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  2. Should Hide out-of-stock work when searching with search terms? We imported thousands of products that we may eventually carry at one point and just want to add stock when/if we get it. Otherwise we want it to appears we DO NOT have it (stock it). Hide seems to work when browsing by category, but if I search I get hundreds of out of stock listings. And yes, Hide is checked, and the Use Stock level is checked for both product default and options matrix. Do I misunderstand the feature. fyi.. just upgraded to 6.2.5 - same result.
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  4. Welcome bobbymagee! Glad to see you made it to the forums. As I understand it, nginx does understand Apache-style directives in the .htaccess file. However, the web server needs to be configured to use the URL Rewrite capability. For Apache, this is via enabling the mod_rewrite module. For nginx, there will be a similar enabling config setting. For Apache, there is also a configuration setting that allows that web server to be controlled by directives found in an .htaccess file (Override). For nginx, there could be something similar. The 404's are because the rewrite directives in the .htaccess file are not being executed. This is assuming that CubeCart has an .htaccess file with rewrite directives in its main folder. (Nginx is a web server I am not very familiar with.)
  5. Yes, cards is enabled Fixed it! Funding Icons (Horizontal Only) is set to hide by default. Change that to show and they appear.
  6. Hi, I'm looking at moving our old opencart store to CubeCart v6. The current new web server uses nginx, and i'm only used to using Apache previously. Although the store has successfully installed and is working, none of the links are accessible the store is located in a sub directory /shop eg. mystore.com/shop If i try and goto the about-us page @ mystore.com/shop/about-us.html, I get Error 404 However, if i manually amend the URL to mystore.com/shop/index.php?seo_path=about-us, it works great. This is the same for any link, be it products, categories or terms and conditions etc. So, how can i get nginx to add index.php?seo_path= and strip the .html from all requests please? Also, are there any other recommended nginx directives I should add for correct cubecart functionality?
  7. Look at your settings to make sure cards are enabled.
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  9. I have the card payments enabled but the card icons (on the Cubecart checkout page) show only for a split second then disappear. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  10. So long as card payments are enabled the smart button at the end of the native CubeCart checkout should show card icons to click for payment. You don't need to pay a monthly subscription for pro anymore unless you need other features from it like virtual terminal.
  11. I think it is working the way it should. However, with PayPal Pro there was a page on my website where the customer entered their credit card info - seems like they were paying on my site not PayPal. No mention of PayPal at all. Is that gone now? If not, I had customized the form for this, but I can't find the plugin in cPanel. Where is this located? Thanks again,
  12. They might not look very different but there will be better dynamic functionality based in the customers location. If it works and the PayPal checkout button shows you've done it right.
  13. Thanks Al, I have PayPal Checkout enabled with Smart Button. Gateway Live Payment action sale. I got the Client ID from the developer page and tested the endpoint in admin - server was able to connect to PayPal. But I still don't know if I setup the client ID correctly. None of my product or checkout pages look any different. I just started a test order and clicked the PayPal Checkout button on the shopping cart page in my website. I did get the popup PayPal page. Can this button be added to the Product Page as shown in the capture above or is that something that is waiting on the new PayPal intergration and would it not work with the steps CubeCart uses for checkout?
  14. PayPal Checkout is essentially new branding for PayPal Express Checkout. It's all very confusing but will be building a brand new simpler integration with PayPal as soon as their new integration is ready. In the mean time we recommend that you use "PayPal Checkout" in "Smart Button" mode. As a US merchant this is great because it opens the door to Venmo payments and the ability to offer credit.
  15. I am really confused about which PayPal plugin I should be using and how to implement it. I was using PayPal Website Payments Pro & Express Checkout but my admin said I had 2 extension updates and when I updated it changed it to PayPal Checkout. I used PayPal standard before but have disabled it, though my admin says an update is available. These images are shown in the marketplace for the PayPal Checkout extension. How do you implement them? I've gone to the PayPal developers page but I don't understand any of that. Plus there is no coding in the Foundation / templates / element.product.call_to_action to put a PayPal button. When I click on the documentation tab in the marketplace extension it doesn't do anything. Can someone please explain all this in a way a person not knowledgable in all this can understand? Oh, and what about PayPal powered by Brain Tree? Something else to wonder about. Thanks in advance, Claudia
  16. We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.5. This is just a maintenance release but it also has two minor security updates so upgrading is recommended. Download: CubeCart-6.2.5.zip You can install CubeCart 6.2.5 instantly at https://hosted.cubecart.com.
