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    Works fine,it's pretty simple and could do with some refinement in the future to make the UI a little nicer and add additional features such as an API so those of us with a larger catalogue can setup automated order processing (for licenses etc). PayPal do also take a fee on top of the CubeCart fee.
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    Your database and dB user names and passwords will almost certainly be different on your new hosting and you need to update the /includes/global.ini.php file with the new values Ian
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    Seems to have levelled off the cache at around 35,000 objects at the moment, will keep an eye and report back later.
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    Try this: In includes/ckeditor/config.js, at the bottom, find: config.allowedContent = true; }; Change to: config.allowedContent = true; config.coreStyles_italic = {element : 'em'}; config.extraAllowedContent = 'i[*]{*}(*)'; }; CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty = '{i: 0}'; The same added statements can be used for other HTML tags used in unorthodox ways.
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    Email routing will automatically be set to "Automatic" or sometimes "Local Mail Exchanger" which in 99.99% of cases will be the same thing. You only need to set it to Remote if you are using external MX records pointing away from your hosting company which is effectively what Godaddy are forcing you to do by closing email ports. Some people choose to use gmail or other email service providers, but why should you have to ? Disabling php mail() is standard practice now for security reasons (WHM built in security advisor flags this as a high security risk if it is enabled !) and SMTP should always be used and configured to use SSL / TLS. Email sent via SMTP is much more secure, more likely to be delivered and not rejected or put into spam and isnt complicated to use. So much so, I would recommend that php mail() is removed as an option in CubeCart as it is very likely to disappear as an option in the near future Ian
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    For anyone that uses git with CubeCart (or any other packages for that matter), cPanel have been adding a huge amount of functionality which will be included in V68 - see https://features.cpanel.net/topic/allow-users-to-install-websites-from-version-control V68 is already in Edge release status so most people will not have access to it yet, but V68 should be into general release in a few months (V66 has just been released in the last week) Ian
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    This is the first time using this cart. Like it a lot, easy to work with and the CMS feature is excellent, my previous cart didn't have that. Didn't customize too much but happy with the way it came out. Don's Vintage Audio Feedback welcome!
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    The 'top menu' is the "Navigation" bar (or sometimes "Shop by Category" box). The menu is built from all the categories (enabled and unhidden) there are. There are also three special items: Home, Sale Items, and Gift Certificates. To add any other links to this group would require editing the skin template "box.navigation.php".
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    Welcome garitoml! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In the Foundation skin file content.product.php, find these two statements near lines 140 and 149: 140: <dl class="tabs" data-tab data-options="deep_linking:true; scroll_to_content:false"> 149: <div class="tabs-content"> What we will do is apply a CSS style to make them disappear: style="display:none;" 140: <dl class="tabs" data-tab data-options="deep_linking:true; scroll_to_content:false" style="display:none;"> 149: <div class="tabs-content" style="display:none;"> You may need to clear the skin cache after having edits to the skin file: admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Clear Cache. As an aside, I ran a CC3 store that sold conference registrations. I know what you're involved with in getting CubeCart to do this.
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    I have yet to confirm CC6011 contributes to this problem. I will check on this shortly.
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    Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are running. Some versions back, absolute URLs were constructed for the nav menu. Given that CubeCart can use whatever domain name used to call for it, the menu structure could (until the cached structure is cleared) contain the domain name, even if it is incorrect. This means that your domain's DNS records could show that some subdomains point to the same location as www - the CubeCart store. Or, that unknown subdomains (i.e., hostmaster) do not return a "Host not found" error, but rather defaults to an actively resolved domain -- which is a problem with your web server configuration.
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    Here is the fix. classes/cubecart.class.php Find: $old_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $old_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Find: $new_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $new_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Save then open classes/user.class.php Find: /** * Change a user password * * @return bool */ public function changePassword() ABOVE this add: public function addressCompare($address1, $address2) { $allowed_keys = array('line1','line2','town','postcode','state_id','state','state_abbrev','country','country_id','country_iso','country_name'); $address1_filtered = array(); foreach($address1 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address1_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } $address2_filtered = array(); foreach($address2 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address2_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } return md5(serialize($address1_filtered).serialize($address2_filtered)); } This will be released in 6.2.3.
