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    A zero value in the database table CubeCart_inventory, column 'sale_price' is the default value (used if the value to be inserted is not numeric or missing). A such, CubeCart knows that a zero value for 'sale_price', as stored in the database record, will inhibit that product being displayed as being on sale. (The code for this is in the file /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 1273, in the function getProductPrice().) Please use an external database utility to view the table CubeCart_inventory, and verify the values found in the 'sale_price' column. For CubeCart to show a product as being on sale at a zero value is not normal. We would like to figure out what may be causing this zero value to show. The bulk upload file is in a "comma separated values" format. Thus, any value that has commas as part of the value must be enclosed -- typically by the quote mark. Example: This, on the face of it, is three separate columns of data. "This, however, is one single, enclosed column of data." If the source spreadsheet has the ability to export as a CSV, be sure to enable the enclosing of text fields by a quote. For the condition, please use the key words 'refurbished', 'used' or 'new'. Note that these key words are lowercase. The reason why CubeCart uses key words for the product's condition is because these key words reference the appropriate real words in the language pack being shown to the customer. Example: key word: new real Spanish word: Nuevo
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    There is a module for Parcel2Go. There are others.

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