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  1. Generally, all folders are 755, all files are 644. Please mention this error to your hosting provider: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/tmp/.priv) failed: Permission denied (13) This error: [Exception] /sources/products.index.inc.php:364 - Call to undefined method SEO::unsetdbPath() Suggests that the SEO class did not get updated, or that when you rolled back to a previous version, the file products.index.inc.php did not roll back. If file products.index.inc.php is still at CC643, and you did roll back, then the CC642 admin folder may have simply been restored, but CubeCart is still using the CC643 admin folder. (Check the contents of /includes/global.inc.php)
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  2. I don't really understand why this is happening, looking at the lines in the error code, doesn't look that important. Have you tried chmoding and chowning all the folders correctly, I find that fixes 99% of rando issues.
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