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    Hi @NiteFox This is correct. It's a legal obligation for us to collect taxes on your behalf as a marketplace. Say you sell a £100 skin to an Italian customer (22% VAT rate). You will receive £70, we will take £30 and the tax man will get £22. Please note that PayPal may take a transaction fee from the £70 but I'm not entirely sure.
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    Vanilla 1.0.3 (originally for CC5) is coded to be compatible with the latest reCaptcha methods incorporated for CC6. The code posted above is not from Vanilla 1.0.3. The best info I have is that Galaxy X is at v1.8 (April 2017). Send me a PM and I will help you get Galaxy X coded for the latest reCaptcha methods.
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    Our PayPal Express Checkout integration now has smart button support. With Smart Payment Buttons, consumers can choose which payment method they want to use. The checkout dynamically shows the most relevant payment methods at checkout, including PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Venmo, ELV/SEPA (Germany only) and PayPal Credit (US only). Merchants can also control the size, shape and colour. In order to use Smart Buttons merchants will need to upgrade their extension to 1.2.0, change their "Checkout Mode" and obtain a Client ID. Further instructions can be found on the extension configuration screen.
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    CubeCart will create and cache a skin-based rendering of the category tree, then make that "cameo" available to box.navigation.php in $CATEGORIES. The "pro" of this is to expend just once what could be a time-intensive task in building the tree. The "con" is that (at least for some versions of CubeCart) the URLs have the host address of the store when the tree was built. (Thus, should the web address change, the links do not work anymore.) By adding {debug} to the end of the main.php template, you should see the $CATEGORIES variable in the left pane of the Smarty popup.
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    One final experiment before we take a different approach: Log out of admin. Log out of the storefront. Clear the cookies to your site (or use a different browser or computer). Change those values in global.inc.php to be the latest file and folder names. Save the file. Go to the page www.store.com/admin.php. Attempt to log in.
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    Two possibilities: CubeCart allows only iframes from SAMEORIGIN. To bypass this, an edit will be needed in two places: * The .htaccess file shipped with CC621 has a directive that will always add SAMEORIGIN to the outgoing headers, and * There is a header command in the core code that adds SAMEORIGIN. and/or (Probably this is the case) Your site is loading under https, but the frame is loading under http. This is mixed security and the latest versions of browsers generally do not allow for this. Please leave off the http: having simply the leading double-slash. The browser will then use the protocol the main page used to be fetched. Then, the page coming into the frame could also have its headers say SAMEORIGIN.
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    Thank's Al. I reinstalled and it seems to be fine now. Thanks for your help too Noodleman!
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    Ok, will try and restore a backup file. Thanks
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    It's inclusive of the managed support plans. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
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    ok will give it a try thanks yes it is working thanks a lot uploaded the files as in the other discussion Grts Rob
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    We've found what we needed! Thanks for the assistance
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    I see extra lines in 2.cubecart.js: Lines 542-545: if(Foundation.utils.is_medium_up()) { $('.product_list').removeClass('small-block-grid-1'); $('.product_list').addClass('small-block-grid-3'); } Change to: if(Foundation.utils.is_medium_up()) { $('.product_list').addClass('medium-block-grid-3'); } Near lines 567-568: $('.product_list').removeClass('small-block-grid-3'); $('.product_list').addClass('small-block-grid-1'); Change to: $('.product_list').removeClass('medium-block-grid-3');
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    Somewhere, you have this: $('.bxslider').bxSlider({auto:true,captions:true}); Change to: $('.bxslider').bxSlider({autoStart:false,auto:false,captions:true});
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    What does the syntax error say is wrong? I'm wondering if PHP is not liking the variables. Try this: 'content_html' => $_POST['title'] . " " . $_POST['first_name'] . " " . $_POST['last_name'] . ",<br>\n Thank you for registering with " . $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_name') . ".", 'content_text' => $_POST['title'] . " " . $_POST['first_name'] . " " . $_POST['last_name'] . "\nThank you for registering with " . $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_name') . ".",
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    Welcome kwickcut! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart uses the PHPMailer library (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer) for all email transportation. PHPMailer is told to use SMTP, or to use PHP's mail() functions that relate to the connection to whatever service is defined in the PHP.INI file, which generally is a server on localhost. So, when you say 'phpmail', do you mean PHP's mail() family of functions, or the PHPMailer library? If in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Sending Method is PHP 's mail() functions, then you do not enter anything relating to SMTP details, as the connection details to postfix (or whatever) should already be in the PHP.INI file.
