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    Works fine,it's pretty simple and could do with some refinement in the future to make the UI a little nicer and add additional features such as an API so those of us with a larger catalogue can setup automated order processing (for licenses etc). PayPal do also take a fee on top of the CubeCart fee.
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    Your database and dB user names and passwords will almost certainly be different on your new hosting and you need to update the /includes/global.ini.php file with the new values Ian
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    Seems to have levelled off the cache at around 35,000 objects at the moment, will keep an eye and report back later.
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    Try this: In includes/ckeditor/config.js, at the bottom, find: config.allowedContent = true; }; Change to: config.allowedContent = true; config.coreStyles_italic = {element : 'em'}; config.extraAllowedContent = 'i[*]{*}(*)'; }; CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty = '{i: 0}'; The same added statements can be used for other HTML tags used in unorthodox ways.
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    Email routing will automatically be set to "Automatic" or sometimes "Local Mail Exchanger" which in 99.99% of cases will be the same thing. You only need to set it to Remote if you are using external MX records pointing away from your hosting company which is effectively what Godaddy are forcing you to do by closing email ports. Some people choose to use gmail or other email service providers, but why should you have to ? Disabling php mail() is standard practice now for security reasons (WHM built in security advisor flags this as a high security risk if it is enabled !) and SMTP should always be used and configured to use SSL / TLS. Email sent via SMTP is much more secure, more likely to be delivered and not rejected or put into spam and isnt complicated to use. So much so, I would recommend that php mail() is removed as an option in CubeCart as it is very likely to disappear as an option in the near future Ian
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    For anyone that uses git with CubeCart (or any other packages for that matter), cPanel have been adding a huge amount of functionality which will be included in V68 - see https://features.cpanel.net/topic/allow-users-to-install-websites-from-version-control V68 is already in Edge release status so most people will not have access to it yet, but V68 should be into general release in a few months (V66 has just been released in the last week) Ian
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    The 'top menu' is the "Navigation" bar (or sometimes "Shop by Category" box). The menu is built from all the categories (enabled and unhidden) there are. There are also three special items: Home, Sale Items, and Gift Certificates. To add any other links to this group would require editing the skin template "box.navigation.php".
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    Yes. In admin, Documents, click Create Document tab. On the new page, for the Title, enter FAQ. For Status, click the checkbox. On the Content tab, in the editor window, (as an example) enter: Q1. How do I link to a paragraph in a document? A1. How do I link to a paragraph in a document? Highlight A1. Click the 'Anchor' toolbar button (looks like a flag). A dialog window will show. The Anchor Name is A1. Click OK. Select Q1. Click the 'Link' toolbar button. A dialog window will show. The Link Type is 'Link to anchor'. Select the A1 anchor name. Click OK. Click Save. (Click the Clear Cache button that is lit in the upper-right corner.) Reload the storefront Homepage. Click the FAQ document link. Click on Q1. Note the page scrolls so that A1 is at the top of the screen.
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    In CubeCart's administration backend, on the left navigation panel, click Email Templates. The Email Contents tab is a list of all the main contents of CubeCart's emails - click the flag of the language you wish to edit. The Email Templates tab is a list of the email's overall common content - click the Edit icon of Default Emails. On the page that is now shown, click the HTML Content tab. (Do Not Edit Anything. Possible bug here.) Hover the mouse over the blue squares to see a tooltip as to what protected content is here.
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    Thank you,I changed this part of code.I decided to move to other host,so I hope it will be than solved.But your work-arround code works,so at least for now it is some solution to solve this issue for a moment.Thank you.I always appreciate your quick and helpful advices.David
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    Click on the "Follow" button top right of the page just above the green "Reply to this topic" button
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    Yes the reply to address is wrong. Well get this fixed first thing tomorrow we will also let you know the correct email address to reply to.
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    Cheers guys Look forward to sharing my creations
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    Out of the box, as a Trexle product, here is our Cubecart NAB Transact Integration.
