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  1. Hi Al, not to worry, thanks anyway. I know, I should upgrade to new CC. Will look at it after Xmas so I don't mess with current sales. Regards.
  2. Hi Al, thank you for the feedback. Do you know the equivalent file in CC version 4? I couldn't find classes/catalog.class.php in CC4, only in CC5. Regards. Miles
  3. Hi all, I want to add a category image to the category menu. I'm using CC4 and right now the code is <ul class="ul-nav"> <!-- END: ul_start --> <!-- BEGIN: li_start --> <li class="li-nav"> <!-- END: li_start --> <a href="index.php?_a=viewCat&amp;catId={DATA.cat_id}">{DATA.cat_name}</a> <!-- BEGIN: li_end --> </li> <!-- END: li_end --> <!-- BEGIN: ul_end --> </ul> and I want to place the small image here <a href="index.php?_a=viewCat&amp;catId={DATA.cat_id}">{DATA.cat_name}IMAGE TO GO HERE</a> <!-- BEGIN: li_end --> Can anyone direct me on how to "call" the category image. I'm assuming its something like this <a href="index.php?_a=viewCat&amp;catId={DATA.cat_id}">{DATA.cat_name}<img src="CODE THAT CALLS THE RELEVANT CAT IMAGE"</a> <!-- BEGIN: li_end --> Hope this makes sense. Cheers. Miles
  4. Hi all, I'm under the impression ALL merchants have to implement PA-DSS compliance software by 1 July 2012 or run the risk of a big fine by Visa. Can anyone recommend some affordable software that is compatible with Cubecart (version 4). Cheers. Miles
  5. Does anyone have an idea how to do this. I sell tangible goods and once orders are processed (paid for) I let them know when we will be shipping them out. In admin, you are able to specify a shipping date, anyone know how to get this in the auto emails.
  6. Got contacted by tech support who again advise that its simply not possible for rebuild and recount to mess my site up so much. So, in all fairness, I accept this and will just have to upgrade and face any further issues. Its a little coincidental that it happens right after hitting "rebuild and recount" but they would be more qualified to make this decision.
  7. OK, to be clear, I have been using Cubecart for the latter half of this year and I've been very happy with it and the service I've received from tech support UNTIL NOW On Monday this week, I was doing some maintenance and clicked the "Rebuild and Recount" -" Rebuild Category Product Count " function. This caused an issue with the database that has turned out to be quite distastrous for me with many store functions now not working. After contacting support, I am still unable to have get this issue fixed. They initially said it was a bug, so they would help, but after 4 days, they (Milos) has actually denied its the software fault and said, to quote "Only I can suggest is to start from scratch" and "hire someone to fix this". I mentioned I did not want to upgrade to latest version right now (I'm using 4.2.1) as the mods on the store are not yet compatible. Milos answered with they do not provide support for 3rd party mods. Never asked them to, only to fix the issues caused by the bug in Rebuild and recount. So, a warning. Do not use Rebuild and Recount unless you have latest version. Its worth mentioning that this service lets Cubecart/Devellion down a great deal. If they will not take responsibility for a bug (I do understand bugs happen, this is not the issue) where does that leave a user of their software. I am furious after putting many months of work into my store and getting this, especially after they admitted it was a bug in the beginning. The aim of this post is not to give Cubecart a bad name, but to warn others of this bug and maybe even bring it to the attention of someone within Cubecart about the service I am receiving.
  8. Thanks Stevie68, I'll see if there is a mod there. I also thought about just removing the "register" link and adding the qualified customers in admin, so if they haven't yet registered through me, they can't login. Cheers for the reply.
  9. Hi all, new to CC, so hope this is not a repeated question I wanted to know if there is a way that I can set CC4 so that when a new customer registers, I have to approve them before they can login on the website and purchase goods. My site will be selling at wholesale price to customers that qualify only, so I want control over who can pruchase and who cannot. Thanks in advance for any help. Miles
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