  17. Interestingly, SagePay are the first ones that I have seen that say current 3D Secure (3DSv1) will be a valid method of authentication until the end of 2020 when the new 3DSv2 will be mandatory https://get.sage.com/PAY_19Q3_C4L_GBIE_DGEE_GLPAYM_PSD2InformationLandingPage
  18. Yup. We will update them in order of popularity. Let's hope all the effort actually helps reduce fraud.
  19. On 14th September 2019, a new European regulatory requirement called enhanced customer authentication (SCA) will incorporate two-step authentication for many Internet payments in Europe as a mandatory requirement and unauthenticated payments will be rejected by your customers' banks. Most payment gateways have already or will shortly be releasing changes to their API's but this will mean that all payment gateway modules will need to be updated in order to continue processing payments in Europe
  20. Thank you for the feedback, I think I will leave it on and take away payment options, that way Google still sees it. Thank you
  21. Here's what I've done so far. * Checked a product with only one image. In admin/product page, star exists on right image. Clicked on product on main page which opens another page with only that product on it. If first time after clearing the cache, image is small - same size as thumbnail. After reloading the page, image grows to normal size. It remains normal size even after going back to home page and clicking on it again. It remains normal size unless I clear cache again. * Searched this forum for ANYTHING that has to do with images - no luck * Compared page source of before and after I reload the page, which produces a larger image - No change in page source (not sure that's possible) Did this numerous times to make sure of my findings. * Compared URL in address bar and URL of hovering over image both before and after reloading page. No change and it looks correct i.e. https://website/category_name/product.jpg * Made sure the /images/cache directory had a lot of that particular product with the .200, 500, etc. files in it. Number of files remained the same before/after page reload. * Clicked on the very small image in the product page. Opens a proper size image. * When page with small image appears, if I click on home icon and click on same product again, it produces a normal size image this time. Something changed when I upgraded from v5 to v6, OR something changed when I moved cubecart from a sub directory to the main directory under public_html. I've run out of things to try. I'm about to reload my site from backups with cubecart 5. I'm open for ANY ideas where to look or what to try.
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  23. According to the Bank Transfer module code, it does not ask CubeCart to send any emails - compared to POF that sends an email to the customer. But CubeCart not sending an Order Received email when the order goes to Pending is strange.
  24. yw - happens all the time - probably a third of all "problems" reported on here are because people havent done upgrades correctly, sometimes for many versions / months / years in a row !
  25. Thanks. For some reason the update from admin didn't work and I had to download V6.2.5 and upgrade manually. Once I had overwritten the files everything was working correctly again T
  26. Probably exactly the same reason - it is likely that you havent completed the upgrade correctly and have a mix of versions. Check how many versions of the admin directory and file you have and compare that against what you should be running and then ensure that directory and file are actually from 6.2.5
  27. Hi, I have the same problem. After updating to 6.2.4 the 'clear cache' button disappeared. I have since reinstalled and updated to 6.2.5 but the button still isn't there. Any idea why that might be? T
  28. Hi. I'm having a bit of a problem with this Extension. 1. After a customer checks out, it displays a screen with the following ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Amount Due A total of €26.95 is due for order number 190423-105827-6658 Your order will be completed once payment has been received. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bank details for the customer to pay into do not show, although I have entered them in the Manage Extensions area in the admin area How does the client know who to pay? I would expect the bank details to show on screen or an email sent to the client with the bank details 2. I do not receive an email notification of the order, even though I have set "Order status for admin email notifications" to "Pending" Emails are working on the site when I do a test Please can you advise what I'm doing wrong Thanks Joel Hi - problem partially solved Although I had entered the bank details, etc, I hadn't entered the titles - e.g. Account Name, Account Number, etc. Once I entered the titles, it now shows on screen However, I'm still not receiving an email notification, so any help with that would be appreciated
  29. Wonderful! I can confirm it worked. I will also do the search words and description later. Thank you very much indeed. Bill
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