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    Our PayPal Express Checkout integration now has smart button support. With Smart Payment Buttons, consumers can choose which payment method they want to use. The checkout dynamically shows the most relevant payment methods at checkout, including PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Venmo, ELV/SEPA (Germany only) and PayPal Credit (US only). Merchants can also control the size, shape and colour. In order to use Smart Buttons merchants will need to upgrade their extension to 1.2.0, change their "Checkout Mode" and obtain a Client ID. Further instructions can be found on the extension configuration screen.
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    There's the problem... mb_strtolower your server doesn't have the MB string functions enabled in PHP enable multibyte and it'll fix the issue. also.. eeewwww. PHP 5.5! you should upgrade that to at least PHP 7.1. It's often overlooked. http://php.net/supported-versions.php
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    I'm going to add an extra step to the joyride on first admin login.
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    Hello Havenswift. Just for the record, Im absolutely impressed with cubecart, dont have any problems and have been impressed with the fact that cubecart looks so easy and small time, but once you start using it you find that its just as good as the big boys. Ive got my own shopfront using cubecart and dont intend to swap. I was looking at the possibility of using majento to setup a takeaway food shops online ordering system. They dont want to go to justeat, as justeat charge too much, so this shop wants it "inhouse". Obviously there needs to be sub options when ordering product A, like size and whether the customer wants all salad, or salad no onion etc. So I was going to setup majento on my site to try and figure it out, and let the shop see a running test before installing on their own host. But does cubecart allow for sub selections, IE what size pizza, and if you order that type of tee shirt, then select the size etc. Thanks
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    Thanks so much Al...I was sweating it!! Lol Rockin' Job! Thanks. Matthew
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    We would ask that you verify the name of the database as stated in /includes/global.inc.php matches the actual name of the database as seen in your hosting account's control panel (Cpanel?). Also, if the database tables have a prefix, make sure it matches what is given in global.inc.php. Not allowing a table column's name as the "key" to fetch the row's contents usually means the requested table doesn't exist, or CubeCart is using a table prefix when it shouldn't, or v.v.
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    Congratulations Al, to you and your wife!
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    I'd chose CloudLinux with cPanel. Or CentOS with cPanel to save cash. @bsmither would say Windows. Either is ok really but CubeCart is more geared to Linux and I hate Windows personally.
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    CC620 has adopted the attitude that clearing the cache as often as all prior versions of CC5/6 was doing was incredibly aggressive. Now, the admin is to make all changes - adding inventory, creating categories, editing documents, etc, etc - then click the "Clear Cache" button (should now be lit) seen at the upper-right corner of the admin page. The cache holds SQL queries and their results to lessen the load on shared database servers. If you are not concerned about the load on the database while setting up your store, then in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, switch off Caching.
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    Try this. Line numbers refer to CC6114: In the admin skin template dashboard.index.php, near line 162: <td align="right"> {if isset($order.notes)} <a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard#order_notes" title="{foreach $order.notes as $note}{$note.time} {$note.content}{"\r\n"}{/foreach}"><i class="fa fa-sticky-note" title="{$LANG.common.notes}" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> {/if} <a href="{$order.link_print}" class="print" target="_blank" title="{$LANG.common.print}"><i class="fa fa-print" title="{$LANG.common.print}"></i></a> Change to: <td align="right" NOWRAP> {if isset($order.notes)} <a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard#order_notes" title="{foreach $order.notes as $note}{$note.time} {$note.content}{"\r\n"}{/foreach}"><i class="fa fa-sticky-note" title="{$LANG.common.notes}" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> {/if} <!-- --> {if isset($order.items)} <a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$order.cart_order_id}&source=dashboard#order_inventory" title="{foreach $order.items as $item}{$item.quantity}{" x "}{$item.product_code}{"\r\n"}{/foreach}"><i class="fa fa-shopping-cart" alt="{$LANG.common.items}"></i></a> {/if} <!-- --> <a href="{$order.link_print}" class="print" target="_blank" title="{$LANG.common.print}"><i class="fa fa-print" title="{$LANG.common.print}"></i></a> In the admin source file dashboard.index.inc.php, near line 299, find: foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.dashboard.unsettled_orders') as $hook) include $hook; We can use this hook. But to complete this experiment, on a new blank line after this, add: /**/ if (($order_inventory = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_order_inventory', '`cart_order_id`,`product_code`,`quantity`', array('cart_order_id' => $cart_order_ids))) !== false) { foreach ($order_inventory as $inventory) { $order_items[$inventory['cart_order_id']]['items'][] = $inventory; } $orders = merge_array($orders, $order_items); } /**/ In admin, Dashboard, Unsettled Orders tab, this gives an icon (shopping basket - available in latest versions of CubeCart having a recent version of the Font Awesome files) that, when hovering the mouse over it, will show a 'tooltip' listing the products of that order.
