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    Hello, everyone, I'm French and lock me up for confinement against the coronavirus. I just put a little note here to say good luck to all of you and take care of yourself. Even if this is not the place for such a message, a little moral support for everyone cannot do any harm. So be careful. And see you very soon ..
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    I want to publicly THANK @havenswift-hosting for helping our little church with a FREE hosting account! Many years ago I used a series of various hosting companies and ended up leaving every one of them, one after the other, because they were absolutely no help at all if I had any problems - whether the problem was their fault or mine. Ian has time after time gone out of his way to help me with any problems I've had with our CubeCart install over the years. Most of those issues were of my own making, but he has always been super patient and prompt to respond and find a solution. THANK YOU IAN!!!
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    Thanks to all your guys for your feedback. I agree that we really need more extensions and significant enhancements for existing ones. Especially for shipping! I'm currently towards the end of a massive project with a huge global payment company and we are just about to release this as a new extension. Once that is done and proven stable we are hoping to be able to start work on improved extensions for 2020.
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    Great thnx it worked
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    See if in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable Shipping Groups" will get you what you want. When checked, "All in One Shipping" option group name is not displayed.
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    Just a quick thought: please check the admin Store Settings, Stock tab, "Allow delivery to non-invoice address". If not checked, I would think that CubeCart would disallow the selection of delivery addresses and force the use of the Billing address as also the Delivery address.
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    Keywords gone for 6.2.6. Feels great. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2370
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    Works fine,it's pretty simple and could do with some refinement in the future to make the UI a little nicer and add additional features such as an API so those of us with a larger catalogue can setup automated order processing (for licenses etc). PayPal do also take a fee on top of the CubeCart fee.
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    Your database and dB user names and passwords will almost certainly be different on your new hosting and you need to update the /includes/global.ini.php file with the new values Ian
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    Seems to have levelled off the cache at around 35,000 objects at the moment, will keep an eye and report back later.
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    When running the /setup/index.php script, CubeCart makes a test with this statement: extension_loaded('curl') The environment may have cURL installed, but does PHP see it? Create a phpinfo() script and look for the curl table.
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    It should be never; for CSS3. See https://www.w3.org/TR/css-speech-1/#speaking-props-speak and https://www.w3docs.com/learn-css/speak.html But, because no (current) web browser will act on it, it's safe to delete it. Or leave it - no harm done.
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    Hi, I gather the main aim of this thread is to ask whether the description field of the shipping service chosen when a customer's shipping rate is calculated by All In One Shipping could be customisable, or at least simplified. As it stands, the customer is presented with an invoice stating "All_In_One_Shipping:" and then the cost of the service they have chosen. It would be much better if it simply says “Shipping” instead of “All In One Shipping”, which is superfluous information, and potentially confusing to the customer.
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    Does this happen on every page load, or only waiting for CubeCart to process what was POSTed and to send back a fresh page, and only for certain POSTs? In admin, CubeCart does not use the cache. So, every query communicates with the database. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable debug mode and enter your workstation's IP address in the adjacent field (www.showmyip.com). Now, when getting pages, below the content, there will be a grey section listing database queries, and also at the bottom, a "Page Load Time". For each query, there is a value in seconds. Don't be mislead by a number shown like: (9.0837478637695E-5 sec). The E-5 says to put a decimal and 4 zeroes in front of the nine, making this a very small number. Rarely will a query have a decimal and only one zero. The Page Load Time should also be small - less than one second. CC629 could have multiple sections of debug data - one for processing the POST, and a second when the browser is told to fetch the after-POST page. You aren't mentioning the storefront, so we can assume it is functioning normally?
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    The form elements are passed through a "form validator". The validator checks for things like: something was entered, if entered, does it look like it is supposed to-- -- phone numbers - only digits -- email - proper syntax and does it already exist (ajax call) -- password must meet complexity level -- confirm password must match password -- T&C box checked The validator, if something fails the validation rules, will tell the browser where to show an error banner. The original HTML statement said: for the T&C checkbox, find the HTML with the same id as the this tag's rel attribute. The tag with the matching id attribute was the <span> tag just removed. The <span> tag was causing an inability to properly identify the box's children within the contents of the flex box. So, now that the <div columns> tag has this id attribute, where would the error banner get shown? I haven't tested that.