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    I've added another version of this skin, which uses the same layout but a different look. You never know: someone may be interested one day!
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    I decided to go slightly further. Added - as a zone then updated the templates to say something like this. <input type="hidden" name="billing[state]" id="state-list" value="-" /> Seems to work.
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    @twistedsymphony - if you have any questions, please feel free to ask - a ticket via our website is likely to get seen quicker but a reply on here or a PM is fine @jka - thanks for the vote of confidence in the plugin and for buying it. As you discovered, the plugin calculates tax and shipping using what is already configured within your store. In terms of the customer seeing the order, yes they need to login and then it will appear on their Account | Order History page with an option to Complete Payment. An option to send the customer an email at the point when the admin user has created it would be an option that could be added - it would need a new template plus the ability to select on an order by order basis whether this email should be sent. With regard to the credit balance issue - I have opened a support ticket for you as will need to understand from you in more detail what you are doing and what the problem is Ian
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    Hover your mouse over the Edit button. Your browser will show the URL that will be sent when clicked. Note the address_id value. Back at the admin list of Zones, hover your mouse cursor over the Delete icon for 'Greater London'. Note the id value (maybe 469?). Using an external database utility, look in CubeCart_addressbook. Find the record that has that value as the address_id. Compare the database addressbook record 'state' column value with the 'Greater London' id value. They should match. One one point long ago in time, the 'state' column held the actual name of the state/county/province. That column still can hold actual names, but CubeCart now uses ID numbers.
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    I will need to determine which runs first, the plugin which creates $DROPSHIP_BILLING from the order details, or the snippet that adds cust_groups into the order details. Be back soon.
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    its caused by sessions.gc_maxliftime, and has been the bane of my life for getting on 2 years, until Al and I found it. session.gc_maxlifetime This value (default 1440 seconds (20 minutes)) defines how long an unused PHP session will be kept alive. For example: A user logs in, browses through your application or web site, for hours, for days. No problem. As long as the time between his clicks never exceed 1440 seconds.
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    When uploading the new CubeCart package, you will be 'overwriting' all existing files. The existing file /includes/global.inc.php contains info specific to your installation - thus this file cannot exist in a CubeCart downloaded package. It won't have the right info, and you wouldn't want an empty file overwriting the existing file. Existing files not found in the downloaded package will not be overwritten (images, other skins, languages, plugins, etc). Look in the existing global.inc.php file and rename the extracted admin.php and admin folder from the downloaded package to those names. Then, the upload will correctly overwrite the existing admin file and folder with the accurately-named admin file and folder from the package. For most scenarios, you may ignore the file /includes/global.inc.php-dist. This is included for those who want to study what information is required should they wish to fool about with the installation. An upgrade (or same-version reload) uses the existing global.inc.php, and a fresh installation creates a new global.inc.php, renaming any existing global.inc.php to have a dated backup filename.
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    The CubeCart_ccss_ip_addresses table error messages seem to suggest that the CubeCart Security Suite plugin wants to run, but wasn't initialized properly, or, for the plugin's benefit, the database user was not given permission to create a table in the database. Thus, the 'does't exist' messages. I'm not sure about the Stripe module. Is the screen grab from Stripe's web site, or CubeCart's?
