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  1. When I say nothing showed up I meant when I "pretended" to be a customer. There was nothing showing for shipping at all after I put in my name and address in the checkout pages. All the zones and rates showed up in admin, just not in the checkout pages. If I leave the array as is when I upload the carrier folder everything works. I have noticed one thing. I made a purchase as myself as a customer using my credit card. I used the payment method as credit card using the PayPal Pro mod. Before in the transaction page in my PayPal account this would show the item I ordered and the shipping i used. This is one reason I wanted to change to Carrier as it showed Postage: All in One Shipping USPS: Priority I didn't think the All in One Shipping looked very professional. Anyway, on the test purchase I just made with my credit card it did not break down the order - just showed the total.
  2. Ok, wanted to let you know what I did and what happened when I did it. I downloaded the module/shipping/all in one shipping folder onto my computer and made several copies (Just in case LOL). I then took one of those copied folders and renamed it Carrier. The only thing I changed in the config file was the following: <uid>[email protected]</uid> and <name><![CDATA[Carrier]]></name> I then did the change in the shipping.class.php file I asked you about above - class Carrier { I uploaded this folder to the module/shipping folder. When I copied / pasted the array as you said in #6 (after disabling and enabling modules in admin) and bought something in my store, I had not shipping options at all. Nothing showed. When I left my new Carrier module alone and did nothing with the array it worked like a charm. All the All in One Shipping wording has been changed to Carrier and the rates show correctly. Do you think I'll have any problems later on or do you think everything is ok? Thanks for all your help, Claudia
  3. Checking the files after i downloaded the folder All in one shipping, I found this in the shipping.class.php file. <?php /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * All In One Shipping with Postcodes CC5 *----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Author: Estelle Winterflood * Email: [email protected] * Store: http://cubecart.expandingbrain.com * * Date: July 22, 2012 * Updated: n/a * Compatible with CubeCart Version: 5.x.x *----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ class All_In_One_Shipping { private $_basket; private $_settings; private $_config; private $_package; Should I change the class to my new class or keep it as is. Thanks, Claudia
  4. Thanks Brian ... everything you said makes perfect sense. I'll let you know how it all works out. Claudia
  5. Yes USPS Priority is one of my shipping conditions I created with the All in one shipping. I have a lot of zones and conditions. This won't delete them will it? As Always Thank You, Claudia
  6. So if I change the file name - /modules/shipping/All_In_One_Shipping to something like/modules/shipping/Shipping and change the config file to match this change I should be alright and that is all I need to do? Same with /modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro - change the file name to something like /modules/plugins/credit card and change the config file to match and that is all I need to do? In an order, on the PayPal transaction it shows the shipping as (not exact) all-in-one-shipping-USPS-priority and i don't want the all-in-one-shipping part to show. Same on the customer's order history, packing slip and in admin. Will this take care of all that? It will show whatever I rename it? i'm not really worried about the PayPal Pro part. Thanks, Claudia
  7. Hi, I would like all instances of the words All in one Shipping and PayPal Pro to be removed from admin, order details,etc.., and on all email templates. PayPal Pro can be renamed to something like Credit Card if need be. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Claudia
  8. Hi, I just updated to 5.2.14 and noticed that the Recaptcha is gone from my contact form and from the checkout page where the customer furnishes their information. I have recaptcha enabled in admin. Any thoughts? Thanks, Claudia
  9. Hi, I only use the all in one shipping. I have noticed that in the dropdown menu where the customer has to select which shipping type I have setup at the top is says - All in One Shipping -. Can I remove that? If so where and how.. Thanks, Claudia
  10. Majjy

    Here's Mine

    Well, here's mine. I think I'm done except for adding more products and yes categories. Nature of my business. I guess you can tell I really dislike parent / child and expandable menus. As for using https storewide. To me, it just seems the right way to go. Any comments and suggestions - good and bad - are welcome. I do know in IE7 my magnify glass in the search box is covering the wording, but I don't know how to fix it. Thanks, Claudia https://www.claudiasbargains.com/
  11. Hi SimChris, Thanks for the 301 Redirect code for my .htaccess file. Works great. Only in made my admin https too. Anyway to undo that and keep admin http. Thanks, Claudia
  12. Hi, The reason I wanted to change to https storewide is for one if I was a customer I'd have more confidence in a store that worked that way. I know that doesn't make sense since the checkout pages are always encrypted, but it sticks in the back of my mind. Also, Google, and whoever decides to follow their lead, are starting to give https more weight when ranking sites. The change in speed has not really been that noticeable to me. Claudia
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