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    I love it. I think it's about time we change the generic images in the slider to something more ambiguous. Keep up the great work. Nice to see a vertical menu as the horizontal one doesn't work so well for many.
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    Hello, very pretty. Too bad for the logo I like the full width logo. But otherwise it's very pretty
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    In the Foundation template box.documents.php: Find: <ul class="small-block-grid-1 medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3"> Change to: <ul class="small-block-grid-1{* medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3 *}"> This comments out the layout directive for the medium and large view widths, having the small be used for all view widths. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache so that this template is freshly compiled.
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    Al - Just noticed that the First Name and Last Name are inverted in versions 1.0.4 & 1.0.5 on lines 179 & 180 in gateway.class.php
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    In admin, Documents, edit the document that has the HomePage button selected. (Actually, you can put this slider in any document.) <ul class="bxslider"> <li><a href="{$STORE_URL}/tesa31.html"><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide1.jpg" title="Promotional Message One" /></a></li> <li><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide2.jpg" /></li> <li><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide3.jpg" title="Promotional Message Two" /></li> </ul> The above shows how one can make an image 'clickable'.
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    Here is what I have from tonight's test: - Order DOES go to "processing" even if the customer bails out after hitting the "Pay" button and doesn't go back to the store by clicking the "Confirm" button on the Auth.net results window. This is great. - Created a copy of the "Default emails" template, called it "Hard-coded emails", replaced the header image and signature macros with hard-coded urls and made it the default. - Under the "Email Contents" tab, I modified Cart: Order Confirmed and Admin: Order Received, replacing the macro {$DATA.link} with a hybrid hard-code / macro combination of https://mystore.com/index.php?_a=vieworder&amp;cart_order_id={$DATA.cart_order_id} (where mystore.com is the actual store domain and the order number is handled by the dynamic macro {$DATA.cart_order_id}). - Have NOT been able to solve the gigantic store title issue on the Auth.net transaction results page. Will have to keep looking or call their support and find out how to get this under control. It looks like all of the information is being sent correctly and the transaction was successful. (NOTE: I only tested auth only since my clients all capture funds when the item ships.). Generally, it works with a few workarounds and the need for a small formatting tweak. I much prefer the new embedded frame and the clean form look and operation to the old SIM. It works well enough for me to put it live in one of my client's stores. We will see how it goes over the next 24 hours of live use.
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    Give it a try https://hosted.cubecart.com
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    We don't have a sandbox version I'm afraid. I don't think the integration supports Google or ApplePay either. I don't know if they are considered competing wallets?!
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    When a coupon (including a GC) is being used, a database request is made for that code where the status is enabled. If no records are returned, an error message is displayed that says this coupon (GC) code is invalid. If valid, that is, the code is good and enabled, and the database record also has a 'cart_order_id' (the order where the GC was purchased), then a check in CubeCart_order_summary is made against that 'cart_order_id'. If that table record simply exists (as it would if its status was set to 'Cancelled' as opposed to the order having been deleted), then... A check is made on the Status of that order. The order must be in a Processing or Completed status. If otherwise, an error message is displayed that says, "Sorry but that code can't be used against an order of this status." (Which is misleading.)
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    Thanks for that reply Al, and I saw & understand the hosted solution. After over 20 years of working & coding for Miva Merchant and suffering through their transition to SAS I still have blisters on my hiney. Not faulting SAS just don't like riding other people's bicycles (grin). At one time I self-hosted over 200 Miva Merchant sites for my clients on 40+ servers I hand built; the advent of SAS almost destroyed my business. Doesn't help that I hate PHP and its security fails like a toothache. As a language, 20-yr old MivaScript code is still 100 times more secure and convenient for ecom - for me. Looking forward to getting more intimate with CubeCart and trying to get past my distaste for PHP by doing so. Thanks for that bsmither - problem there is that no error_log was created ("find / | grep error_log" yielded nada) - but the errors showed in the CubeCart admin logging menu, so I was placated.
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    For CubeCart 3, I have experience creating an exporter that creates a QB IIF file. It worked well enough. (Note: the IIF file has its own format and requires an enormous amount of in-line processing.) I think the CC6 version of exporter methodology is better suited to create the QbXML file. Recent conversations dealt with a custom module that solved specific requirements. That's why there isn't a "complete" exposition on how to do this. Also, there aren't any development documents to be had. However, the /modules/external/sage module is a decent place to explore. We can take this as far as you need by email.
