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  1. @bsmither you are correct, updating the API in the Stripe dashboard does make a difference. However many of the available fields in the stripe reports are not populated with data from Cubecart. Of those that would be most useful are the customer_name headed column. The customer name does appear in the dashboard but not in any of the downloadable reports, and the Cubecart invoice number which did appear if using the previous plugin, but not in the latest 3.0.7 version, I think this information should now appear under the invoice_id column
  2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @bsmithermuch appreciated. I will take a look and report back.
  3. Just noticed on our monthly Stripe report from Stripe that the field for description which is normally populated with the 'order for payment number' followed by the actual customer order number is now completely blank after updating the plugin to version 3.0.8 Wondered if anyone else has seen the same issue after updating before I report it as a bug. Thanks
  4. Everything was working fine for us about a week ago but since last weekend we have seen constant pending and declined orders on our site everyday using PayPal commerce. I cannot pin it down to any one thing and have re-installed the PayPal Commerce module to the last known one that worked successfully with our site but it is still occuring daily. Customers are providing very little feedback other than they can't pay or are declined and it is happening with any amount from a small sum to the larger orders we sometimes recieve. I have also placed live test orders and cannot replicate a payment problem. I am not aware of any issues with PayPal so is anyone else experiencing an increase in problems processing PayPal or do I need to seek technical help to resolve this? Thanks
  5. missing on this page https://www.onebrowncow.co.uk/index.php?_a=basket reappears on this page https://www.onebrowncow.co.uk/index.php?_a=confirm
  6. I was previously using PayPal Standard as my gateway and noticed on the checkout page when viewing the basket there was a continue shopping link but after installing the PayPal Commerce gateway this link has disappeared even though it appears to still be in the template code. Can anyone advise why this is occurring?
  7. Thanks for looking at this bsmither. I've decided not to start messing around with the htaccess file as the site is live and selling so i don't want to mess something up just for the sake of some old URLs that Google still wants to index. I'll just wait until Google gets bored with them and they vanish in to the depths of the net.
  8. proper examples are probably better this URLwhich is also an old URL from my old CC4 will redirect without issue: locomocean/brand_267.html and is an obsolete path to a brand URL this URL which is also an old URL from my old CC4 is also obsolete and will NOT redirect regardless of what I enter in the path or target as the destination: handbags-and-accessories/poppy-treffry/cat_269.html The only thing that seems to prevent the cat_269.html from redirecting is the inclusion of cat in the URL
  9. in Store Settings, Search Engines tab, note the setting for "SEO URL Extension". If the choice is None, then do not include .html The result is the same regardless of including or not including the .html in the path which is odd as if the URL ends brand_xxx.html with SEO URL Extension set to None the redirect works, it only seems to not work if the url ends with _catxxx or _catxxx.html
  10. I have most of the redirects working but just cannot get anything containing cat in the url to redirect properly. For example: I want to redirect the no longer used category mydomain.co.uk/jewellery/designer-jewellery/cat_203.html to mydomain.co.uk/jewellery (new id 391) so I enter designer-jewellery/cat_203.html in the path, select category from the spinner and 391 in the ID which correctly fills in the destination as jewellery however when you visit the url on a browser it returns an error message this category does not exist and a 404 message. Category 391 Jewellery does exist and this occurs with ANY url containing an old, no longer used, category ID in the url that I try to redirect. How do you make the redirects tool in advanced redirect a no longer used, obsolete, category correctly without returning the category not found and 404 error?
  11. ok, so if I understand correctly, using the example I mentioned above, I would enter locomocean/brand_267.html (without a / at the front) in to the path box then select a category, product etc from the drop down page menu and then enter the new ID for the chosen destination in the item ID box, in this instance for my category lighting-and-lamps the unique category ID 295 would be entered and then I click add which will generate the new destination URL and create a 301 redirect. (On a sub note, I think the strange redirects in the attached picture have been caused by me using identical names for my categories and brands which has thrown up a possible issue with the mod I mentioned).
  12. I've recently upgraded to 6.4.2 and I have seen the Advanced Redirects section where there are some strange entries that have appeared after installing a demo of the Enhanced Manufacturers plugin (see screen grab). which do not have a destination showing, however I couldn't work out how this advance section is used to manually enter a redirect for example: mydomain.co.uk/locomocean/brand_267.html to mydomain.co.uk/lighting-and-lamps As there is no box to manually enter anything under the destination BTW I think the screen grab is something I need to speak with the developer about in a separate topic.
  13. I've read a few posts about this topic but not one clearly seems to document how to make 301 redirects work with the Cubecart SEO code in the htaccess file. I've tried the simple written line redirect 301 and I've tried adding 301 redirects via my cpanel but none of them redirect to anything other than the cubecart error 404 page. This is a fairly crucial requirement of any new site to be able to redirect removed or modified URLs yet it seems impossible to make it function within the cubecart htaccess file and there appears to be no documentation on how to make this work. Any pointers to how to make this function normally much appreciated.
  14. I've pushed on with the development of a site on 6.4.1 but now taken the decision to give up. Regardless of what I do including manually inputting my SEO url, when I come back to the site the following day it has added back in the first level category to every product url duplicating that category in the SEO url, if a sub category is also used that is often duplicated too. I can't figure out if it is a bug or my VDS settings but it's too frustrating to continue with at this time.
