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  1. I've recently noticed that my store has completely disappeared from Google searches, where I had previously held the top spot in the search 'License Plates for Sale'. I've initiated a Google recrawl to show up within their search engine. I've noticed that I am now starting to show up in a search of Plate Depot (my store name); however, it fails to connect to the store properly. If I type the url in manually either as https://www.platedepot.com or https://www.platedepot.com/index.php, both will connect to the store, but clicking the link from Google or Bing (where I haven't disappeared from their searches) will show this error. Is there a setting in the store I need to change?
  2. Thanks. This is exactly what I needed and I have purchased it. Having a little trouble with the installation, but I'll send a support ticket offline. MARK
  3. I apologize if this topic has been covered before. I'd like to set up a Christmas promotion where I can offer a discount by order total (e.g. $100 receives 10% off; $200 receives 20% off, etc.) I did not see how to do this under the regular Cubecart features. Can somebody show me how to do this? Thanks for your help. MARK
  4. It's both of our understanding. It only applies to orders placed within Washington State. When I file my quarterly sales tax reports, I have to specify which of the taxing districts I've collected sales tax in and pay that rate to the state (who will then forward the local part of the tax to the appropriate district). There is talk in the legislature of changing it to a system that most other states do based on the physical location of the business, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet.
  5. I have relocated my business to a state the requires that I collect sales tax based on where the order is shipped, not based on my location. There are 358 taxing districts in Washington State, any of which could possibly have a different rate. CubeCart allows me to specify sales tax rates based only on orders shipped to Washington State as a whole. I have been charging the highest rate and refunding based on the customer's actual shipping location. It's getting old, fast. Is there a module that will allow me to further break down the rates I charge based on ZIP Code? It would be a little effort to set up, but I think it will save some headaches in the long run. Thanks MARK www.platedepot.com
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