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  1. I'm having the same error with my store. Please let us know when there is a definite fix for this issue.
  2. I had forgotten doing this! Yes, I do have Ioncube installed and working. Does that mean I will not have to worry about PHP 5.4?
  3. I suppose shopping around for a new host would be in order before they drop the hammer, then.
  4. Correct, I was reading PHP and cart version at the same time. The store is 5.1.2. Be all that as it may, DreamHost doesn't have Ioncube installed. You have to take care of that yourself. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/IonCube_Loader At least that's how it reads to me. I'm an artist and musician, not so much of a coder.
  5. The store was just upgraded to 5.2.17. I think Ioncube will be a problem. As I understand DreamHost, it's not supported.
  6. DreamHost is warning about upgrading to PHP 5.4, and they presume my store will be in trouble since they find within it Zend optimized files from 5.2 and 5.3. They go on to mention that since my store is running at 5.3 there may not be any issue, but the store itself claims it is only at 5.2.17 (from phpinfo). I don't know what to believe now. Do I need to do anything differently? It works fine at 5.3, if that's true.
  7. I don't use a base price, the costs are controlled by the Attributes (size selections).
  8. Cloning is easy to use, but equally constrictive when each new item needs a description written for it anyway, photo uploaded, etc. It's not cut and paste. The ultimate reason for what I am after would be easy price changes on a global scale. Seems like too much to ask? Editing 800+ items grows tedious.
  9. Operating in version 5.2.8. I sell photographic prints, and offer four size options, all at different costs. I keep an Option Group called Size, the four Attributes, and then the attributes in an Option Set. Yet with each new item I have to manually enter the size prices under Attributes. Why isn't price in the matrix for Option Sets? Or perhaps I just don't understand the "Option Set" concept. It would be so much easier if a fixed price could be attached to the Attributes, or each element in the Set. Can anyone please enlighten me on that concept?
  10. To muddy the water just a bit, I have a similar scenario (all prices set at $0.00, with "real" pricing in the options). I tried setting a global price reduction of $5, but everything went UP by $5. So I tried it again, and then everything was $10. So I decided the only logical conclusion was to increase the prices by $10, and then everything returned to $0.00. Now I will simply leave that option alone.
  11. I was, yes. Way over. The way I was using my email address had to do with another tool they can set you up with, but one I do not need. I have that format for a username now, and expect by tomorrow they will make me live. In the mean time I have a lot of products to add to my store. All looks good for now. Thanks for all your help!
  12. I think that's what will happen. I sent an email to their tech people with a quote from that server call, hoping that will satisfy the "test" and they will make me live. I'm really disappointed with the documentation surrounding CC5, but I certainly appreciate the improvements they have made in the past 2-3 years.
  13. I'm still hoping for help from the ticket I opened with Devillion, but who knows. Are you saying the USPS module you use asks for both the username and password? I can't find anything USPS in my 5.0.9 store that asks for a password. I've added my username, and have at least seen this response from USPS:
  14. I have the PDF file in front of me, and my eyes are glazing over.
  15. I've learned about that from the USPS since my last post, and acquired the credentials. I do not, however, understand how to test them, or where within CubeCart to find an API that asks for them. Only the generic USPS module I described, which asks for a USPS username and a zipcode. Can you point me in a better direction? Thank you. Steve
  16. USPS allows you to select your email address as a user name. I just can't find a way to change that.
  17. Here's something I am pondering. I just reviewed the Request Log, and for every attempt I have made to get shipping fees to show, this has been the report: I am using exactly the username that I established with USPS (my email address) but that seems to be a bad move. Time to look deeper, but I think the cause of my problem is now obvious.
  18. I just created a dummy account with a real address, but that didn't make it work.
  19. That would coincide with my settings. I can't see anything I have failed to check, but it doesn't work. So far I have only used myself as a customer, so maybe I need to borrow someone from my old records and see what happens for them. The only difference I can notice is I don't have the shopping cart on automatic. Thank you!
  20. I have entered the specific username for my USPS account. I have selected or de-selected all countries. I enabled USPS, and the green check is on. All my items have a shipping weight in 0.00 format, and my shipping package also has a weight. I am in a no-sales-tax state, and have sales tax disabled. As far as I can tell, everything is correct, yet my basket never shows shipping. I see the basket weight correctly, but that's as far as it will go.
  21. I can get various other shipping options to appear in checkout, but not the one I need. I only ship by USPS Priority or USPS Priority International. I have set up my business account with USPS, I entered my username and zipcode as directly by this shipping module, but it just won't appear at checkout. What have I missed?
  22. http://www.pencilartist.com/artstore/index.php (there is nudity here... be aware) Suddenly all I can get is my index page, none of the image or category links are working. Nothing has been changed recently, and I know it was working less than a week ago. Any clues? Store is 4.3.8, PHP is 5.2.9, MySQL is 5.0.90-community, on an Apache/1.3.41 server. <edit>Issue resolved... I had turned on search engine friendly URL's. Memory is imperfect. </edit>
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