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    Hello, everyone, I'm French and lock me up for confinement against the coronavirus. I just put a little note here to say good luck to all of you and take care of yourself. Even if this is not the place for such a message, a little moral support for everyone cannot do any harm. So be careful. And see you very soon ..
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    I want to publicly THANK @havenswift-hosting for helping our little church with a FREE hosting account! Many years ago I used a series of various hosting companies and ended up leaving every one of them, one after the other, because they were absolutely no help at all if I had any problems - whether the problem was their fault or mine. Ian has time after time gone out of his way to help me with any problems I've had with our CubeCart install over the years. Most of those issues were of my own making, but he has always been super patient and prompt to respond and find a solution. THANK YOU IAN!!!
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    Thanks to all your guys for your feedback. I agree that we really need more extensions and significant enhancements for existing ones. Especially for shipping! I'm currently towards the end of a massive project with a huge global payment company and we are just about to release this as a new extension. Once that is done and proven stable we are hoping to be able to start work on improved extensions for 2020.
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    Great thnx it worked
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    See if in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable Shipping Groups" will get you what you want. When checked, "All in One Shipping" option group name is not displayed.
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    Just a quick thought: please check the admin Store Settings, Stock tab, "Allow delivery to non-invoice address". If not checked, I would think that CubeCart would disallow the selection of delivery addresses and force the use of the Billing address as also the Delivery address.
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    Keywords gone for 6.2.6. Feels great. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2370
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    As pointed out in the other thread about commerce plugin, I was a version behind. This might be the issue 1.3.16 - Corrected array name on phone variable form order retrieval.
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    Huh, same thing happens to me, my first thought was it might be the difference between a paypal card capture or paypal transaction but seems make no difference, weird.
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    If using the Foundation skin, using a programmer's text editor, open the template content.checkout.confirm.php. About 10 lines up from the bottom, find a <textarea> for "delivery_comments". Add into the tag resulting in: <textarea name="comments" id="delivery_comments" required placeholder="{$LANG.form.required}">{$VAL_CUSTOMER_COMMENTS}</textarea>
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    The "better font rendering" rules are valid, but only MacIntosh OSX browsers understand it. So, the CSS validator may be accepting rules for only a specific browser, or (more likely) only rules that all browsers must know about.
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    If you copy/pasted, via mouse-swipe, the password from some other web page, you may have inadvertently picked up an invisible character (tab, etc). Perhaps, in /includes/global.inc.php, entering the password manually may help - avoids copying over unwanted bytes.
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    In the Stripe file /skin/form.php, line 3, there is a <label> statement. Change that to a <p> statement. That is: From: <label>{$LANG.gateway.pay_by_card}</label> To: <p>{$LANG.gateway.pay_by_card}</p> The skin eTone has a CSS rule that limits the width of a <label> to 25% of its container. Again, for eTone, the text "Submit Payment" is supposed to be a contrasting color and inside the boundaries of the button (white on black for eTone-Black, for example). Such is the case with all other buttons. I have yet to find why this button isn't displaying as it should.
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    This will need to be explored by @Al Brookbanks.
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    Shipping is a complex, rule based area with so many different solutions and each one totally different to every business. we built a module which lets you link specific products to specific shipping modules which can help with more complex scenarios. An example of this would be for a shop selling small items, and large bulky items. We setup two All In One modules, then linked their bulky items to one and small items to the other. They manage two totally separate shipping configurations for those "band" of products to get rates for each band, then the aggregated costs is provided to the customer for shipping charges. It works well, but as with all things there are pro's and cons plus it is entirely situational based on your requirements.
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    Please fetch and install the By Weight shipping module. This module allows to specify the packaging weight separate from the total of the product weights. Also a separate handling cost for each zone. The zones are not as granular as the AIOS module. The shipping bands are expressed differently than AIOS: Colon-grouped, comma-separated: 0.25:29 <- weight up to and including .25 costs 29 0.5:38 <- weight above .25 up to and including .5 costs 38 1:49 <- weight above .5 up to and including 1 costs 49 10:58 <- weight above 1 up to and including 10 costs 58 30:89 <- weight above 10 up to and including 30 costs 89 is expressed as: 0.25:29,0.5:38,1:49,10:58,30:89 There may be other modules that would suffice.
