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  2. Hi. Thanks for your help. I have managed to work out a way of doing this now
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  4. Yes - I would need to just show the special email. Thanks
  5. If a customer bought both the special and general product in one order, would you want to suppress the general email?
  6. I understand that when a client has made a successful payment, they receive an email that I can edit here Email Templates/Email Contents/Cart:Payment Received What I would like to do is send one email (with details specific to that particular product) to clients who have purchased that product, and just a general email to clients who have purchased other products. Any idea how I can do this? Thanks in advance
  7. jka

    Paypal Payflow Link

    The existing PayFlow Link extension does not work. We will be willing to pay for the development or enhancement of the existing extension or a new one. The Payflow link extension should support "Transparent ReDirect". 1. Info: https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/developer/docs/pdf/paypal_transparent_redirect.pdf 2. Examples flow of hosted flow logic https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/payflow/integration-guide/#configuring-hosted-checkout-pages
  8. Last week
  9. Please create the error_log (https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/). You may find that the new version of PHP has not been configured to use a necessary dependency.
  10. Could this be related to sessions.gc_maxlifetime, which we identified about 18 months ago. I've been suffering this issue for a few years, I found that modifying this setting in PHP helped. I modified my PHP setting at server level so the maximim session life time is now 1 week rather than the default 30 minutes. However, if you don't have your own server then you'll not be able to do this. We still get the odd one, where only some items have gone 'null' but no where near as many. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1692
  11. keat

    Credit Car Capture wording at checkout

    I see its been a while since the original post, if you havn't already fixed this, then try the following. In the CC admin panel, disable the extension Card_Capture. Using FTP or the file manager in your web control panel, find /public_html/modules/gateway/Card_Capture and rename the folder to Credit_Card Go back to the admin panel, refresh and re-enable Card_Capture (which will now be called Credit_Card)
  12. CubeCart works perfectly on PHP7.2 and if I was you, I would take up the following points with your hosting company as being pretty unprofessional 1) If they did the update without plenty of prior notice then that is wrong - there are plenty of things that upgrading the version of PHP can break 2) It is most likely that you are running a third party extension that has been encoded using ionCube and when updating the version of PHP, you would need to obtain a new version of that plugin encoded to run on PHP 7.2 However, this would be obvious from the PHP error_log file and server logs and so should have been seen by the hosting company Ian
  13. Hello CC-team, I recently had CubeCart offline due to an update of PHP on the hosting server. My hosting provider updated PHP 5.6 to 7.2 This resulted in a blank CC-shop page. CubeCart doesn't seem to run on PHP 7.2. I use CubeCart 6.2.2 Thankfully the provider placed my webspace on a not updated server. But eventually it will be updated. Just to let you know. Kind regards, Jeroen
  14. markosolo

    Authorize.net (AIM & SIM)

    Hi, According to https://developer.authorize.net/api/upgrade_guide/ AIM & SIM are depreciated for Authorize.net. SIM is being replaced with something called "Accept Hosted". Any plans on updating the Authorize.net payment gateway extension or perhaps instructions? Thanks!
  15. jka

    PayPal Pro

    Folks, Can someone see if they have received or encountered this before. We got this email from PayPal this morning and we use the PayPal Pro extension which works fine. email received this morning from PayPal.... This email is a follow up regarding the American Express setup on your Payflow Gateway account. At this time, we see that a separate Amex processing account was added to your gateway account as requested. Your transactions are currently being submitted against your backend PayPal account, though, not through the frontend Payflow Gateway account as intended. In order to receive your Amex rate, you will need to make sure you are sending your Amex transactions through the Payflow Gateway account. We recommend reaching out to your tech support team to have your integration updated/corrected to post the transactions to your Payflow Gateway account so that your Amex rate will begin to take effect on those transactions. Thank you!
  16. joelmalach

    Can Client enter amount to pay?

    Ah - good idea. Thanks for your help
  17. bsmither

    Can Client enter amount to pay?

    I do not recall seeing an extension for doing that. A crude but workable process (for a limited number of scenarios) is to offer a $1 'related' product and have the customer purchase X number of those.
  18. I have a shop with various items the client can purchase at set prices, but is it possible to set up a product/button where the client can pay an invoice by entering their own payment amount and then get taken to the Checkout? I used to use PayPal and could set up a Pay Now button on my website that let clients enter their invoice number and payment amount, but can't find how to do something similar with Cubecart. I'm using Sage as the payment method now if this makes any difference Thanks in advance for any help/guidance
  19. Al Brookbanks

    Skins cubecart v 6.2.2

    The reason for this is a good one. In the old versions extensions were version controlled with the CubeCart release. Now the package is light and each extension is individually version controlled. This is a much more efficient system.
  20. bsmither

    Skins cubecart v 6.2.2

    As of CubeCart 6, the publishers chose to include in the package the one skin - Foundation, a responsive skin. Many other skins are available from the Extensions Marketplace.
  21. Hi Can anyone explain why I only seem to have one choice of skin (default version foundation) with the latest version of cubecart? I have used cubecart in the past for other sites and there were several skins to choose from.
  22. This setting is not in Store Settings. It is in each product's Add/Edit, General Information tab. In the admin template products.index.php, near line 174, find: <select name="dimension_unit" id="dimension_unit"> <option{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='cm'} selected='selected'{/if} value="cm">Centimeters (cm)</option> <option{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='in'} selected='selected'{/if} value="in">Inches (in)</option> </select> If the inventory record has not recorded the dimension unit ('cm' or 'in'), the first <option> will show as the default choice. To get a default of 'in', make sure it is the first option of the select list.
  23. Christopher Short

    Default Inches not Centimeters in Product Dimensions

    Where would I find the code to default this to inches? I would like my product dimensions to default to inches, but I believe my admin skin is custom so I dont have the selection option in the store settings.
  24. bsmither

    lost admin password

    Make sure you have access to the administrator's (store's) email address account. Then, at the admin login page, click the "Forgotten your password" link. Then, enter the admin's username and the administrator's email address. Click Submit. Access the email account. There will (should) be a new password to use specified in the email (or maybe it is a coded web address).
  25. Paul 0'Reilly

    lost admin password

    hello - I can login as a CC user, but have mislaid admin password. how do I to reset admin password in order to have full permissions? Advice most welcome... Thanks
  26. Earlier
  27. sailing123

    Royal Mail (UK) - Despatch Manager Online

    Thanks Ian, I will. I am surprised that no one is coming forward considering the deadline unless they are using a third party stock management software that is integrated with Royal Mail or they did not realise the consequences of not complying.
  28. Ahh, after three days and some help from {debug} I came up with {if $product.options != ''} Works great so far.
  29. markosolo

    new website failing

    Thanks for the quick reply! I did find the cause and a solution that was quite simple. It turns out that XAMPP converts all the table name beginnings of CubeCart_ to cubecart_ and everything still works fine on my local machine. After importing the database file to my server database (cPanel ) everything choked on the lowercase table names. All I had to do was go into PhpMyAdmin, select all the tables with the checkbox and bulk rename all the prefixes to CubeCart_. Hopefully this will help someone else with same problem.
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