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    Hi, I updated the site with version 5 to version 6 and can not see ckeditor. Everything is done according to the instructions, all recorded files on the host. PHP version 7.2 and 7.4. Cache cleaning. Please help me
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    The errors are probably relating to the use of quotes within quotes. In PHP, creating a string by enclosing the characters in quotes means that the other type of quote (aka apostrophe) won't cause a problem. Same that with using an apostrophe to start and stop strings means that the other type of quote (aka double-quote) won't cause a problem. So, knowing that your content you want to add will be inside double-quotes, make sure to use apostrophes in the content itself. Incidentally, if you really, really need to use the same type of quote within a string that starts and stops with that type of quote, then put a backslash in front of it.
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    CubeCart will use the 'master' definitions.xml file if there isn't an overriding key phrase in any of the actual assigned language files. When assigning, there is the default language that is chosen in Store Settings. But that default can be overridden by choosing which language the logged-in admin wants to personally use, and also which language was being used when a customer registered. An admin can choose which language to personally use by editing their admin profile in the administration's Administrators page. When CubeCart is initially being setup, the language the admin acquires is chosen at step one where there is a drop-down selector that says "Update" (the default language).
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    Please may l make the following suggestions: - We need a postage policy template as a spreadsheet - We need to be able to upload the completed template direct to the cart via cart admin control panel, in the same way as bulk inventory is loaded (my postage policy spreadsheet has 66 rows and 72 columns). - We need to be able to upload categories in the same way (l have over 100 categories). This would be good (more like, essential) for: - Transferring existing online marketplace inventory - Setting up multiple carts from different cart vendors (please don't try to lock-in, it's depressing, we already had enough of that from our existing online marketplaces that we're trying to break away from!) I don't want to mess around with PHPMyAdmin by the way - but will if l must. Would be nice to get the lowdown on that. Really though, guess what ... l want to buy, list, sell, post.
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    There is a module for Parcel2Go. There are others.
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    This is a consequence of CubeCart's programming style: PHP allows one to write code using variables that weren't initialized. So, the first time PHP attempts to fetch the contents of an uninitialized variable, a Notice is logged. Absolutely no harm is being done. These notices help when things may not be working right and you see "Undefined variable: smary_data".
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    Thanks for taking the time to feedback! Always good to hear of how we can do better. Much appreciated. It many situations is can but for those who use cheap $5 a month shared hosting it may not be possible due to resource limitations imposed by the hosting company not CubeCart. Taking a big image and creating thumbnails can need a lot of memory. Our hosted customers shouldn't have any problem.
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    There are multiple reasons for people wanting to gain access to websites, and especially those that take payments : 1) Install keyloggers or other software to capture credit card transaction information 2) Redirect payments, either full or partial away from the store owner to another source 3) Redirect traffic to other websites
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    Welcome gmc! Glad to see you made it to the forums. So, what you did was to ask the CKEditor to open a means to select an image that you are wanting to add to the document you are editing. From the editor's Image Properties dialog, you clicked "Browse Server". In the file /includes/ckeditor/config.js, there is this: config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = document.location.pathname+'?_g=filemanager&mode=fck'; The value for document.location.pathname should be simply /admin_aBcXyZ.php (where aBcXyZ is specific to your site). Please double check that statement in that file.
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    Did you see this? https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool The unit is specified in the stores general settings. This can be ignored if no taxes are charged. If they are configure tax first in the taxes section before import and you should then be able to find this value. If you put 0 then tax is added into the price. 1 assume the price includes tax. Enter a path or file id. See link above. Either enter the category ID, list of category IDs or name or category. If you use a name it will look for it and use existing / create new category accordingly. All optional. This should be explained in the link at the top. New, used or refurbished. Yes it can be a server path or external absolute URL but MUST exist. Can be left blank.
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    I guess it must be working, on the front page of my store I now see a "Protected by reCAPTCHA" icon! And hopefully no more bot spam! Thanks Al Brookbanks and bsmither for the good advice.
