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  2. Please use an external database utility to examine the following: In the table CubeCart_customer_coupon, are there any rows where the value in the 'customer_id' column is zero? If so, note the value in the 'coupon' column for that row. Are there any other rows that have the same 'coupon' value? (Probably not, as CubeCart is detecting a usage problem with that code.) Would the problematic coupon code be that noted value?
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  4. Sorry, I normally always post that info but was rushing out the door when I typed it and completely forgot. "There is never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it over.” ~John W. Bergman PHP 7.4, CC 6.4.4
  5. I would agree that this scenario would have been found by now. Please let us know what version of PHP that this installation is running under.
  6. A customer put in a coupon code with global unlimited uses and one use per customer. When used the first time, it displays an error message that the limit has been reached even though this is the first use. If you set it to 2 uses per customer, it works on the first use and not the second. Leave it blank for unlimited per customer and it works fine too. This would make it appear that the code logic is counting the use BEFORE checking if the limit has been reached. It sounds kind of silly for a mistake like that to be in the code flow, but testing sure makes it seem that way. Anyone else see this?
  7. I deleted the user and recreated and now it's working. Very odd that it had issues with Brave and Edge but not Firefox
  8. If I try to manage extensions using edge or brave browser, I see a message saying that I don't the privileges. But with Firefox it opens. Also what's interesting.......... on Brave browser, I can't see any other admins. And I'm missing the 'super user' check box against this account, which I can see on Firefox and it's checked. Any ideas ?
  9. I really love this default 'CBurst Skin' although is there any way of editing some of the colors on the menu headings and buttons and possibly even the background image ? I'm also happy to pay for some quick edits and get a custom version for my websites cube cart skin. Thanks in advance Regards Malibu
  10. Consider that CubeCart does not keep a history of a product's price, I cannot determine how one would go about creating such a report. The closest I can imagine is by examining the records of past sales (CubeCart_order_inventory). But, CubeCart allows for that "sold" price to be a sales price, a customer's group price, or a product's bulk purchase price. Can you you let us know if you have a means of maintaining some sort of history (aside from examining routine but frequent backups of the database)?
  11. Hi All, I have been searching the forums without any success for a report that will print all the price changes by product. I think the best way would be for when the prices are being changed then an audit report is produced when completed. Can anybody tell me whether there is a extension or plugin that does this already. Thanks and Best Regards, Peterp
  12. Hi, Al Brookbanks posted one solution on 28th July that worked for me if you're having trouble installing it. I presume you have set up your account with Stripe OK. Best R
  13. "Large navigation icons"? What icons? Unless you have installed other compatible skins (for CC5/CC6), Foundation is what comes with CC6. What version did you upgrade from? Is there a publicly viewable web address we can see?
  14. Hi all, Fairly new to this with only basic Javascript knowledge, so do excuse me. I've upgraded to the latest 6.4.5 version of cubecart but am having some issues. Firstly, large navigation icons appear if I disable caching (but not if enabling caching) which was very unusual. Secondly, the default blue foundation skin has returned and I can't figure out how to change it back. Can this be overcome? Or would I be better off going back to the previous version and hope for the best? Thank you in advance
  15. Started getting a few warning messages; Severity warning. Too many values [image link] It's because Google no longer likes multiple images, I guess.
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  17. Thank you @bsmither that was really helpful as i had the placed the files in the wrong folder. It is now working.
  18. I don't find anything wrong with the module's config.xml file. Please verify that the file config.xml is found at: /modules/gateway/Bank_Transfer/config.xml
  19. I've just tried to install the Bank Transfer extension but it failed to install via token and when i manually installed it i got an error that "Extension has missing or corrupt config.xml file". Will this be fixed?
  20. I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion? MyAtriumHealth App
  21. Well, I do appreciate all your help. I can not thank you enough for trying to help me. I will contact my hosting company and I hope they can figure it out.
  22. I am out of ideas -- where suggestions are limited to what can be done with simply looking at files. You can certainly request assistance from the hosting company, who can look at things deep in the guts of it all: web access logs, .htaccess activity, etc, places where subscriber customers cannot go.
  23. Yes, I did delete it from my directory. I had WP in my main directory...not in a new folder but rather directly under public_html. If I delete the .htaccess file from the main public_html directory I then get left with a 404 without any cubecart showing as in the screenshot above. Even if I go into my directory where CubeCart is (/store) and delete that same file I still get the same error.
  24. You say you "deleted the ,htaccess file from the directory". To be clear, I was referring to the .htaccess file that belongs to WP in WP's directory.
  25. I have deleted the file .htaccess from the directory and that will actually come back page not found but without any cart. screenshot 2 is with the .htaccess file and screenshot 1 is without. This is really crazy.. I can not figure this out.
  26. Please delete from your post above the contents of the global.inc.php file. When you delete WP, do you also delete the .htaccess file found in that directory?
  27. Any solution on this, I'm having the same issue. I tried to calibration thing and this is what happened. MGS Login
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