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  1. Attached is a report that covers the edits needed to make CC645 run under PHP 8.1. Of course, without a comprehensive testing procedure plan - preferably automated - hitting every feature and function that CubeCart can do is impractical. As such, I advise against running this in a production environment, for now. However, I believe I've found and fixed the Fatal Errors, Warnings, Deprecated Notices, as well as a number of general notices that became visible under PHP 8.1, and made a number of code optimizations, but only in the core code. I have chosen to not make a fork of CC645. For those who want to slog through the edits, I hope they will be able to discern the reasons for each change. Any module encoded with ionCube will need a new version from the publisher. The publisher should also take it upon themselves to test their modules under PHP 8.1. Some additional insights can be found reading the latest Github issues. PHP8.1_Changes.txt.zip
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