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  1. how to make the kurouto skin into fluid skin?
  2. how to create custom box on the front page which I can put html code. here is the pic of what i want to do.
  3. hi, is there any way to rearrange the latest products on the font page to the way I want it. here what I want to do.
  4. thank you very much bsmither, I appreciate all your help. can you take a look at this and see how I can implement this. ttp://forums.cubecart.com/topic/47117-front-page-category-separation/#entry192506 thanks
  5. ok, cool. I have done the changes, and able to have 6 products in the row. But the word "Add to Basket" can not be edited by editing the image button. Where do Iook to change the "Add to Basket" phrase?
  6. thank you bsmither, I have done some adjustment to "common.css" and was able to fit 5 products in a row. I adjusted the right and the left side-bar width from 200px to 150px at line 150, this gave some gap between the side-bar and the center-box. 1. How do I get rid of the gap, so I can fit more products in the row. 2. How do I change the "Info" and "Ad to Basket" button size? ( if possible would like to change it to "Info" and "Buy") Please take a look at this site http://bit.ly/Yp7sni thanks
  7. thanks for the help. I found the files and made the changes, the images become smaller and there is bigger gap between the products abut there are still only 3 product in the row. I would like to make this 5-products in the row. let me know how to do it
  8. right now the kurouto skin only has 3-products on the row and pictures are in size 138 x 113. i would like to put more in the row and the picture slightly smaller to accommodate for the more products. how do I go about implementing it. FROM THIS TO THIS
  9. hi, I have only about 30 products in my store and they are sorted in 5 different category about 2-7 products in each. How do I display all the products in the front page of the store with separate category. how to set up my store like this look at the pic. thanks
  10. CubeCart should ship out the similar skin of cc4 to cc5, it will make the transition of cc4 to cc5 much more easier and affordable. ps- I saw the price of $920 for skin upgrade from cc4 to cc5. in my humble opinion it is a horrible pricing.
  11. so did anyone notice this? "v3/v4 to v5 Skin Upgrade Service $920.00 Each" Because CC-v4 life is just ended now, as no more updates; I was thinking lets upgrade cc4 to cc5, but came across that the v5 default skin is horrible and not anywhere near the look I wanted. (using KitaBlue now) now my dilemma is should I stay and upgraded skin and cart for for $200 cart + $920/each skin total of $1100; or just move my shopping cart to somewhere else for $300 with the better look. any thoughts on this.
  12. hi, all of a sudden the logo for the store is not showing up. (kitablue) http://msrking.com/ tried to change the template and still the logo not showing up for any template. tried to upload new image as logo to see and still the header logo not showing. any suggestion how to get the header/logo to come back? thanks
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