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    There are a few conversations: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/52080-directions-to-setup-options/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/52233-options-tutorial/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51635-product-options/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51613-resolved-options-and-how-to-use-it/
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    OK, I have taken the above two points out of your OP. 1) You can combine WordPress with CubeCart but they are not integrated as such. You can develop a WP theme to match your CubeCart skin so tha it looks like an integrated site. We have developed custom WP themes based on existing or custom built CubeCart skins and to use them, you have a choice of : (a) CubeCart at the top level with WP installed in a sub-directory (say for example /blog) and a link to that from the CubeCart menu. This is most often used where you want to have an active blog or other manageable content. (b) WP at the top level with CubeCart in a sub-directory such as /shop and this is less commonly used but useful if the main purpose of the site is to provide a content driven site that also sells things 2) That could be accomplished using CubeCart and simply needs a custom skin. The concept of having everything full width is a good one and much more modern and is something we started to do with our Retail Therapy skin (which currently just has a full width slideshow section) and the next release will have be full width by default with the current layout as an "old style" sub-theme. However, most of that example site could be done now with that skin plus two of our plugins (Multiple Homepage Documents and Manage Site Document Location) Ian
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    Please try: In /classes/cubecart.class.php, near lines 2147-2151 (for CC618), find: $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('REDIRECT_TO', $redir); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('URL', array( 'register' => $GLOBALS['seo']->buildURL('register'), 'recover' => $GLOBALS['seo']->buildURL('recover')) ); On the blank line after that, add: $meta_data=array('name'=>"Login",'path'=>null,'description'=>"Your Login Page",'keywords'=>"Login",'title'=>"Login",);$GLOBALS['seo']->set_meta_data($meta_data);
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    Well ... I'm done unless your comments or my brain cells think of something else. https://www.claudiasbargains.com/ I couldn't have done this without the following people. So thank you so very much to: Brian Smithers - forum help Daren Clarke SemperFiWebServices: Add to Social Media Custom Product Sort Related Products Ask about a Product Verical Navigation Menu Alec Broughton Noodleman: Products Addon Cart Designs: Sitemap If I forgot anybody I'm sorry. This post sounds like I just won an Academy Award. LOL Claudia
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    Good Morning, @Al Brookbanks is correct. The most common reason for this issue is that your web server does not have IonCube loaders installed, or the version of IonCube loaders installed is old and not compatible with the current versions of IonCube. Firstly, to gain access to your store admin area. Use FTP to connect to your server, navigate to the /modules/plugins/ directory and rename or delete the folder called google_merchant_bulk_category_assign. This prevents the module from being called and means you can use the store as normal. Next, click on "PHP Info" from the admin menu and let me know what version of PHP you have installed. It's possible you have installed the PHP 5.5 version of the module and are using PHP 5.6 or vice versa. I make two downloads of each module available based on the PHP version you are using (5.5 and lower or 5.6 and above). Next, search using your browser within the php info page (CTRL + F) for the word "ioncube". If you find any matches, ionCube is installed but likely outdated. Find the section where it provides the version number of ionCube and let me know what it is. I can send you a version of the module which will work with your server settings. If IonCube is missing it will need to be installed.
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    yes lol...what safe to leave or change back
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    Thanks Al, it maybe purely coincidental but i did not have any PP issues until i updated from 6.1.1 to 6.1.7 on Friday. if i compare the IPN messages before and after the upgrade i don't see any difference they all say sent and no reattempts the url is the same
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    The above was developed for AIOSv108. If you are editing index.inc.php, then you are in the /admin/ folder. You should be editing the /skin/admin/index.tpl file.
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    I just had CubeCart Support upgrade my store from Version 4 to the latest Version 6. They did a fantastic job! My store has over 4,000 products and over 8,000 customers. All the data is in perfect condition after the upgrade. The upgrade was done quickly and professionally. I couldn't be happier with their service. If you are the least bit nervous about upgrading, purchase a support plan and let the experts do it. You'll be glad you did!
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    I've tested it on our plushcatalog, and it's working as expected for me. Looking forward to your further testing, @keat!
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    The phrase won't be in the skin templates. This is an advisory/warning phrase in the language file. In admin, Languages, click the edit icon for the language you want to change. When shown the drop-down, choose Checkout. When shown the list, change the phrase associated with the 'error_shipping' key.

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