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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Feel free to delete this thread if needed!
  2. I have 306 products, and only about 24 are searchable through google shopping. The rest of them have errors. I've feel like I've exhausted my own knowledge to try to figure this out and have came up short. it's crazy though, some products in the same categories don't show up and others do, maybe the only thing that changes is the team name, description, setup etc everything is the same. I'm willing to pay for someone to help me out on this your time is vaulable. I'm running CC 4.45 with mods Brands And Manufacturers, Merchent Feed Categories, and the Google Merchant Center (base) Product Feed Thanks in advance.
  3. Please keep us up-to-date. I'm sure a lot of us sell a lot through the Google Feed!
  4. I too sell apparel and hope for a Google base update of some sort!
  5. If someone can help with a solution we will gladly compensate you for your work.
  6. I also contacted CC support as I have support credits and came up empty. I'm at the end here with no light in sight! Anyone? Posted On: 24 Sep 2010 03:56 PM Edward, we don't really supply any kind of custom coding support like this. I will say after looking at your site that you should remove the "- or -" code and probably do up your own Google button as the one used really doesn't work on a black background. But other than that, I haven't got a clue how they're checking out as there's not even a hidden link in the code for it. Kind Regards, ---------------------------------- CubeCart Staff Posted On: 24 Sep 2010 03:51 PM It's crazy. I have looked and looked to figure this out. Before I upgraded to the latest version, everything worked fine. After I upgraded, I went ahead and repeated the steps to comment out the button again. I am attaching a file from 9-1-2010 from /includes/content/cart.inc.php This file was working before the upgrade, but as you can see, customers are still somehow finding a way to place an order via cubecart checkout system. besides text sizes/colors and the skin, those are the only modifications that have been done. Since the Cart.inc.php file is not affected by the skins (I think) can we figure out a way to get rid of the button and replace the file? Attachments cart.inc.php (43.38 KB) Posted On: 24 Sep 2010 03:19 PM I'm not seeing it either, but as I don't know specifically how you've customized things, I can't say for sure. Kind Regards, --------------------------------- CubeCart Staff ----------------------------------
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read. over a year ago, I made my website process orders under Google Checkout only. I removed the Cube Cart Checkout Button as discussed here After I upgraded to the latest version of CC4, I needed to fix the checkout button again and commented out the two lines. The kicker is, even though the button is not displayed, somehow customers are able to process orders through Cubecart. I have tried on several computers, all browsers IE, FF, Safari. and I myself cannot figure out how to actually checkout through the Cubecart if I wanted to. I have attached a screen shot of my actual cart after adding two products to the cart. Can anyone help with why a customer can still find a way to checkout via CubeCart? Thanks in advance! my website store is degoodstuff.com
  8. So, would I be better off to just use paypal standard? What's the main difference between using Paypal Express and the Standard? I have been searching and reading but when it comes to Cube Cart, I am having trouble finding solid information. I want to eliminate these pending orders that never get processed! Thank you very much for your reply and hope to hear back again! But also, when they start to check out, there is no step that allows them to put in their customer information, so how is a pending order even being generated? I have tried to check out both ways, and there seems to be no way the information is ever transfered or inputed into cubecart. You can checkout two ways, one by clicking the paypal express button or google checkout button. I have removed the checkout button from the cart page!
  9. I have Pay Pal Express Checkout payments through the API and also accepting Google Checkout. Google works flawless but I notice about 5 orders a day sit as "pending". No payment is ever made. I am trying to figure out the loop hole to how customers are placing an order, creating an account and not paying. I have removed the actual "checkout" button from my checkout as I just want them to pay either Pay Pal Express or Google. My site is www.degoodstuff [dot] com I am willing to pay to have this issue fixed, I am tired of loosing sales to this. I'm not sure if it has to do with Paypal confirmed address or? For the alt checkout Paypal, these are my settings: PayPal Pro Mode: Express Checkout Only Status: Enabled Currency: USD Gateway Server: Live API User Name: My name API PAssword: My Passowrd API Signature: My Signature Require Paypal confirmed address: Yes Send Welcome email: Yes Payment Action: Sale Debug: No I hope someone can help, I have not been able to figure this out for a few months and I have lost a lot of orders THank you in advance
  10. Thank you for the link, I searched and searched google, and the forums here, but under CC4, not news and updates Next time I will try to better with my searches!
  11. Just upgraded to 4.2 3 over the weekend and it seems now when you add a product to the cart, you choose the size from the drop down, and hit add to basket works fine, but in the cart and even once payment has been made, the size from the drop down menu is not being shown or carried over. So I have a bunch of orders that came in today, but I don't know what size! www [dot] degoodstuff [dot] com Thank you in advance! Please help me Not CC's fault, it's late here in Dallas, it's my Skin! Sorry!
  12. 39 views and no one can help me! I don't know where to turn! :cry:
  13. I am having a little trouble with the latest products module. I applied this fix http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=10101 and it worked PERFECT! But, I didn't realize the fix was for version 3. The fix did exactly what I wanted it to, however when I click on any product on the latest products, it seems to load the product page in the URL address bar, but still the latest products page is shown. I am using Project Zerov4 Template. my website is degoodstuff.com I have reverted it back to the old index.tpl file and index.inc.php files that Allow you to click the product and be taken to the actual product page. I hope I explained this well enough, by going to my store, you will see the text goes underneath the pictures. Thank you in advance!
