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  1. I have use the update functionality from CubeCart. I'l try it with the FTP with the instrucion above. Thanks.
  2. Like the GDPR tool and the Invoice editor. See https://optimaformula.nl as example.
  3. Hi, I have make an upgrade from version 6.1.4 to version 6.2.0 The update is make with the default Foundation skin. After the update is the new functions not active. With a new installation with version 6.2.0 works it correct. With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  4. Hello, Afther make the update from version 6.1.13 to 6.1.14 with the Kurouto skin I have the follow problem, by one of my clients. Whe you double clik on the source image inthe product page, the image go not to BIG image. The image stay by the same and become to blue collor. The Kurouto skin is the version 1.0.3. I have this problem solved for this moment, to replace the JS map with the version from v. 6.1.13. So there is a JS diffence between v 6.1.13 and v. 6.1.14. Can you look about it and fixed for the version 6.1.15? With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  5. Problem is Solved. I has a custom Foundation skin, where this problem happans. To fixed the problem, I have place the new code from the Foundation skin from version 6.1.14 in the custommate Foundation skin. With the custommate setting. Problem is afther that solved.
  6. I have make today the update from version 6.1.13 to version 6.1.14. Afther this update works Newsletter subscripte not anymore. Skin is the Foundation skin. With v. 6.1.13 works it fine afther the update starts the issue. With kind regards Martin Verkerk https://verkerk-webdesign.nl
  7. Hi, I looking for an solution, for automaticly sending an API message to Kiyoh for an inventasion to place an review about our service. I whant post this to Kiyoh on the moment, when i put the order on Order Complete and save, So I have looking in de the admin>templates folder and I think I must there put the API line in the code, but how can I make this, when i submit with Order Complete and sending the complete email to the customer, that als so sending the API post to Kiyoh. With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  8. Hello users, Atention, when you implemented the upgrade 5.2.16, then your .htaccess file be overwrithe, so make a backup or rename your old one first.
  9. Okay Al thanks for the quick solution, I'l wait for 5.2.16 No problem at all.
  10. I have make the upgrade for the second time and the issue persists. For now i have let him on 5.2.15 so you can see it by your self.
  11. Afther the upgrade from CubeCart v 5.2.14 to V 5.2.15 the Option Matrix not work well. When you look on the front, is it only possile to choice the Option matrix row in the underste row in the backend. All other options are not visable. I have restore 5.2.14
  12. Hi, When i start the upgrade from the backend from the shop for the upgrade 5.2.14 to 5.2.15 I get the follow Error : Sorry. CubeCart - 5.2.15.zip was not found. Please try again lather. I have this in al my shops. With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  13. I used from the beginning friendly url's on all of my webshops. And this morning i see that all of my shops, have the same problem. see also: www.truckmodel.nl www.silk-stockings.nl www.brocanteheks.nl Yes I used the the sitemap from CubeCart. I have submit the sitemap al for many years bij webmaster support from Google. Yahoo and Bing works fine.
  14. Hi there, I found a SEO issue/bug with CubeCart v.5.2.14 I see by all of my webshops from my clients the Productpages are not good indexing in the search engins. When you click on the hyperlink in the search engine, you com on empty page of the webshop. Se the snapshots below. PS: It's only by Google
  15. Yes i know, its a stupit law, but the webshop owners in the Europien Union must this implementatded in the webshops.
  16. When is this in the regular upgrade? Now we must customize the original skins.
  17. Yes i Know is verry bad law, but we must implemented. Okay thanks, then i wating for the upgrade.
  18. For all my CubeCart v5 clients i used the standard Mican and kurouto skins In the Dutch language is the text is Betaling afronden met betaal plicht (35) Characters And for the english language i think Complete order with pay duty (28) Characters And i think only the last Payment button in the Checkout process, where you going to the Checkout Gateway choises.
  19. On 13 June a new law in force in the European Union with regard to what pay buttons in Web shops. These should contain the text complete order with pay duty. For now it is not possible to have such a long text in the button. Therefore 2 questions. 1. will there be an update for June 13, which makes this possible? 2. When no update here, how can I realize by my self? With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  20. Hi there, Is it possible to upgrade version 2.0.5 to 5.2.10? Can I do this on the same way as version 3.* and version 4.*? Thanks, Martin
  21. I have remove the code. Thanks for this solution, its solved.
  22. Hello, I has yesterday starting the upgrade afther a new fresh 5.2.8 installation. On this moment i bin configurate a webshop for an client of me. But afther the upgrade i have problem, when i cilck on the Save button afther a change in a product, then reset CubeCart to the login screen. Afther a couple of time trying, then is the change saved. Als when you want add a product image to a product is the select screen emty. Afther a couple of time to try, then is the view from the image select screen normal. When you must by building a shop updating more products is this not verry fine to do it with this problem. I have try with IE 10, FireFox and Google Chrome. All has the same effect. With kind regards, Martin
  23. Hi, I have a problem with the Google Base upload in the Google merchantcenter. The feed is not correctly and dont loaded in the merchantcenter. When i look the feed with Excel I see that the feed is different likes as the CC4 version how was working correct for years. I works with CubeCart v 5.2.1 Googlefeed.txt
  24. No il try but the same problem. I have see tha the table CubeCart_option_matrix is noy automatic genereted on the moment of the upgrade. So I try yo import the table from our test environment, but not working.
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