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    I want to publicly THANK @havenswift-hosting for helping our little church with a FREE hosting account! Many years ago I used a series of various hosting companies and ended up leaving every one of them, one after the other, because they were absolutely no help at all if I had any problems - whether the problem was their fault or mine. Ian has time after time gone out of his way to help me with any problems I've had with our CubeCart install over the years. Most of those issues were of my own making, but he has always been super patient and prompt to respond and find a solution. THANK YOU IAN!!!
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    I received an email from Australia Post which read: "Important API Update Dear API Developer Community, As part of an update to our infrastructure, we will replace the current SSL Certificate on 10 February 2019 at 13:00 AEDT. Who will it impact? Anyone using our Shipping & Tracking, Postage Assessment Calculator, Delivery Choice and all other APIs via auspost.com.au, digitalapi.auspost.com.au or api.auspost.com.au, and has previously manually imported our SSL Certificate into a trusted certificate store. What should I do? Consult your developer or plugin provider to see if your application or website is affected. If needed, download and import the new certificate into your trust store." It also included a download link for crt files. I was wondering if this updated is required for the Australia Post module to work, if it would have any effect on it at all or if it would continue to work? Regards, Bruce
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    The module discussed above gives you what you want. Send a PM with your email address and I will attach it to a reply.
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    No problem. My development environment is PHP 7.4.
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    For CubeCart 3, I have experience creating an exporter that creates a QB IIF file. It worked well enough. (Note: the IIF file has its own format and requires an enormous amount of in-line processing.) I think the CC6 version of exporter methodology is better suited to create the QbXML file. Recent conversations dealt with a custom module that solved specific requirements. That's why there isn't a "complete" exposition on how to do this. Also, there aren't any development documents to be had. However, the /modules/external/sage module is a decent place to explore. We can take this as far as you need by email.
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    Yeah, it has ghosts from the way-past.. I am updating from ver 3 to 6.. it has been a few years.. lol It seems to be working now tho.. so lets see what happens as we update settings, etc.
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    We would ask, in what context? Here is some technical documentation: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/optimization-indexes.html With respect to what CubeCart recommends, there is a list that is used in admin, Maintenance, Database tab -- the list is found in the admin file /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, starting at around line 557.
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    Many of the colors and other style elements are in the Foundation's /css/cubecart.css file. While working with page resources (images, CSS rules, javascript), it is best to switch off caching (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab). This bypasses CubeCart wanting to squeeze down and combine these separate page resources into two large files that are difficult to work with.
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    Welcome gamssa! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, bring a product with two or more options up for editing. On the Options tab, note the column named Options Matrix. For each applicable option, check this box. Click the Save & Reload button. On the Options tab, you will now see an Options Matrix table. Here, you can identify which combinations of Options should have its own stock level and other identifying details.
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    In that same file, just a few lines above the edit, is the statement that tells CubeCart that the order's payment status is Success. Undo the previous edit, and make this edit: From: $order->paymentStatus(Order::PAYMENT_SUCCESS, $cart_order_id); To: // $order->paymentStatus(Order::PAYMENT_SUCCESS, $cart_order_id);
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    If I understand you correctly, please make this edit: In the POF module's gateway.class.php file, near line 46, change: } else { return false; } To: } else { return true; }
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    Well, I was off the mark... The POF module does, in fact, send CubeCat's standard Order Confirmation email contents. It is the module's user-printable page that CubeCart displays after completing the checkout process that is "custom". So, I think as mentioned above, unchecking that checkbox will allow you to send the email when moving the order to Processing.
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    If you were to use an external database utility, and look at the database table CubeCart_order_summary, you would see most everything about the order. (In CubeCart_order_inventory, you would see most things about the items.) (There are a few other details in other tables.) Of note, you will see 'shipping' (cost), 'ship_method' and ship_product'. Once you save the edited details about the order, the contents in the tables are updated. Then, when an email is sent, those new/updated details are included: {$DATA.shipping}, etc. However, payment gateways have a way of telling CubeCart that an Order Confirmation email has already been sent, and if that has happened, a second one will not be sent. With the POF gateway, in the admin settings screen, is a checkbox that will enable the sending of that order confirmation email immediately upon completing the checkout sequence. If you uncheck that box, then the POF will not send that initial confirmation email, and will report to CubeCart that "already_sent" is false. So, when moving this order to Processing, no matter how many times you move it out of and back into processing, an email gets sent each time. NOTE: Moving an order to Processing will have CubeCart send its standard Order Confirmation contents. I believe you are wanting to send the POF's custom email contents (which you can see in the module's folder/skin/print.tpl). If so, that will require some thought on how to do that. Be back soon.
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    Welcome graham_w! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using. There are changes between versions that affect what advice I will give you.
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    I've put together a module that may suffice.
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    Hi, I updated the site with version 5 to version 6 and can not see ckeditor. Everything is done according to the instructions, all recorded files on the host. PHP version 7.2 and 7.4. Cache cleaning. Please help me
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    Thank you @Dirty Butter and very happy to help out with the hosting - try to offer free or very cheap Hosting where we can for charities or non profits and especially happy to help out for good clients ! Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family and also to everyone else on these forums Ian

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