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  1. That did the trick! I didn't know if I could mark this topic solved, but it is. Thanks again.
  2. Great, thanks! Hopefully I won't be back with questions about upgrading. :)
  3. Is it possible to manually change the stock level to zero in the admin? I had an off-site order and wanted to set the stock level via the admin myself, but it won't allow me to. The lowest that field or the warning field will go is 1. I'd like to be able to have it at zero and show it out of stock on the front end. Thanks!
  4. I use drop-down menus, and I see, yes that it turns light red. It was just odd, that the boxes are at the top, but the page scrolls down as though it's going to some sort of message or something. I thought I was missing a message.
  5. I would like to move the advanced search into a sidebox so it's on every page, however it doesn't work, and the manufacturers don't populate the drop-down. Do I need to modify a page to add this functionality to the main file? Thanks all!
  6. When the cart wants to warn you about something (like not choosing an option), where is the message located? I'm sure it's an issue with my template, but what is the div/item called so I can find or add it? Right now, the page moves to a location, but there is no message showing. Thanks!
  7. Hello, We will be upgrading to PHP 5 on our server, and I'd like to know which modules and compilation options are necessary when installing PHP5. I know the standard, but I'm not sure what will be needed to make a smooth transition for the latest CC. Thanks so much!!!
  8. Yes, you can put a buy button for any product on any page. Simply use the following code: <form action="" style="text-align:center;" method="post" name="prod#"> <input type="hidden" name="add" value="#" /> <input type="hidden" name="quan" value="1" /> <input type="image" class="cart_icon" src="YOURIMAGE.gif" alt="Buy Now" title="Buy Now" /> </form> Simply replace the # with the product ID and replace YOURIMAGE.gif with the location and name of your add to basket button image. Of course, if you're new to cubecart, this isn't necessary at all, since the shopping cart adds all of this on each product automatically. You simply add your categories and products, and the page with images and info and buy button is automatic. Hope this helps!
  9. I think there are 2 things that would cause this error: 1. you don't have the correct permissions on your thumbs folder 2. you've already deleted the files manually, so it can't clean them up for you since, they can't be found Either way, check the folder using FTP to see if the permissions are correct and if those files are actually in the folder.
  10. I am going crazy trying to figure out this problem... I double checked everything, and can't find an error. Here's the problem: I have a main category: "Learning Center" This cat has 5 subs: Solar Wind Hydro Geothermal How-To In my viewCat inc file, I have the following code: if($_GET[catId][cat_type] == 1) { $view_cat = new XTemplate ("content".CC_DS."viewArticleCat.tpl"); }else{ $view_cat = new XTemplate ("content".CC_DS."viewCat.tpl"); } $view_cat->assign("LANG_DIR_LOC", $lang['viewCat']['location']); In the database the main cat and subcats all have a "cat_type" of 1, and the subs have the same father id, just the way it should be. Here's the weird thing - the new template comes up just fine with all of the cats except the first two (solar and wind) - they just keep using the regular template, even though their 'cat_type' is set to 1 just like the others, and their father id is the same as the others. I tried clearing the cache folder, and clearing/closing my browser but no luck. What would be doing this? I'm going crazy and PLEADING with someone to tell me what the problem might be... Thanks!
  11. First check to see if cache/978479575b49bb321991ee73218b0a89.png is in the cache folder. If it is not, then my guess would be that it's a folder permissions problem. That folder needs to have write permissions. :)
  12. I created a slightly different template for the ViewCat page if a specific category is selected. However, nothing changes. I put the following in my ViewCat.inc page, can someone tell me if I'm way off on my code? if($_GET['catId'][cat_father_id] == 7) { $view_cat = new XTemplate ("content".CC_DS."viewCat2.tpl"); }else{ $view_cat = new XTemplate ("content".CC_DS."viewCat.tpl"); }
  13. Anyone know yet? I guess it's the same question as "how do I make the comments box required". I tried looking through the forums everywhere and only saw an answer saying to look for a javascript - which I couldn't get to work because of the reason above...
  14. Hi All! Hope someone can help.. I've added 3 new fields at step 5 of checkout (below comments section). I would like to make them required, but I'm not sure of the code. I tried the if empty code, but nothing happened. I don't need it to focus on the fields, but popup an alert message. I know how to do a javascript field check, but I wasn't sure how to do it without an "onsubmit" function. The button on this page is "a href="java script:submitDoc('gateway');" with an image. Thanks for any help!
  15. Here's the situation: We're using Authorize (SIM). The client demands that we pass along what card type they are using (this isn't chosen until after they leave the store at the authorize site). We thought a good solution would be this: Duplicate the Authorize gateway (authorize_visa, authorize_mastercard, authorize_amex) Then the customer chooses which "card" Then our client gets the card type info they want My Question..... Can I put the same Relay Response URL for all three? (eg: http://www.mystore.com/modules/gateway/Aut.../confirmed.php) I think I would need to have only one url, since I put that url into the authorize interface. Anyone??? Help a gurl out??? Pleeeze?
  16. Is there a way to add a handling fee to JUST international orders? We need to charge $15 for any order outside of the US. Or more importantly, maybe, is does UPS even DO international orders? I see it works on canada, but what about other countries? Thanks
  17. Did you type in the link yourself, or use the 'insert link' button from the editor? ... or both!
  18. The \&quot; is the symbol for ". It looks like it is a setting in the editor. Try one of the following: Use single quotes Try putting a \ before the double quotes Try using none at all. One of those should work!
  19. I've added a new field to the order_sum table that is an auto-incrementing field, automatically created when a new order is placed. Is it possible to pass this number to the confirmation email, or is it too "soon" at that point? I know in the gateway inc file, there is the code to create the order_id, but of course the new field is probably not generated until post? I was hoping someone could help me sort it out... and let me know if it's even possible. The new field is "invoice_no", a clean, 4-digit sequential number. Oh Thank you anyone!
  20. Of course it isn't working quite as I wanted! In the admin, when viewing a particular order, I want to add a section that says: "Other orders by this Customer" and list all of the orders associated with the customer who made this particular order. I used the below code, but it shows all of the orders in the database. Who can figure it out for me? Please, please, pleeeaaase? Yaaaay, thanks!! <td colspan="2" class="copyText"> <?php $orders = $db->select("SELECT CubeCart_order_sum.customer_id, CubeCart_order_sum.status, CubeCart_order_sum.cart_order_id, CubeCart_order_sum.time, CubeCart_order_inv.cart_order_id FROM CubeCart_order_sum, CubeCart_order_inv WHERE CubeCart_order_sum.cart_order_id = CubeCart_order_inv.cart_order_id ORDER BY `time` DESC"); if($orders == TRUE){ for($i=0; $i<count($orders);$i++){ ?> <a href="order.php?cart_order_id=<?php echo $orders[$i]['cart_order_id']; ?>" class="txtLink"><?php echo $orders[$i]['cart_order_id']; ?></a> | <?php } } else { ?> No Other Orders <?php } ?> </td>
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