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    Yes it's a bug we intentionally created to drive support sales... or so some have suggested. Great for your image!!!!
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    Somewhere, you have this: $('.bxslider').bxSlider({auto:true,captions:true}); Change to: $('.bxslider').bxSlider({autoStart:false,auto:false,captions:true});
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    Working as expected. I also applied the same to my versions of Mican and Foundation
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    Can we know the name of the skin? I have tested with an option not coming from a set, and an option that did come from a set, and both behaved correctly.
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    Yeah, that does the trick, thanks, as always bsmither you are a font of problem solving. On using it more, it's doing some weird things, but it's workable, for some reason it keeps hard forcing a linebreak like a <br> but not visable anywhere. I looked for solutions on ckeditor forums, but they seem to really break it hard and it just spams every blank space with the <i class
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    Welcome Carlos Martins! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Only two or three database columns store a date as a SQL DATE/TIME value. The other 'time'-related columns are "UNIX timestamps" - the number of seconds since Jan1,1970. There are PHP functions that take this number, and a "pattern", as arguments, and give back a phrase. The phrase can be 'fuzzy' (Yesterday, two weeks ago, etc) or absolute (4 Feb, 2018).
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    Welcome Michal Kubacki! Glad to see you made it to the forums. When you received that error banner, you should have been taken to a screen for the customer to edit their address: ?_a=addressbook&action=edit&address_id=9 (or some number) CubeCart wants to create an array of all possible state/county and country terms that will be used by other processes (shipping, payment, etc). This happens at User->formatAddress(). This error is triggered when the state/county cannot be found in the CubeCart_geo_zone database table. In CubeCart's admin, Countries/Zones, Zones tab, page down to the country section where the suspect address is located, then look for the correct spelling of the County.
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    Check this out... https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/223/45/how-do-i-debug-a-blank-screen-error
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    Took me ages to change my signature as could not find it due to font colour being faint, Whats that all about.
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    How UPS decides what to charge for its shipping services are not precisely known. I suppose generally the rate quoted involves weight and distance. You say "it worked", but you didn't say which option you chose: supress estimates until actual delivery address known, or show estimates based on shipping the package back to your store's physical location (which, of course, would be way off compared to shipping across the country). Also, the rates quoted would (presumably) be the same as if you carried the package into a UPS store. This is opposed to having a UPS merchant shipping account, and through that account, enjoy "negotiated rates". Cubecart's UPS module is not coded to communicate for negotiated rates.
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    I think the Consignee is the recipient of the delivery. So, what may be happening is that for the customer's order, during checkout, and before entering the delivery address info, CubeCart is contacting UPS for a rate request -- estimated at this point. Now, the latest versions of CubeCart has two options: suppress getting shipping estimates until the delivery address is known, or use the store's physical address as the estimated delivery address. The first is at admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates" is checked. The second is at admin, Store Settings, General tab, "Zip Code" (or Postal Code). Make sure there is a postal code in this field. Hopefully choosing either of these options will stop the confusing error message about no shipping methods available.
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    So, for a category record in CubeCart_category table, the 'cat_image' value could be an integer other than zero. Take note of an integer value, such as 36 for example. Then, in CubeCart_filemanager, find the record with file_id of the integer value noted earlier (36, for example). The 'filepath' column must be null or have the name of an actual folder. Does this record exist?
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    I am working on a solution to do exactly that.