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    Return to CubeCart's admin and edit the Homepage document. Remove the Mailerlite code from this Homepage document - including the {literal} and {/literal}. After saving the edited document, be sure to click the button "Clear Cache" that is lit up in the upper-right corner.
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    Ian is wrong. Logging in with the same staff account will kick out the other staff member who will need to login again thus kicking the other out. It's a security feature to prevent session hijacking. You'll need an account for each staff member.
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    Earlier, I said: The line numbers shown indicates that CubeCart is using the 'X-Forwarded-For' header. This then suggests that the web server is mis-reporting or mis-interpreting the IP address in that X-Forwarded-For header. So, we have verified that the SERVER_ADDR and REMOTE_ADDR is correct. It is the PHP function apache_request_headers() - line 523 - is where Cubecart is getting the value of the server address. Conclusion: There is an appliance just ahead of the web server that is adding/mangling the X-Forwarded-For entry in the Request Headers HTTP stream with an erroneous value. It is possible that this appliance (a reverse proxy server?) uses in a correct fashion the newer Forward header. See if Forward is in the two PHP Info tables discussed earlier. Until the above gets sorted, you can implement a work-around: In the function get_ip_address(), find: // Remove port if it exists $parts = explode(':',$address); $address = (empty($parts[0])) ? $address : $parts[0]; Change to: $address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // Remove port if it exists $parts = explode(':',$address); $address = (empty($parts[0])) ? $address : $parts[0]; We will use the REMOTE_ADDR because we have verified in PHP Info that it is correct -- FOR YOU!
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    CubeCart 6.2.2 uses openssl instead of mcrypt making it compatible with the newest PHP versions. If you still get mcrypt errors then your store code is not up to date. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2113
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    Thanks @AI and @Bsmither. @Bsmither my first installation was done manually, however, I deleted it and used the Token method, its working properly now. Thanks.
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    I'm confused. The first sentence says you want to manually apply an image (and presumably show it). The second sentence you want to suppress displaying it. Can you clear this up?
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    Cheers guys Look forward to sharing my creations
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    Square processes credit cards for less than Paypal, provides charge-back protection up to $250 per month, automatically deposits your payments received to your bank account in 1 or 2 business days, and charges no monthly fees. Overall, I think they are a better payment processor than Paypal. If you want to check them out, here's their website address: https://squareup.com/ I recently emailed Cubecart Sales requesting a rough estimate on what it would take to integrate Square's payment APIs into Cubecart. He responded as follows. *** Removed by admin *** I'd like to see Square implemented to look and act just like Paypal Pro does. I'm sure this would cost more than the simple integration Al quoted. The more people willing to help out financially the less it would cost each of us. Are any of you willing to help sponsor this integration?
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    Vanilla 1.0.3 (originally for CC5) is coded to be compatible with the latest reCaptcha methods incorporated for CC6. The code posted above is not from Vanilla 1.0.3. The best info I have is that Galaxy X is at v1.8 (April 2017). Send me a PM and I will help you get Galaxy X coded for the latest reCaptcha methods.
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    Welcome Sycho! Glad to see you made it to the forums. After the successful transaction, CubeCart places a link in the customer's "Downloads" page of their Account section. However, "guest' customers (those who did not create a customer account) do not have an Account section. In addition, CubeCart also sends a link in an email to the customer. CubeCart also can expire a digital download by time (from 30 minutes to never), or by count (x-number or unlimited) -- on a global approach. That is, it is not possible to limit ProdA to 6 downloads while ProdB has 10 downloads. The availability of the download is immediate, although there are some customizations that will delay the appearance and emailed delivery of the link until the admin "approves" the sale (for whatever reason). CubeCart also allows the admin to reset any limits and to resend the email containing the download link.
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    I'm going to add an extra step to the joyride on first admin login.
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    One final experiment before we take a different approach: Log out of admin. Log out of the storefront. Clear the cookies to your site (or use a different browser or computer). Change those values in global.inc.php to be the latest file and folder names. Save the file. Go to the page www.store.com/admin.php. Attempt to log in.
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    This plugin does everything that you are looking to do (and a lot more !). The ability for the customer to complete payment after the admin has entered the order was added in the latest release (this is not a trivial piece of functionality !). As with all of our plugins, you can install a fully working 7 day trial to check it does everything that you need Ian

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