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  1. No tutorial that I know of. In admin, Product Options, Option Groups tab... Add a new option group for the first type of option: color? style? some defining characteristic? Required? Check the box. Save. Add a second option group for Size. Required? Check the box. Save. On the Option Attributes tab, select the first option group from the drop-down selector. Add a new attribute and click the white-plus-in-green-circle. Add as many new attributes as needed. Select the Size option group from the drop-down selector. Add as many sizes as needed. Be sure to click the white-plus-in-green-circle for each addition. Save. Bring the product up for editing. Options tab. Start selecting the options from the Add New Option from the drop-down selector. Click the white-plus-in-green-circle. Add all the options that apply to this product. Save & Reload. In the list of options now shown, in the Options Matrix column, check all that should contribute to the various combinations of the product. Save & Reload. Now, you will see an Options Matrix table showing all possible combinations, with a stock level field, and other fields, for each combo. Fill out the table and Save.
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