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    Thanks Ross, I have to admit, I entirely overlooked this thread...
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    Yes, yes, and no. The registration form is under javascript control via the Validator plugin. One can create a rule that limits the length of the entry. CubeCart includes a security token when web pages with a form is sent out to the browser. When CubeCart receives that form, a check is made for a current token in the form data. If it's not there, the data sent in is immediately discarded. A study of web access logs shows that a robot will first request the page, obtain the security token, then makes a customized POST with whatever data it wants - bypassing any form element data entry controls put in place. So, CubeCart also has a few rules to test the data submitted against and will send back error banners if any test fails. Therefore, yes, more Validator rules can be made - assuming posting robots ever allow these rules, or reCaptcha tests, to get in their way; yes, more rules can be written into CubeCart; no, because... well, its all a game.
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    The form elements are passed through a "form validator". The validator checks for things like: something was entered, if entered, does it look like it is supposed to-- -- phone numbers - only digits -- email - proper syntax and does it already exist (ajax call) -- password must meet complexity level -- confirm password must match password -- T&C box checked The validator, if something fails the validation rules, will tell the browser where to show an error banner. The original HTML statement said: for the T&C checkbox, find the HTML with the same id as the this tag's rel attribute. The tag with the matching id attribute was the <span> tag just removed. The <span> tag was causing an inability to properly identify the box's children within the contents of the flex box. So, now that the <div columns> tag has this id attribute, where would the error banner get shown? I haven't tested that.
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    This is a handler for when more information is requested. A 'colorbox' is a pop-over containing that info. For example, when checking out, and the customer chooses a payment gateway that then displays a form to fill out (see Card_Capture, for example), there would be a link (or some other clickable trigger) that indicates "What is this?" for the CVV entry. Clicking the link will bring a pop-over that shows an image of the back-side of a credit card with the CVV highlighted. There may also be some explanatory text in the pop-over. The colorbox is used at numerous locations in admin as well. For example, clicking the Test button on the page where you fill in the Send Email parameters will pop-over the results of the test.
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    I have made all the edits I have discerned are necessary. If you are willing to experiment, let me know. I have one anomaly to sort out, and I think it is a problem with CubeCart, not something I missed. When the customer finishes the transaction and gets bounced to a Thank you page containing a summary of the order, the discount line item, if a discount was applied, does not show. (It does show on the email to the customer and admin.)
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    Please take notes of the web address of the steps you want the phrase to change. The web address would be one of ?_a=basket, ?_a=confirm, ?_a=gateway, ?_a=checkout, or ?_a=cart (possibly deprecated). There is a difference whether a customer is logged in or not. In /classes/cubecart.class.php, near line 1838, find: $checkout_button = (CC_SSL) ? $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['secure_checkout'] : $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['checkout']; If there is only one language being displayed, then you can hard-code additional phrases. For example: Find: $checkout_button = (CC_SSL) ? $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['secure_checkout'] : $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['checkout']; On a new blank line after, add this (example): if($_GET['_a'] == "confirm") $checkout_button = (CC_SSL) ? "Complete Secure Order" : "Complete Order"; If more than one language, then you may need additional work. This is a change to core code, and on an upgrade, this will be over-written. Luckily, there is a hook we can use for a custom code snippet. (Snippets survive upgrades.)
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    Welcome Welshy! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The MarketPlace isn't a CubeCart store (at least, I don't think it is), so there isn't much other CubeCart users can help with this. I think contacting CubeCart HQ directly will be the quickest way to let them know of your difficulties. https://www.cubecart.com/contact
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    CubeCart will be operating business as usual thought the current global pandemic but our response times may fall slightly outside of our service level agreement as business and family time combine. To compensate we will be offering flexible weekend support where an when possible. We thank you kindly for your support and wish all our merchants the very best through this unparalleled time.
