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  1. OK yes but it could still be related with state not matching up.
  2. Can you replace this file (skins/foundation/js/2.cubecart.js) and see if it fixed it: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cubecart/v6/6.2.0-branch/skins/foundation/js/2.cubecart.js It sounds like this is related to: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2016
  3. That's because after it is created the column initialises with a default empty value. This can't be unique and therefore the latter query to create a unique key fails.
  4. The upgrade won't have done this. I've upgraded about sixty stores now and never seen these issues.
  5. Because it's told to look for a wrong value. Please ignore it. After the next update it will be gone and if not the error message will be correct.
  6. This page shows two ways to do it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3487691/dropping-unique-constraint-from-mysql-table If you have phpMySdmin then thats the easiest way.
  7. Please delete the unique key 'custom_oid' on the CubeCart_order_summary table. And replace it with a standard key or normal index. This was a bug in the beta.
  8. That's right Brian. We'll get it sorted in Monday.
  9. Hi Brian, do you need a VAT invoice? If you can email the sales dept with your PayPal transaction ID we'll get you one to you.
  10. I'd chose CloudLinux with cPanel. Or CentOS with cPanel to save cash. @bsmither would say Windows. Either is ok really but CubeCart is more geared to Linux and I hate Windows personally.
  11. @raytowle sounds like you are technically minded. On those grounds why not order a VPS you have 100% controller of. Checkout DigitalOcean, Linode & Vultr (amongst others).
  12. Yes exactly. Sorry not very helpful. I've turned my Mac off now and relaxing with a glass of wine. Only one (or two) mind as baby #2 is imminent!
  13. It doesn't look like it from your log but a significant proportion of hosts will block external connections such as SMTP connections to office, gmail etc...
  14. Since a recent upgrade we seem to have many missing avatars. I'm working to get this fixed. It may mean we need to switch to Gravatar. Sorry about this!
  15. It should handle that automatically for you by sticking the product or category id on the end.
  16. All fixed now. We had a GeoIP database fault which is now resolved.
  17. This is because you have debug mode turned on in your stores settings (Advanced section). Just turn it off.
  18. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. There are no known issues on our end. Maybe if you can PM me or email sales [at] cubecart (dot) com the email address you are using to login or register we can look at your account. Due to the upcoming privacy law changes we have had to make some significant privacy changes to our database so there could be a problem. Again I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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