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  1. Further to my previous post, I have now created a new site document saying " Thanks for your order etc etc." and linked to that. At least the customer is taken back to the store. The next thing is to get the print window to open at a smaller size.
  2. Hi, I am no expert and this problem of the 'stuck' print order form is bugging me. I have tried this arrangement and it seems to work in an acceptable way.(although not perfect) edit PRINT_ORDER_FORM > transfer.inc.php by: around line 25: change $formTarget = "_self"; to $formTarget = "_blank"; below the last ?> add the line <html><meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=http://www.yoururl.co.uk"> </html> The first change opens the form in a new window (as you have already done) The second redirects to the home page or wherever. It might be a good idea to make this page the same one that a successful card order is redirected to. (if I can find it) There are probably a hundred reasons why this shouldn't be done but hey! it works. Dave
  3. Thanks again for your help. I was using the latest version of WS-FTP but have ditched it and gone back to v9.01. I can now do the text changes I wanted and everything works OK. Using the new version: If I transfer a .php file from remote to local the size increases by (number of lines -1) bytes If I then transfer the file back the size stays increased. Using v9.01: If I transfer a .php file from remote to local the size increases by (number of lines -1) bytes If I then transfer the file back the size reverts back to the original size. Although this may not be the primary cause of the original problem I can now at least make the changes i want.
  4. Thanks Stevie68. The problem appears to be solved. I modded my skin to show scrolling images in the popular products. I have just removed the mod and all has returned to normal. Dave
  5. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Legend skin. style sheets/layout.css/.boxcontent has the standard text format of "verdana size 75% colour black. When I view Category page the font is much larger than that specified above so it fills the 'section' allocated to it (tdodd tdeven) If I view similar sites the text is the smaller default size. Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks again for your reply. I have been trying different scenarios. If I open my site in WS FTP and drag and copy the file lang.inc.php onto my desktop the size increases The original file size is 66,688 bytes(as installed) and after dragging and dropping it is 69,665 bytes on desktop. The transfer method is set to auto which should send .php files by acsii. If I do the same thing with wiseFTP the file stays at 66,688 bytes Dave Update: By default WSFTP transfers .php files as acsii. If I transfer by binary the file size doesn't alter. Also, there are 2978 lines in lang.inc.php which means 2977 <CR> and the difference in file sizes is.....2977bytes. Well spotted bsmither. The question now is. Should .php files *normally* be sent by acsii or binary?
  7. Thanks for the reply. When I restore lang.inc.php to the original everything goes back to normal. I have been using MS Expressions Web and have made sure that I only changed the text within the quotes. I have tried the mod again with HTML Pad and have the same error messages when I try to login to admin. As a further test I have copied my site from the server to my computer and this particular file (lang.inc.php)remains at 65K on the server but has become 68K on my computer? Although I don't think that this is the cause of the problem. It is as though some other script is expecting to see the original text and throws up the error. Update: If I transfer the files with WS FTP the file size increases. If I do the same with Wise FTP it doesn't so it seems WS FTP is the culprit. Has anyone else had similar problems? Apologies to mods: This is starting to drift away from skins and templates.
  8. Hi All, I have made a relatively minor change to my set up and find that I can not log in to admin. Eg. Legend Skin. In the 'Shop by Category' box I have changed the header title by modifying >language>en>lang.inc.php (Just changed the text) The new title shows up on the web page OK but if I then try to access admin I get error messages as below. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /homepages/xx/dxxxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxx/language/en/lang.inc.php:1) in /homepages/xx/dxxxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxx/admin/includes/auth.inc.php on line 44 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/xx/dxxxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/language/en/lang.inc.php:1) in /homepages/xx/dxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxx/admin/includes/auth.inc.php on line 48 I notice that lang.inc.php appears to be 68K on my computer and 65K on the server? I have had similar error messages if I have changed other things and can restore normal admin operation by uploading the relevant file from the original install folder. Is it OK to set my FTP client to auto detect or should I set to ACSII OR binary? thanks for reading about my problem.
  9. :wacko: DOH ! Solution found, although I still need to add the links to a box box on the left instead of in the footer. I couldn't see the wood for the trees.
  10. My apologies if this has been covered - I *have* searched. Part of my site is a shop but part is an 'information' section with no direct sales. Using the legend skin the 'home' page contains a central "welcome" text box that can be edited using the built in HTML editor. I would like to be able to change the contents of this box(or a similar one) via a link on the LH side to show different contents. ie: link on the left 'how to change batteries' text box shows instructions on how to change batteries. link on the left 'how to adjust volume' text box changes to show how to adjust volume. etc. Access to the built in editor would be nice. I am reasonably able to doctor my site and would appreciate any pointers. Thanks Dave
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