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    Here is what I have from tonight's test: - Order DOES go to "processing" even if the customer bails out after hitting the "Pay" button and doesn't go back to the store by clicking the "Confirm" button on the Auth.net results window. This is great. - Created a copy of the "Default emails" template, called it "Hard-coded emails", replaced the header image and signature macros with hard-coded urls and made it the default. - Under the "Email Contents" tab, I modified Cart: Order Confirmed and Admin: Order Received, replacing the macro {$DATA.link} with a hybrid hard-code / macro combination of https://mystore.com/index.php?_a=vieworder&amp;cart_order_id={$DATA.cart_order_id} (where mystore.com is the actual store domain and the order number is handled by the dynamic macro {$DATA.cart_order_id}). - Have NOT been able to solve the gigantic store title issue on the Auth.net transaction results page. Will have to keep looking or call their support and find out how to get this under control. It looks like all of the information is being sent correctly and the transaction was successful. (NOTE: I only tested auth only since my clients all capture funds when the item ships.). Generally, it works with a few workarounds and the need for a small formatting tweak. I much prefer the new embedded frame and the clean form look and operation to the old SIM. It works well enough for me to put it live in one of my client's stores. We will see how it goes over the next 24 hours of live use.
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    Give it a try https://hosted.cubecart.com
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    There is no accounting for people that dont help themselves by running out of date software
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    Thanks for reply, No idea what the difference is between 7.2, 7.3, or 7.4 as not very technical with it all, just trying to get shop up to the latest minimum standards required to keep things running sweet. Just was not sure how difficult a job this was. So thanks, I will give this a go tomorrow morning.
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    Thanks for that reply Al, and I saw & understand the hosted solution. After over 20 years of working & coding for Miva Merchant and suffering through their transition to SAS I still have blisters on my hiney. Not faulting SAS just don't like riding other people's bicycles (grin). At one time I self-hosted over 200 Miva Merchant sites for my clients on 40+ servers I hand built; the advent of SAS almost destroyed my business. Doesn't help that I hate PHP and its security fails like a toothache. As a language, 20-yr old MivaScript code is still 100 times more secure and convenient for ecom - for me. Looking forward to getting more intimate with CubeCart and trying to get past my distaste for PHP by doing so. Thanks for that bsmither - problem there is that no error_log was created ("find / | grep error_log" yielded nada) - but the errors showed in the CubeCart admin logging menu, so I was placated.
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    One of the recent versions of CubeCart added the function to squeeze down the byte count of the HTML sent out by removing all unnecessary spaces, tabs, and line endings. My copy of HTMLMinify.smarty.php shows line 166 is a PHP comment. Please verify that this file has not been modified, is 9,935 bytes, and the file's timestamp shows it was last modified 22 November 2019.
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    Welcome graham_w! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using. There are changes between versions that affect what advice I will give you.
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    @Dirty Butter drop us a support ticket via your account - we offer cheap (and in many cases free) "Standard" hosting plans for charities and non-profits which is perfect for small WordPress websites and as you are already a hosting customer, would be happy to offer that for free for you - see https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk/website-hosting/charity-non-profit-hosting/
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    Not that I'm aware of. That many database records is a pittance for the power of MySQL. We can also assume your hosting environment equipment isn't that old. Others on the forum will suggest that the database seems to be in need of proper indexing.
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    This appears to be a case where the file_id values in the CubeCart_filemanager table got renumbered somehow. I think your best approach to this is to download the backup that CubeCart made on the upgrade attempt, extract the SQL dump for the CubeCart_filemanager table, and see if there is a record with file_id of 15725 there. (It's all plain text, so a competent text editor should be able to search for 15725.) If that record is there, then I suggest you replace the existing table contents with the SQL structure and contents for that table you just extracted.
