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  1. Dear fellow CubeCarters, My current domain is www.moparts-webshop.com (with a hyphen). However, I've recently acquired a new domain called www.mopartswebshop.com (without the hyphen). I would like to set up this new domain, but was wondering where to start exactly and how, if the option is available, I could set up CubeCart so that when people type in www.moparts-webshop.com (with the hyphen), they still get directed to my webshop. Kind regards, Frederick
  2. I still haven't resolved this issue, mainly because I haven't had time to tackle it. But.. I tried with the normal stock CC skin and also then no search results come up (only if I search for keywords with three letters or less does something show up - i.e. AMG) This must have occured during the switch to the Vector skin, during the installation that is. It has nothing to do with Vector, I'm pretty sure of that. Is there a section on this forum where I can have people remotely work on my site, that is, from a distance? Can I open a topic about that somewhere? I would be willing to pay for this service.
  3. Hey fellow CubeCarters, I've upgraded to CubeCart 5 recently and also purchased a third-party skin, from shopdev, called Vector. My problem now is that I cannot search for any products. When I use the search bar to search for a product in my shop, it often returns with no results. Only certain keywords work, such as "top". Is there any setting that I am missing? Something to do with the sensitivity of search keywords? www.moparts-webshop.com Thanks in advance, Frederick
  4. Fellow members, I have been using CubeCart as a means to reach out to my current customers. Now that my business has grown a bit, I would like to fully profit from all the options and extras that CubeCart has to offer or that I can get and add to my CubeCart software. At this point in time, I am keeping things rather simple. I wouldn't hesitate to say that my webshop is rather basic, and if not, even ugly and lacks professionalism here and there. This is where my question lies: am I in the right topic/catergory when it comes to asking for professional help? I would like someone to overhaul my webshop, and by this I mean: - installation of add ons (Credit Card gateways, extra buttons, and many other small things) - Redesign or place my header (I can design my own header if I am told the exact dimensions), possibly redesignin my background and other little design-related things. As the average expert can see, this isn't too difficult. However, I have nor the skill nor the time to get fully involved in doing this. Therefore, I am looking for someone who is willing and able to help me out (I understand that this won't be free ). --- My website/webshop: Click here Current software: CC 3.0.20
  5. Dear members, I have searched for several mods, but haven't been able to find the exact one I need. Maybe I overlooked one. Anyhow, I am looking for a mod that enables my customers to pay using their credit card. Is this available somewhere, or can I set this up with the available Gateway options that come standard in all CubeCart V3? I would like to set up a gateway that accepts credit cards from (pretty much) all over the world - as that is where my customers are from. Also, the payment has to be linked to my bank account (which seems obvious). Hopefully somebody can help me! Thanks in advance, Fred
  6. Would you be willing to send me a link or the name of (one of) the two mods you are referring to? Thank you! Fred
  7. Running CubeCart version 3.0.20 Dear members, My wholesaler, who also uses the same version of CubeCart I do (with some add-ons and applications added) can create orders via my account without me having to place them. Let me explain; When I am at his warehouse, and I see a prodcut that I quickly need in my inventory, I tell him to add it to the list and I will pay him the next day. He then creates an order which is added to my account on his webshop. How can I do the same for my customers? I have several people that order and verify orders via e-mail, who, for some reason, do not process all of their orders via my webshop. I would therefore like to create an order via my admin pannel in their name and add it to their account. I can then also, I am guessing, print the packaging slip which goes with their order. Hope I've explained my self as detailed as possible! Take care. Frederick van der Lugt / MoParts-Webshop.com
  8. Hi there people. Possibly a quick question, and on that has maybe been answered before. Is the homepage edit box always so small (small in height that is)? I cannot get a clear overview of what I am editing on my homepage. Now next to that, can this homepage edit box be changed to be bigger (a bigger height)? Thank you and take care. Fred Website: http://www.moparts-webshop.com Attachment/illustration: link to illustration: http://www.mijnalbum.nl/GroteFoto-TIT4JEDV.jpg
  9. Dear members, I have an issue which I am able to resolve in two ways, of which one is not working for me. I need to add 4% to the total amount of the order since my cusomters are from the US and are using PayPal as a means of payment. Since my primary prices are in euros and displayed in dollars, I am able to integrate this 4% in the currency-value. However, I do not want my customers to send me e-mails telling me that I am using a faulty (too high) currency. I tried setting it up in the TAXES module, but it failed to work for ALL of my products at once. I couldn't figure out how to set up the tax for all products at once. I would like to know if it is possible to set up the 4% tax on the order form and have it calculated over the whole order. Thanks. Fred
  10. Hello everybody, I have been trying to set up my shipping for quite some time now but keep bumping into the problem of the wrong amount. I have set up my shop with a default EURO currency and set my prices accordingly. However, I have also set up the USD currency since all of my customers are from the US. I set up: 1 euro - 1.33 dollars In the shipping (by weight) module I set it up as follows. Zone 1 Countries: US, CA, NL Zone 1 Handling Fee: (left this blank) Zone 1 Shipping 1st Class Rates: 2:24.10, 5:34.20, 10:57.10, 20:104.10 Zone 1 Shipping 2nd Class Rates: (left this blank) I have set my Weight Unit to kg and I have given a weight to nearly all of my products. Now when I test the shopping cart, and I order a product that I set up to weigh 1.9kg, so it should be 24.10 euros and accordingly 24.10*1.33=32.05 US Dollars - it gives me: $38.14 (1st Class). This amount does not correspong to what it should be. What have I done wrong? Could it be something in the euro to dollar value? Or the kg/lb settings? - I am clueless. Thanks so far, Fred
  11. I see... Found the option, made it work. Thanks!
  12. Dear members, I am currently setting up my webshop (version 3) and wish to display a certain item. This item will be displayed as a group of items of which the buyer can choose a specific colour. I would like to know how to create a "selection bar" in which my available colours are displayed (for example: Blue, Green, Orange, Black, etc). I hope I made my question abit clear. If not, please view this (Dutch) page of an example of what I would like to create (version 2): http://www.jmpb.nl/shop/view_product.php?product=UN3242 In the center of the explanation there is a selection bar. Hope to be hearing from somebody soon. Thanks so far for all the help. Fred
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