image reference="small" maximum="138" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" /> <image reference="medium" maximum="270" quality="90" default="noimage_normal.png" /> <image reference="large" maximum="600" quality="90" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> </images> </skin> The skin's config.xml, from: </images> </skin> To: </images> <!-- Use this to add custom variables into the skin which can be found in the smarty SKIN_CUSTOM array --> <custom> <recaptcha_badge_position>bottomright</recaptcha_badge_position><!-- Invisible Recaptcha Badge Position: bottomright, bottomleft or inline --> </custom> </skin>
  18. CC645 is not 100% compatible with PHP8. For the past few weeks, the programmers have been making edits to the current CC64X code to make it PHP8.1 compatible. So, we can expect to see that in CC646. We should also be prepared to be upgrading third-party modules.
  19. Currently I am using a shared host and running PHP 7.4.30 for which they are stopping support later this year and want me to switch to PHP 8.0 I am currently using Cubecart 6.4.5 is it possible to use this on PHP 8.0? If so what do I need to change? If I need to upgrade to Cubecart 6.5 will this help and also can I use 6.5 without using the fancy search? Thanks in advance.
  20. From BSMITHERS October 2021. "At the check out the packaging shipping weight is not shown in the total weight." I can concur. I can raise a GitHub request for this issue.
  21. "There are too many differences in the code" For example?
  22. There are too many differences in the code you supplied to what I'm actally finding in Kurouto. I'm cutting and pasting what I think ought to be cut and paste, but I can already see there are going to errors. I don't know enough about PHP to be able to safely decipher the differences. I tried and broke the web site instantly.
  23. To review, please verify your skin has made the following changes: The skin's config.xml, from: </images> </skin> To: </images> <!-- Use this to add custom variables into the skin which can be found in the smarty SKIN_CUSTOM array --> <custom> <recaptcha_badge_position>bottomright</recaptcha_badge_position><!-- Invisible Recaptcha Badge Position: bottomright, bottomleft or inline --> </custom> </skin> A new template, content.recaptcha.head.php, containing: {if $RECAPTCHA} <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?onload=reCaptchaCallback&render=explicit" async defer></script> {/if} {if $RECAPTCHA=='3'} <script> var reCaptchaCallback = function() { $(".g-recaptcha" ).each(function() { var el = $(this); grecaptcha.render($(el).attr('id'), { 'sitekey': '{$CONFIG.recaptcha_public_key}', 'badge': '{$SKIN_CUSTOM.recaptcha_badge_position}', 'callback': function(token) { if($(el).attr("data-form-id")){ $('#'+$(el).attr("data-form-id")).submit(); } else { $(el).parent().submit(); } } }); }); }; </script> {/if} The existing template, content.recaptcha.php, from: {if $RECAPTCHA} <fieldset id="recaptcha-title"> <legend>{$LANG.form.verify_human}</legend> <script type="text/javascript"> var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : 'clean' }; </script> {$DISPLAY_RECAPTCHA} </fieldset> {/if} To: {if $RECAPTCHA=='1' || $RECAPTCHA=='2'} <fieldset id="recaptcha-title"> <legend>{$LANG.form.verify_human}</legend> {if $RECAPTCHA=='2'} {if empty($CONFIG.recaptcha_public_key) || empty($CONFIG.recaptcha_secret_key)} <p>{$LANG.form.recaptcha_key_not_set}</p> {else} <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="{$CONFIG.recaptcha_public_key}"></div> {/if} {else} <script type="text/javascript"> var RecaptchaOptions = { theme: 'clean' }; </script> {$DISPLAY_RECAPTCHA} {/if} </fieldset> {/if} A new template, element.recaptcha.invisible.php, containing: {if $RECAPTCHA=='3'} data-sitekey="{$CONFIG.recaptcha_public_key}" data-callback="recaptchaSubmit" {/if} The template content.contact.php, from: {include file='templates/content.recaptcha.php'} <p><input type="submit" class="button_submit" value="{$LANG.documents.send_message}" /></p> </form> To: {include file='templates/content.recaptcha.php'} <p><input type="submit" class="button_submit g-recaptcha" value="{$LANG.documents.send_message}" /></p> </form> The template content.register.php, from: {/if} <p><input type="submit" name="register" value="{$LANG.account.register}" class="button_submit" /></p> </form> To: {/if} <p><input type="submit" name="register" value="{$LANG.account.register}" class="button_submit g-recaptcha" /></p> </form> The template content.checkout.php, from: {if $DISABLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON!==true} <input type="submit" name="proceed" class="button_submit" value="{$CHECKOUT_BUTTON}" /> {/if} To: {if $DISABLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON!==true} <input type="submit" name="proceed" class="button_submit g-recaptcha" value="{$CHECKOUT_BUTTON}" /> {/if} The template box.newsletter.php, from: <input type="submit" class="submit right" value="Subscribe" /> To: <input type="submit" class="submit right g-recaptcha" value="Subscribe" /> <div class="hide" id="newsletter_recaptcha"> {include file='templates/content.recaptcha.php' ga_fid="Newsletter"} </div> The template content.product.php, from: <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.submit_review}" class="button_submit" /> To: <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.submit_review}" class="button_submit g-recaptcha" /> The template main.php, from: </head> To: {include file='templates/content.recaptcha.head.php'} </head> CubeCart determines if the reCaptcha version 2 can be seen in the currently selected storefront's default skin (as set in the Layout tab, and the cache has been cleared) if the template 'content.recaptcha.head.php' exists, and if the invisible mode can be seen if the template 'element.recaptcha.invisible.php' exists. The code for this can be seen in the admin /source/settings.index.inc.php, near lines 462-465. If these templates do not exist in the currently selected default skin, there will be a message that these modes are not available for the currently selected default skin. The above skin edits were taken from an experiment on the e-Tone skin. There may be slight differences in class names as compared to Kurouto.
  24. We are currently evaluating our merchants appetite for an omnichannel solution so that your CubeCart powered store can sync in real time with a point of sale system and vice versa. Please take a moment to complete the short survey at the URL below. Survey URL: https://forms.gle/fw4RTw8GsFAKRfxr8
  25. Chaps.. This situation is embarrasing, I'm getting female members of my team telling me that they are receiving explicit messages from one of our contact forms. Can anyone suggest how I get invisible working, failing that I'll have to employ the services of a dev to write something which works.
  26. Agreed, post deleted. Thanks.
  27. Wellyx Software helps in Managing anything in a row. It is very complicated and most of the time it gives a tough time to manage everything in a pattern. But Wellyx software offers you enough margin to manage your all business task in a well-defined pattern.

  28. This issue occurs because SQL Server limits the number of identifiers and constants that can be contained in a single expression of a query. The limit is 65,535. The test for the number of identifiers and constants is performed after SQL Server expands all referenced identifiers and constants. In SQL Server 2005 and above, queries are internally normalized and simplified. And that includes *(asterisk), computed columns etc. In order to work around this issue, rewrite your query. Reference fewer identifiers and constants in the largest expression in the query. You must make sure that the number of identifiers and constants in each expression of the query does not exceed the limit. To do this, you may have to break down a query into more than one single query. Then, create a temporary intermediate result.
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