  14. Does this same method apply to only accept paypal express? Thank you! Edit: I just needed to do includes/cart.inc.php, comment out the two lines. My next question is my cart still says: - or - Then paypal button then google button where is this OR button?
  15. I love the cart and was getting ready to buy it. If this can be fixed I want to buy the cart. Please help!
  16. Has there ever been a fix to this problem? I need to completely go to payment page and not create order until its paid for... Cube Cart seems to have a lot of people down in this aspect. I hope there is a fix Thanks in advance
  17. So far everything is smooth, I have google check out and paypal Gateway Module running. My problem is if someone doesnt all the way complete checkout, it still process the order. I dont want the order to be sent to me at all unless its paid for. If the customer is getting a notice that they have created an order etc. most cases they won't read it all the way and think everything is fine? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cliff notes: Customer gets to step 3 and it sends me the order reguardless of if checkout was complete. I don't want the order unless its paid for (complete checkout Paypal and google works, I have bought things myself off my site! Thank you!
  18. I have fixed it, not sure what happened! Thanks
  19. A friend of mine figured this out for me. Thanks anyway everyone! Have a great day!
  20. Well almost 50 views and no ideas yet! Now I am little scared and maybe this isn't possible to do? Will pay money if needed! I am trying to get something like a side tab like the mailing list, but I want to display three small gifs that track!!
  21. I have three website sponsors/web-rings that I get a decent amount of traffic to. My old site was about 120 pages, and I had these 3 little snippets of code that displayed a very small jpg or gif to track my traffic in these web-rings. Since moving to cube cart, I only have these on my resources page and my rank has died within these rings. I get a decent amount of traffic and sales from these free web-ring and would like to know if there is anyway I can almost make a side module that would I could display these three buttons. I have looked and looked, at the only thing I could think would be to code it in directly under each one of my products (which would not look good/professional). This screen shot is from my old plain html website. I would like these 3 to be on every single page I have regardless of the time it takes! I hope someone can help me! Update: I posted this on another site that I sometimes get help from... I am using cubecart as a shopping cart, and I would like to display 3 small gifs in a box, like the language box etc. as I imagine creating a new box would be insane. I have zero knowledge in php and not too much in good html. The three clickable images I want to display are little trackers I guess. I get a decent amount of traffic from these little web rings buttons to my site. The first screen shot is how the module looks This image shows my old webpage with the little img/links Now... In the path(directory) includes/boxes ,(is where I have created a file called menuu.php with the code <html> <body> <a href="http://www.nascarconnections.com/topsites.asp?ID=1242"> <img src="http://www.nascarconnections.com/topsites_gif.asp?ID=1242"></a> <a href="http://www.i2ff.com/nascar"><img src="http://www.i2ff.com/nascar/rank.php?id=987207"></a> <a href="http://www.rankings.ws/NEXTEL/in.php?id=183"><img src="http://www.rankings.ws/NEXTEL/button.php?id=183"></a> The UN-ALTERED version of the language.inc.php file is <?php /* +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | CubeCart 4 | ======================================== | CubeCart is a registered trade mark of Devellion Limited | Copyright Devellion Limited 2006. All rights reserved. | Devellion Limited, | 5 Bridge Street, | Bishops Stortford, | HERTFORDSHIRE. | CM23 2JU | UNITED KINGDOM | http://www.devellion.com | UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904 | ======================================== | Web: http://www.cubecart.com | Email: info (at) cubecart (dot) com | License Type: CubeCart is NOT Open Source Software and Limitations Apply | Licence Info: http://www.cubecart.com/site/faq/license.php +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | language.inc.php | ======================================== | Language Jump Box +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ if (!defined('CC_INI_SET')) die('Access Denied'); ## Include lang file $lang = getLang('includes'.CC_DS.'boxes'.CC_DS.'language.inc.php'); $box_content = new XTemplate('boxes'.CC_DS.'language.tpl'); $box_content->assign('LANG_LANGUAGE_TITLE', $lang['language']['language']); $path = 'language'; if (is_dir($path)) { $returnPage = urlencode(currentPage()); foreach (glob($path.CC_DS.'*', GLOB_MARK) as $folder) { if (is_dir($folder) && preg_match('#[a-z]{2}(\_[A-Z]{2})?#i', $folder) && file_exists($folder.'config.php')) { # ob_start(); require $folder.'config.php'; $box_content->assign('LANG_SELECTED', (LANG_FOLDER == str_replace(array('language', CC_DS), '', $folder)) ? 'selected="selected"' : ''); $box_content->assign('LANG_NAME', $langName); //mb_convert_encoding($langName, 'UTF-8', mb_detect_encoding($langName))); $box_content->assign('LANG_VAL', str_replace(array('language', CC_DS), '', $folder)); $box_content->assign('VAL_CURRENT_PAGE', $returnPage); $box_content->parse('language.option'); # ob_end_clean(); } } } $box_content->assign('ICON_FLAG', LANG_FOLDER."/flag.gif"); $box_content->parse('language'); $box_content = $box_content->text('language'); ?> Now this is what I am trying to add to the language php file to try to get these 3 button links to display in the box underneath the language selection or I don't even care about someone being able to select the language, but I need these buttons! I get about 200-500 views a day from these buttons. <?php include("menuu.php"); ?> </body> </html> I have tried to program this through information and tutorials I have found on google.. I hope someone can help me! I posted at the cube cart forms but no luck Lastly, thank you in advance if you have taken the time to read and try to help a fellow [H] member out. Have a great day!
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