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  1. I only briefly looked around the admin area and didn't see anything (obviously didn't look enough!) so I thought I would need to edit a template somewhere. So, THANKS VERY MUCH for pointing me exactly where to go to edit. I've not gone into the phrase groups (or I don't recall going into them). Thanks again!
  2. I don't get into CubeCart often enough to remember where things are. I'm running V6 of CC. On the "basket" page there is text that reads "Gift Certificate or Coupon". My client would like it to read something different. Where can I go to change this? thanks!
  3. Thanks for the extra info. My client was able to get their bank to use Auth.net, so I'm good... for now!
  4. Thanks! That is what I was afraid of. I'll need to see what the client can, or wants, to do. I appreciate the quick response!
  5. Does anyone know if the latest version of CC works with the Payment Gateway FirstData Global Gateway E4? My client is currently running version 5.14 and it has been working with FD Global Gateway, but FirstData apparently just dumped this and is now only supporting Global Gateway E4. I can upgrade, but I don't want to go through the upgrade if it doesn't support it. thanks!
  6. The link would need to go to the product page. The user watches a video, then at the end of the video they have the option to click on a link to buy the product, by going directly to that product page(not adding it to their cart). The client does not want just anyone viewing/buying the product, they would like them to read or watch something about it first.
  7. Ah, okay. At least I'm getting what you're getting! I coded it in CC3, but not having any luck in CC5. My PHP skills aren't quite there yet. I'll dig around some more and maybe stumble upon it! Thanks for all of your help in trying to get me there. I really do appreciate it!
  8. Hmm, it only kind of works for me. It allows me to search on it, and it brings up the results, but I can't actually view the product page itself or even add it to the basket. Am I mssing something? If I can get it to work, yes I will be adding a link directly to it on the clients website since they don't want just everyone seeing it directly.
  9. Okay, so it didn't work for you either. So, I'm not losing it at least. But now I'm lost with your last post, unless I'm reading it correctly, you're just changing a link you were using to a simpler link... which isn't anything for me, I think?
  10. I'm not sure why the search isn't working for me. I created the product, without a category, and saved, ignoring the warning. I made sure the status us checked/green. When I go to search it doesn't come up. I see it is working with your example, and I'm not seeing why it isn't for me. The product_id=58 and the product code is "01test". I've changed product codes, trying different ones to see if that was it. I've checked and unchecked status. Nothing seems to allow me to search on it. I've tried direct hardcoding with the product_id and it doesn't show up. Just not sure what I'm missing???? You can view the cart here, if that helps: http://exportcompliancesolutions.com/cart/ bsmither - If I replace the product_id with the product_id of my "hidden" product it displays a blank item. Putting in any invalid product_id does the same thing - a blank product.
  11. bsmither, thanks for the reply. I gave it a try but not having luck linking to it. I created the product, as stated, displaying the error, but no luck linkning to it. There must be a way to link to this, but I've not figured it out just yet!
  12. I upgraded from Ver 3 to Ver 5. I was able to hide some categories from displaying by updating some SQL code in version 3. I'm not having much luck finding how to hide categories in Ver 5. I see I can check a box to make them no longer "Visible", but this doesn't let me use those products any longer (my client does not want them to display in the cart, but to be accessable from their website only). Any ideas of how I can accomplish this in version 5? Thanks for any help!
  13. There may be another way, but I would just go into the admin table (CubeCart_admin_user) and change the email address in the table/row for you to your current usable email address.
  14. Using Ver3. I would like to pass the email address (and phone) to the payment gateway, bluepay, which will accept them. Can someone point me to the correct code area to add this to? thanks!
  15. Excellent! Just the fix I needed. Using BluePay and this did the trick. Thanks for the fix and posting!
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