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  1. The developer will probably / should be releasing a new version of the skin to take account of all of the skin changes included in this recent version. However, if you are using a modified version, then that update will not automatically apply to your store and you should chat to the developer about this. If you dont make all the front end skin changes then you wont be able to take advantage of any fixes / new functionality that has been added - you may say that you dont need this functionality but it is always best to stay fully up to date because the situation simply gets worse and wor
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  2. Hi Rich, There will be an update for my skins at the weekend to cover changes in the latest version of CubeCart. As you have a modified version of the skin you can make use of the manual update guide to apply any front end updates you wish to add your site. As @havenswift-hosting says its best to keep upto date, especially with the cubecarts core script. However, ultimately that is your decision
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  3. I would be quite careful for several reasons : 1) The plugin hasnt been updated in over two years - while this doesnt necessarily mean anything by itself, CubeCart has moved on a lot in 2 years 2) It isnt just the demo site that is suspended, the whole website is suspended - this again could be a temporary oversight and may be back online any time soon or may mean a lot more. 3) There have been numerous complaints over quite a long period of time from users and many posts on these forums about not hearing back from this developer both for paid development work and also support
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