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    Would removing the "Please select" option work for you? If so, then in the admin template products.index.php, near line 248, delete: <option value="">{$LANG.common.please_select} &hellip;</option> Note: the "Please select" option is only available on the 'normal' customer group -- named "Retail Pricing". After having made other customer groups, and selecting any of those other groups to set prices, there is no "Please select" and as such, defaults to displaying, and therefore choosing when submitting, the first option in the list.
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    It would have been a pain that otherwise a "set this price Y based on an equation using that price X" would have solved.
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    You are wanting to see in the top navigation (Category list) bar a link to a site's document? (And where do you see File Manager?) In the skin's template box.navigation.php, there is a <ul> list that a link to a document can be added. You will need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache because the constructed HTML is saved for repeated use.
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    Solved! I went to uninstall and saw a clone button. I cloned my installation into my other domain name and all is well. Thanks!
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    You can leave it blank. The value of Tax Class ID for 'full rate' (probably "Standard") should be '1'. You can verify this by using an external database utility - such as phpMyAdmin - and view the database table CubeCart_tax_class.
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    Ive been using Cubecart since 2011 when it was on V3, I'm now on V6. Ive been using for 8 years or more. It's simple, intuitive and does what it's supposed to. Its well supported, not only on this forum, but also by the cubecart technical team. I can't really say any more.
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    This is a consequence of CubeCart's programming style: PHP allows one to write code using variables that weren't initialized. So, the first time PHP attempts to fetch the contents of an uninitialized variable, a Notice is logged. Absolutely no harm is being done. These notices help when things may not be working right and you see "Undefined variable: smary_data".
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    In admin, Export Catalogue, the data included by the 'CubeCart' export format is from this request to the database: Get everything from the table CubeCart_inventory, but... skipping any product where its primary category's status is disabled and/or where the product's status is disabled. So, "all of the inventory" - probably, but no, not necessarily. Fetching an Export Catalogue CSV file does show you almost everything. What I do not see (and there may be more) is a collection of all the categories a product is assigned to. Only the Primary category is included - and only its ID number.. The CSV to be imported can contain anything you want. CubeCart will then display a "map". It will list all the column header names found in the CSV and for each column, there will be a drop-down selector shown that you will choose which Inventory database table column to put that CSV column into. (The actual table column names are keyed against phrases from the language file. Thus, the database table column 'description' is shown in the drop-down selector as "DescripciĆ³n" for admins running their store in Spanish.) In the Import Catalogue feature, to assign a category, use either a known Cat_ID or use the existing category name - and CubeCart will create the categories dynamically if the name is not found. To assign a product to more than one category, separate the IDs (or names) by a comma. The first ID (or name) will be the primary. To assign to a new category breadcrumb, separate the names by a slash. For example: 3, 5, Cat1/Cat1A/Cat1A1 The primary will be existing cat_id 3 (whatever that is), and also be assigned to existing cat_id 5, and will also be assigned to Cat1A1 (which is a child of Cat1A, which is a child of Cat1), creating these categories if needed. This KB article is a cheatsheet: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool
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    Your spreadsheet would want to have at least these columns: cat_id, cat_name, cat_desc CubeCart will self-create a meta-title if missing. Other table columns have default values.
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    In admin, Languages, click the edit icon of the language(s) you need to change. On the next page, from the drop-down selector, choose Gateway. When the list of phrases appears, scroll to the key 'none_defined' and change the phrase. Click Save. The changed phrase gets databased and will survive upgrades.
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    It's SemperFi's AskAbout a Product plugin that makes it possible to let people Make an Offer if you choose that to be available. BUT that's all it does. It just provides a good way to identify exactly what they are asking about. Nothing automatic about the offer acceptance, counter offer, or rejection at all. And there seems to be a support issue on SemperFi's plugins which may not have been resolved - hope I'm wrong about that.
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    seems valid. One thing that can cause oddities is the session data not being stored correctly. check your web server error log and see if you have warnings about sessions in there. it may offer some clues.
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    snap aww, smilies are still broken
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    unsure without seeing the error first hand. can you share a link?

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