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  1. Ah, you're hosted by Haven? Wasn't aware, cheers. Hope you will get this sorted soon.
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  2. Hi Tony, To put PayPal Commerce in Sandbox mode you'll need to disconnect your account via its settings page. You then need to edit two files; modules/plugins/paypal_commerce/admin/index.inc.php Change: define('SANDBOX', false); to; define('SANDBOX', true); modules/plugins/paypal_commerce/paypal.class.php Change: private $_sandbox = false; // Set to false for live!! to; private $_sandbox = true; // Set to false for live!! You can then reconnect using a developer Sandbox account from https://developer.paypal.com and test with their test or live ca
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  3. In order to add custom condition words, we need to make a few core code edits, then we can use a Code Snippet to actually add the custom words. I will have instructions soon.
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  4. When you add/edit a product, it's on there (well, it is on my v6.4.2 install)
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