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    Works fine,it's pretty simple and could do with some refinement in the future to make the UI a little nicer and add additional features such as an API so those of us with a larger catalogue can setup automated order processing (for licenses etc). PayPal do also take a fee on top of the CubeCart fee.
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    Your database and dB user names and passwords will almost certainly be different on your new hosting and you need to update the /includes/global.ini.php file with the new values Ian
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    Seems to have levelled off the cache at around 35,000 objects at the moment, will keep an eye and report back later.
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    Try this: In includes/ckeditor/config.js, at the bottom, find: config.allowedContent = true; }; Change to: config.allowedContent = true; config.coreStyles_italic = {element : 'em'}; config.extraAllowedContent = 'i[*]{*}(*)'; }; CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty = '{i: 0}'; The same added statements can be used for other HTML tags used in unorthodox ways.
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    Email routing will automatically be set to "Automatic" or sometimes "Local Mail Exchanger" which in 99.99% of cases will be the same thing. You only need to set it to Remote if you are using external MX records pointing away from your hosting company which is effectively what Godaddy are forcing you to do by closing email ports. Some people choose to use gmail or other email service providers, but why should you have to ? Disabling php mail() is standard practice now for security reasons (WHM built in security advisor flags this as a high security risk if it is enabled !) and SMTP should always be used and configured to use SSL / TLS. Email sent via SMTP is much more secure, more likely to be delivered and not rejected or put into spam and isnt complicated to use. So much so, I would recommend that php mail() is removed as an option in CubeCart as it is very likely to disappear as an option in the near future Ian
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    For anyone that uses git with CubeCart (or any other packages for that matter), cPanel have been adding a huge amount of functionality which will be included in V68 - see https://features.cpanel.net/topic/allow-users-to-install-websites-from-version-control V68 is already in Edge release status so most people will not have access to it yet, but V68 should be into general release in a few months (V66 has just been released in the last week) Ian
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    The 'top menu' is the "Navigation" bar (or sometimes "Shop by Category" box). The menu is built from all the categories (enabled and unhidden) there are. There are also three special items: Home, Sale Items, and Gift Certificates. To add any other links to this group would require editing the skin template "box.navigation.php".
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    Welcome Courtney! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Using a programmer's text editor (your hosting account's control panel has one of these), you will open /skins/foundation/templates/main.php (and main.checkout.php). Here you will find the </head> tag. You should include these additional two lines of code so that the template rendering engine (Smarty) will not get confused because it uses braces that javascript also uses. {literal} Mailerlite javascript goes here... {/literal} Then, return to CubeCart's admin and edit the Homepage document. Remove the Mailerlite code from this document.
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    Yes. In admin, Documents, click Create Document tab. On the new page, for the Title, enter FAQ. For Status, click the checkbox. On the Content tab, in the editor window, (as an example) enter: Q1. How do I link to a paragraph in a document? A1. How do I link to a paragraph in a document? Highlight A1. Click the 'Anchor' toolbar button (looks like a flag). A dialog window will show. The Anchor Name is A1. Click OK. Select Q1. Click the 'Link' toolbar button. A dialog window will show. The Link Type is 'Link to anchor'. Select the A1 anchor name. Click OK. Click Save. (Click the Clear Cache button that is lit in the upper-right corner.) Reload the storefront Homepage. Click the FAQ document link. Click on Q1. Note the page scrolls so that A1 is at the top of the screen.
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    Welcome TimB! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The top Navigation bar contains three language specific links: Sale Items, Gift Certificates, and Home (Home being visible on mobile devices). The rest are the names of Categories that you have created -- in English. Now that you have another language installed and enabled, you can now use the Translate function. In admin, Categories, click the Edit icon for a category. On the editing screen, click the Translate tab. Click "Add Translation". On the page that is shown, choose the language for this translation and enter new data to be shown for this category when the storefront is showing that language. Once finished and Saved, be sure to Clear the Cache.
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    Click on the "Follow" button top right of the page just above the green "Reply to this topic" button
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    I think the key thing to fix is to have your hosting provider assist you with having sub-domains (mail, hostmaster, etc) resolve to alternate services - not to your site. Also, your domain name registrar should also assist you in making sure non-existent sub-domains (ww) return a "Server Not Found" error.