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    Pretty easy. go to Product Options and create a new group, call it Roast Type Then also in product options, go to attributes and create a new style of roast - call it light roast, assign it to Roast Type with the drop down. Click the little green plus icon and then create your next style (medium), again, click the plus, create another (Heavy), or what ever styles roasts come as. Click save Create your base item - coffeee beans. When coffee beans has been created, you can assign any number of the above attributes to the product, and assign either a final price or an additional price. eg, Beans are £5.00 Light roast can then be either an additional $0.50 or a full total of $5.50 depending on which tick box you use. Medium roast then be either an additional $0.70 or a full total of $5.70 Heavy roast can be either an additional $1.00 or a full total of $6.00 If you then wanted to do something similar with size of beans, you could create a new attribute called size. see my example below of a product with multiple options. Note how my 1000 and 10000 options are absolute price. This is the final price, and not an additional price.
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    The file is in the skins/foundation/js folder
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    I've had trouble with Baidu before and had already added the Disallows. I was not using Ian's hosting at that time and had to figure it out for myself. It's situations like this that make Havenswift Hosting my preference.
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    What caused all my errors was a bot called Baidu. Business is located in China, but the IP is from Brazil. This is concerning. Ian from Havenswift thinks it might be a spider making itself look like it is from Baidu when it actually isn’t. We both read that Baidu does not respect robots. txt, but this may be why. It isnt Baidu at all ! Anyway, I added the following to my robots.txt. I’m going to clear my error log and see what happens. No more errors we know it’s Baidu. Lots more errors we know it isn’t and .htaccess changes come into play. Thank you Ian for all your help. User-agent: Baiduspider Disallow: / and User-agent: Baiduspider-image Disallow: /
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    I'm pretty sure BSmither gave me a fix to make the field so it had to be selected. Customer being unable to continue without making a selection. See my post below. About half way down the page where I state that Mr Smither is a god.
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    Click on "Air Systems" in the Category Name column. When the new page is displayed, you will see the sub-cats listed.
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    I don't know the professional way to do this, but I take a screen grab, import this in the photoshop. The using the colour picker tool, obtain the hex code for the colour I wish to change, then start searching the css files for that hex code. That pink for instance is probably ffc0cb It's crude and cumbersome but works.
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    I'm really strict about working hours. I start between 8am and 9am and finish at 5:30pm. I'm a big believer is separating work and family/social time and for me CubeCart is 100% work even though I enjoy it very much (most of the time). Saying this (like right now) I check email and respond to things like this. Not a huge amount of brain power is involved. I had a brief look at this issue today but wasn't able to come to a conclusion. I hope to take another look in the morning.
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    The Invisible Recaptcha is one of the new features coming out in 6.1.6. If you can't wait you could find the beta code in GitHub and implement it now. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1483 A word of caution, however. I have some plugins on our plush catalog that will need edits before they will work with the invisible one. I have it in operation on our estates site, if you want to see it working.
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    The "Shop by Category" reference is the default title of the sidebox of nav links on skins designed for CC5 (which still work with CC6). It is not a "file", per se. You can see this in the MarketPlace. The Foundation skin does not use a title for the top menu bar. A 'title' would be what you see in the "Best Sellers" box, or "Featured Product" box. CubeCart uses a template rendering engine that will cache compiled templates - needing only then to fill in the variables with values. When making edits to templates, you will need to clear the cache of already compiled templates. One way to do this is in admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check Clear cache, click Submit. Another way is to make the browser request this URL: www.store.com/index.php?debug-cache-clear=true
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    Will not issue any API keys for SellOnline. Hmm... I'll submit an Issue in the Github. Hopefully, a new module will get written quickly.
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    I just had CubeCart Support upgrade my store from Version 4 to the latest Version 6. They did a fantastic job! My store has over 4,000 products and over 8,000 customers. All the data is in perfect condition after the upgrade. The upgrade was done quickly and professionally. I couldn't be happier with their service. If you are the least bit nervous about upgrading, purchase a support plan and let the experts do it. You'll be glad you did!

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