  15. That might be a better way to word it. It seems to have been stable overnight and any SEO paths I have manually input on the product page search engine tab seem to be ok but products I haven't edited yet have paths like this example: https://www.domain.com/home-and-interior/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/lily-flame-candles/spring-time-scented-candle-by-lily-flame the correct path should be: https://www.domain.com/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/lily-flame-candles/spring-time-scented-candle-by-lily-flame
  16. Just upgraded a CC6 store to version 6.4.1 but I'm getting some weird automatically generated SEO URLs with it adding sub categories multiple times to products formatted like this https://www.domain.com/category-2/category-2/sub-cat-1/sub-cat-1/product sometimes it will add the same category or sub category multiple times. Store settings for SEO are: Add category to product URL path? Top level and all sub categories Add subcategories to category URL path? Yes SEO URL Extension None (recommended) running on PHP5.6 I just can't figure out what is causing it to continually add to the SEO URL or if it is just because of the old version of php I'm running CC6 on and that php7 or higher is required for this new SEO feature to work correctly. Thanks in advance
  17. If you are running V4 currently and using the built in SagePay Form gateway which uses the V2 protocol, then we have a gateway module that uses the Server InFrame integration method and is fully V3 compliant. Ian Yes, I'm aware of the mod Ian, you installed it, but we never managed to get it working without breaking out of frame or returning an error so we gave up on it and changed direction with our development and decided to try a move to CC6 The SagePay Server InFrame payment gateway module for V4 has been working perfectly for a while now (as with most things there were a few teething issues when you tried it) and it is installed and working on quite a number of sites. However, the move to V6 has got to be the best way forward for everyone ! Ian Many thanks to Ian at Havenswift-Hosting who has assisted me to resolve my particular issue with the inFrame mod. I can report that thanks to his continuing help the problem I was encountering has been fully resolved and subject to a few final tweeks we will be using his iframe Sagepay mod shortly.
  18. Regarding removing the horizontal categories bar you would need to customise the main.php template. Doing so requires a full understanding of how the Foundation grid works and would require that the following code was retained somewhere within your new grid. <div class="row"> <div class="the foundation classes entered here would change depending on changes made"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} </div> </div>In the location from where you removed this in main.php you could, for example, insert a link to a custom smarty template for a new documents only navigation bar Whatever you do to change the layout of the main.php template you must retain the code include file='templates/box.navigation.php' otherwise your category navigation won't appear. My best advice for anyone looking to make major skin changes to CC6 is to learn and understand how Foundation works first and then move forward. All the documentation for Foundation is available online.
  19. I haven't seen how the Semperfi navigation uses foundation but it should automatically disappear and become a mobile friendly menu below a certain screen size and I would be very surprised if they haven't worked this in to their mod. In fact I've just visited their demo store and their vertical navigation mod does just that, on a small screen or mobile device the navigation disappears and becomes a horizontal menu displaying the catergories which is exactly how responsive design should work when using foundation
  20. Just been doing some testing on GTMetrix and noticed that the waterfall chart is returning a 406 for GET jquery.cookie.min.js and the response is: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <html><head> <title>406 Not Acceptable</title> </head><body> <h1>Not Acceptable</h1> <p>An appropriate representation of the requested resource /skins/foundation/js/vendor/jquery.cookie .min.js could not be found on this server.</p> <p>Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.</p> </body></html>Clearly the js file is on the server, I've checked! This is happening with the default Foundation skin so it is not my custom skin that is causing the error and alternatively disabling the EU cookie control makes no difference. Standard response or bug?
  21. Thanks for the info Ian. Our host is usually very helpful so it had crossed my mind to ask for a temporary increase in resources to accommodate the upgrade. I think I will drop them a line.
  22. Will the upgrade process run as normal from V4 to V6.0.6 if the image folder exists but is empty? I would assume it would run fine, just no images would link to products or will I end up with a database full of dead product image link data? My reason for asking, we have a huge image folder and on a test run of an upgrade we timed-out (to be expected) thanks to the image folder. Also we use two different sized images on our current site, not a requirement for V6 so we are thinking of manually adding product images after the upgrade to spring clean our image folders. Or does anyone know how much or how to calculate how much server memory is needed to upgrade successfully with a large store with a huge image folder?
  23. This small code hack will add a continue shopping button (or text in mobile view) to the basket view page after the customer has used the empty basket button. <!--content.checkout.php--> <!--near the bottom of this template find: --> {/if} {else} <h2>{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}</h2> <p class="thickpad-top">{$LANG.basket.basket_is_empty}</p> {/if} <!--add additional <div> content as shown below : --> {/if} {else} <h2>{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}</h2> <p class="thickpad-top">{$LANG.basket.basket_is_empty}</p> <div class="row"> <div class="button secondary small-3 columns show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$STORE_URL}" target="_self">Continue Shopping</a></div> <div class="small-12 columns show-for-small-only pad-bottom"><a href="{$STORE_URL}" target="_self"><i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-left"></i> Continue Shopping</a></div> </div> {/if}Seems to work fine but still testing. If anyone else fancies trying it and seeing if it breaks anything I'd appreciate the feedback
  24. started a new thread for a continue shopping button https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/50065-continue-shopping-button-in-view-basket/
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