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  1. ^ that costs money. I think for spending $160.00 on registering cubecart. I shouldht have to pay extra to show a paypal logo.
  2. When someone places a order i get the email not the customer: here is a copy/paste Dear mr bobby Fletcher, We would just like to inform you that payment for order number 090106-123339-XXXX has cleared and you should receive your goods shortly. This email was sent from http://www.jdmdecals.com ____________________________________________________ The email is sent to my email, but Ment to be sent to the customer. Its pulling my Email addy, and not the customers... Bobby Fletcher is the customers name. Any ideas? When i update the order status they are also not getting a email saying its completed. I get all those emails...
  3. I found a mod that gives me a copy/paste friendly address. Cubecart might want to consider including this with a update. If i would not have been able to do this... I probably would have switched back to free V3 and call up my visa and contest my creditcard for a refund on the v4. I know it may not be that big of deal to everyone.. but to me.. it is a deal breaker.
  4. I will run down how i run my store. (V3 style) orders are placed. I check my paypal. Copy the order number. paste it into the admin. Brings up the order Copy the address Paste it into my label maker Put label on envelope Mail product. the HUGE HUGE problem.. When i click on the order number.. in v3 i could just highlight all the address and paste it into my label maker. Now.. The order is all editable. IS THERE ANY WAY TO MAKE THIS GO AWAY. I need to be able to highlight the address like i can in v3. I'd love to have this screen go back to the way it was in v3.. so everything is not all spread out and editable.
  5. i would also like this to just pass over this step. and go straight to paypal.
  6. thanks for the information. I do currently have options for all my products. I added a new product with the extra colors i want to start to offer. Your sujesting i delete all the options of all the products (and leave the 1 new product with the new options) Then use that to replicate the options. Is there a fast way to delete all the Product options from my current products? do do i have to click delete 8 times x 150 products = 1200 times im going to have to click delete? ehehhe
  7. I have a sticker or (decal) store. Would be nice to add new colors to all my 150+ products. All the products will have the same options. example: i sell red, white black yellow green. I would like to add a pink, blue option to all of the products. Is there a way to do this without editing each product? i searched on the site for about 20min found nothing. If this is posted, please dont be frustrated with me. At least i looked before i asked :)
  8. ^ thanks for the into. made a purchase.
  9. i love your layout. are those all mods? I like how it shows the extra images down low like that. I also how you can add the custom text to the orders. This would be perfect for me since i do custom decal lettering. where did you find these mods or can i just install them all in 1 big package. thanks. -brandon
  10. file>transfer type> binary. Found it. lets see if this works. wow. so simple.. Now i have to search how to transfer products from v3 to v4. i'll use the search bar this time thanks. Did you want some stickers? ahahha
  11. I run a free version of cubecart here: www.jdmdecals.com Thought i'd bite the bullet and buy the new version. made a new dir.. got everything installed. got iconcube installed.. i get this error: Fatal error: Unable to read 4369 bytes in /home/bchytka/public_html/v3/index_enc_zend.php on line 0 store found here: www.jdmdecals.com/v3 Hosting package Power Triple Server Name server205 cPanel Version 11.23.4-STABLE cPanel Build 26138 Theme x3 Apache version 1.3.41 (Unix) PHP version 5.2.4 MySQL version 5.0.51a-community Architecture x86_64 Operating system Linux Dedicated Ip Address Kernel version 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5 .bz_pre53 i submitted a ticket... but.. just saw that they are on holiday vacation. I would like to get a mirror site setup (version4) before i take down my store. The idea is just to stealth forward it when i get everything complete on the v4 Any ideas? If someone can help me fix this. i'll give you some free stickers? if that is even something you car about. thought i'd offer.
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