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    Here is the fix. classes/cubecart.class.php Find: $old_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $old_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Find: $new_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $new_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Save then open classes/user.class.php Find: /** * Change a user password * * @return bool */ public function changePassword() ABOVE this add: public function addressCompare($address1, $address2) { $allowed_keys = array('line1','line2','town','postcode','state_id','state','state_abbrev','country','country_id','country_iso','country_name'); $address1_filtered = array(); foreach($address1 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address1_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } $address2_filtered = array(); foreach($address2 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address2_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } return md5(serialize($address1_filtered).serialize($address2_filtered)); } This will be released in 6.2.3.
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    Hi @NiteFox This is correct. It's a legal obligation for us to collect taxes on your behalf as a marketplace. Say you sell a £100 skin to an Italian customer (22% VAT rate). You will receive £70, we will take £30 and the tax man will get £22. Please note that PayPal may take a transaction fee from the £70 but I'm not entirely sure.
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    Out of the box, as a Trexle product, here is our Cubecart NAB Transact Integration.
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    Welcome perrow! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Essentially, you just need to remove (or hide) three form elements: Registration, Addressbook, and Checkout Confirm. If the data is not entered, it will not show. Look in the skin's templates content.register.php, content.addressbook.php, and content.checkout.confirm.php for the following code (or very similar to it): <input type="text" name="title" id="title" value="{$DATA.title}" placeholder="{$LANG.user.title}"> This form element will be inside other code. If the skin is Foundation, then the entire set of statements you are interested in will be very similar to: <div class="row"> <div class="small-4 columns"><label for="title" class="show-for-medium-up">{$LANG.user.title}</label><input type="text" name="title" id="title" value="{$DATA.title}" placeholder="{$LANG.user.title}"></div> </div> To "hide" this code, make the following edit each to the three templates: {* <div class="row"> <div class="small-4 columns"><label for="title" class="show-for-medium-up">{$LANG.user.title}</label><input type="text" name="title" id="title" value="{$DATA.title}" placeholder="{$LANG.user.title}"></div> </div> *} All that was done is to have made the template rendering engine (Smarty) ignore these template "comments".
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    SCRIPT_URI? Is there also a REQUEST_URI? These keys to the _SERVER[ ] array come from the web server.
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    The description of: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/promotional-code-enhancements suggests it has this capability.
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    Name: Ebay Sales Price: £104.95 Category: Plugins Homepage: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/ebay-sales
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    Determine which folder has the latest date. This is the one that likely is CC622. Then, in /includes/global.inc.php, make sure the value for $glob['adminFolder'] matches that folder's name.
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    Thank you guys. For the reason that this platform was made available for free, It would be a great idea for me to keep it too as a thank you.
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    Congratulations Al
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    Congratulations Al, to you and your wife!
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    In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc. section, "Order status for admin email notifications" can be set to Pending.
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    Please delete the unique key 'custom_oid' on the CubeCart_order_summary table. And replace it with a standard key or normal index. This was a bug in the beta.
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    Hey Claudia - you probably want to edit your post to get your actual admin_XXXX.php name out of public view. As for the database warning you're getting, it's being discussed in GitHub.
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    An easy way is to add the style attribute to the link itself: <a itemprop="url" href="/my_special_link.html" title="My Special Link" style="background:red;">My Special Link</a>
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    I just had to upload & install the latest skin. I'd thought it was part of the main upgrade package. Fixed it for me. Belated thanks to Al & all
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    For now, I will say no, what you want to show is still not available with CC6114. Additionally to the above, part of this is because the currency that being shown during checkout is not databased as part of the Order Summary.
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    In the folder /js/styles/, do you have two copies of jquery.bxslider.css -- perhaps one being named something like orig_jquery.bxslider.css? If so, then styles.php is picking up both copies, with the original taking precedence over the edited. I am also not finding the file /js/styles/images/bx_slider_controls.png.
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    Welcome kwickcut! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart uses the PHPMailer library (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer) for all email transportation. PHPMailer is told to use SMTP, or to use PHP's mail() functions that relate to the connection to whatever service is defined in the PHP.INI file, which generally is a server on localhost. So, when you say 'phpmail', do you mean PHP's mail() family of functions, or the PHPMailer library? If in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Sending Method is PHP 's mail() functions, then you do not enter anything relating to SMTP details, as the connection details to postfix (or whatever) should already be in the PHP.INI file.
