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  1. Ok .. I found the answer for anyone else with the same issues and I hope this helps. Seems that it has to do with Internet Explorer .. I changed browsers and now everything is working fine in another browser. So much for technical advancement eh ? :(
  2. I don't know if anyone else has had any issues of this nature .... I have sort of been away from cubecart for a while, but have version 4.3.1 and when I last added product, everything was fine. I have tried to add new product and physically cant add descriptions to product. The listing title, codes, options and everything else is editable on the screen, but when I go to type descriptions ... no cursor and it's almost like my keyboard is inactive. I have tried editing a live listing also, and although on the live site the description is there, in the editor there appears to be no description of the product. All of the rest of admin seems to be working and also the site is still live ... Any suggestions as to what the issue could be ? .. it seems like maybe the description editor is not functioning as if something is missing. Any help greatly accepted and thank you for your time. Kind regards
  3. Ok ... Found the problem and will pass this on in case anyone else gets this prob It was due to the fact that the products didn't have tax options selected in those catagories ... if no tax options, no postage !!!! Please be aware !!!
  4. I have version 4.3.2 ... I added the original batch of Catagories and everything ok with shipping charges in checkout. Since this time i have added 4 new catagories and they all show N/A in postage. I have cross referenced the Catagories in edit mode and all is correct. I have also disabled Per Catagory shipping and re enabled it to try and re initialise the settings globally and nothing makes any difference. I have the Always show shipping mod and have disabled this also, again to try and re initialise. Nothing is making any difference and I can't understand why it's only the new catagories that are affected and the originals are fine. Does this mean I have to down my whole site and start again to cure this prob ???????? Any help gratefully received :unsure:
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