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    Check this out... https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/223/45/how-do-i-debug-a-blank-screen-error
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    I think the Consignee is the recipient of the delivery. So, what may be happening is that for the customer's order, during checkout, and before entering the delivery address info, CubeCart is contacting UPS for a rate request -- estimated at this point. Now, the latest versions of CubeCart has two options: suppress getting shipping estimates until the delivery address is known, or use the store's physical address as the estimated delivery address. The first is at admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates" is checked. The second is at admin, Store Settings, General tab, "Zip Code" (or Postal Code). Make sure there is a postal code in this field. Hopefully choosing either of these options will stop the confusing error message about no shipping methods available.
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    I will need to determine which runs first, the plugin which creates $DROPSHIP_BILLING from the order details, or the snippet that adds cust_groups into the order details. Be back soon.
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    So, for a category record in CubeCart_category table, the 'cat_image' value could be an integer other than zero. Take note of an integer value, such as 36 for example. Then, in CubeCart_filemanager, find the record with file_id of the integer value noted earlier (36, for example). The 'filepath' column must be null or have the name of an actual folder. Does this record exist?
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    Sooo...., if the site administrator has implemented this anti-scrape mechanism, then AJAX exchanges of data may fail if the AJAX package does not send the correct cookie - or may actually fail even with all the correct cookies. I have no experience in this scenario. The template parser (Smarty) does not execute any code other than its own Smarty code. Having PHP code in a template is exactly the same as having any other text. It is just plain text and that plain text will be in the final output that Smarty creates. Also, any code that looks like Smarty code but is not Smarty code in a template could cause PHP to crash. For example: <?php echo "Hello {smiley} World" ?> will cause Smarty to quit parsing the template and stop PHP with a Fatal Error. Please know that you must not think the templates are PHP code scripts just because the filenames end in .php. (The templates can be named anything, and I do not know why the programmers chose '.php' as the filename suffix for the skin templates.)
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    That worked. Thank you very much. RLN
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    Isn't it already in the list further down? Maybe needs sorting in date order?
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    You could add a google search engine quite easily https://cse.google.com/cse/
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    Making CC3 work with later versions of PHP will require some edits to the code. The latest versions of all the CubeCart version families are now configured to not have any licensing requirements.
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    Card payments on site and not IPN dependant for status.
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    I will add this to the issue in the Github.
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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. I had an unexpected result last night, so wanted to start fresh after reboot this morning. But I'm seeing the same thing today. I'm on 6.1.7 code on my test site. I now can NOT get the invisible captcha to pass me through without requiring solving the captcha. I've tried it several times, including on the CC demo store. Since the solution is showing up BEFORE I have a chance to fill out any information - it doesn't seem to have anything to do with whether or not I choose to register. So, I finished the recaptcha and I then chose to not register. As you had found - checkout button did not work. But I refreshed the page - got the CRSF warning, went back to cart and could proceed to PayPal properly. I'll clear everything out and try again. UGH - Cleared browser, ran maintenance clear again, and tested again with new customer info. STILL had to solve captcha, but THIS time the checkout button worked properly!
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    The problem with that is there is no guarantee that the store admins will set a default for all required options on every single product that has options. The ability to even set a default was only introduced in 6.1.6 and there are thousands of stores out there with tens or hundreds of thousands of products - I highly doubt everyone has had time to go through and set default options, and many stores might not even bother as it may not be something that is required for their business model. That said, I do see what you are saying. Yes, the product price fields are redundant for the type of use case you have. CubeCart is not set up to efficiently query a price from a set of options, however, especially considering that option prices can be either absolute or cumulative. It would be a mess trying to determine prices for all of the products displayed on the home page or in a category, so CubeCart takes the route of having an easily retrievable price at the product level. This seems to me to be a good compromise for the sake of site speed and ease of use. However, the potential for data inconsistency could be addressed by providing some method of auto-setting the product price based on the default options, e.g. when saving the product. Normal price would be easy, but how would you propose determining sale price? How about cost? For my own store, I solved that issue by modifying the code to have a 'Price' and 'Sale Price' field for each entry in the options matrix. Non-required options can still modify those prices, but any required options I don't even bother setting price adjustments at the option level - just in the options matrix.
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    The ability to set default options was added in 6.1.6.
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    Will not issue any API keys for SellOnline. Hmm... I'll submit an Issue in the Github. Hopefully, a new module will get written quickly.
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    Ok, I'm now looking at this: https://support.payeezy.com/hc/en-us/articles/203992129-Hosted-Checkout-Payment-Pages-Integration-manual Much of the data to be sent and data to be received concerning a transaction looks so very much like the Authorize.net gateway. So, I wonder if the Authorize.net gateway can be copied over to a "Payeezy" folder, make a few edits to the code in this folder, and see what happens.

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