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  1. Just wanted to add that I just tried deleting one of my PayPal emails, so that I only have one but the problem still occurs. Al, do you know approxiamtely how long it might take to find the solution and build a patch? It's just that I'm waiting to open my store but can't until this issue is fixed. Thanks so much.
  2. I've got my IPN settings set to: Do not receive IPN messages (Disabled) Here's the screenshots of what's happening on my end, in 4 steps, I emailed these through to Cubecart Support but thought I'd share here too. Cubecart Support said they've been unable to replicate the error.
  3. Just turned the store 'on'. Haven't fixed the rest of the problem as yet
  4. This problem is driving me mad! I submitted a support ticket and Milos got back to me saying that the store has to be turned on for the payment to work. Ok so when the store is turned on, the payment does result in 'processing' instead of 'pending' which is great, but I am still getting the page with "Module path doesn't exist!" on it after trying to return there after making the payment at paypal. I tried the setup instructions you linked us to Rob and whilst trying to place another mock order I got this error when I went to pay for it "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/shootba1/public_html/modules/gateway/PayPal/transfer.inc.php on line 67", so I've now reversed that change in the transfer.inc.php file and am just now waiting on another reply from milos (I emailed him back saying I'm still getting the "Module path doesn't exist!" error page)
  5. The current one is Rob, but the new/additional one that I'm currently building is www.shootbaby.com
  6. This is what URL I'm getting www.shootbaby.com/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=PayPal&cart_order_id=110128-002141-9894 The page just says: "Module path doesn't exist!" OK, that's weird when I copy and paste that URL into a new web page, it redirects me to the correct page (and the URL is slighty different, see below) and there's no error www.shootbaby.com/index.php?_g=co&_a=confirmed&s=3&cart_order_id=110128-002141-9894 It takes me to my store page and says: "Thank you, your order has been placed. Payment may or may not have been taken yet. You can check the status of your order via 'Your Account'. You should also receive updates via email." I just checked the order status again and it still says 'pending'...
  7. I am having this exact same problem too!! Someone please help!
  8. Please if anyone can help!!?? I'm desperate. I have sent a ticket to support but haven't heard back yet, and I have customers wanting to place orders. I am having an intermittent error occur on my website, I can not log into admin or anything....I've copied and pasted it below... Main page: Warning: ini_set() [ref.outcontrol]: Cannot change zlib.output_compression - headers already sent in /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php on line 112  Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php:1) in /home/shootbab/public_html/index_enc_ion.php on line 31 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php:1) in /home/shootbab/public_html/index_enc_ion.php on line 32 Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php:1) in /home/shootbab/public_html/classes/session/cc_session.php on line 206 Warning: session_regenerate_id() [function.session-regenerate-id]: Cannot regenerate session id - headers already sent in /home/shootbab/public_html/classes/session/cc_session.php on line 207 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php:1) in /home/shootbab/public_html/classes/session/cc_session.php on line 222 MySQL Error Occurred Error Message: 1062: Duplicate entry '1bda77333f61bd34cf542cb0c3bce6b7' for key 1 SQL: INSERT INTO CubeCart_sessions (`sessId`,`timeStart`,`timeLast`,`customer_id`,`ip`,`browser`) VALUES ('1bda77333f61bd34cf542cb0c3bce6b7','1258371735','1258371735',0,'','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)'); Admin page: Warning: ini_set() [ref.outcontrol]: Cannot change zlib.output_compression - headers already sent in /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php on line 112  Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shootbab/public_html/ini.inc.php:1) in /home/shootbab/public_html/admin/index.php on line 31 Not Found The requested URL /admin/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.8.8
  9. Hi guys, As the topic title and topic description says, my customers are receiving the 'order complete' and 'payment received' emails twice. They are only getting the 'order acknowledgement' email once though and I (being Admin) am only receiving the 'pending order' email once.....but why are my customers getting dupicate emails for the 'order complete' and 'payment received'??? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  10. Thanks Pete, I was hoping to somehow use CubeCart to produce the invoice, to keep everything happening at the same place..I also accept bank transfers/deposits which alot of my customers will use I think.... Anyone else have any ideas? Feel free to chime in!! Thanks ;)
  11. Hi, I just have a few new questions that have come up...hoping some of you maybe be answer some or all of them... SCENARIO: A customer completes an order/payment the usual way, but on receipt of the shirt decides he would like to exchange it for a larger size. Customer sends the product back to me at their own cost (or they simply write 'return to sender' on the parcel). I receive the shirt back and need to send them a larger one. I have in my polocies that I charge a minimum shipping fee for exchanges. QUESTION: How can/should I charge the minimum shipping fee and send the customer the invoice? I use Print Order Forms and PayPal. QUESTION: Is there a way to email/remind customers when payment for an order is pending after a few days? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I'm after two MODS to be made for my store CubeCart V 4.3.0 (I think, or could be 4.3.3)...Kitablue skin... Which MOD makers are reputable? I am after 2 mods (if they aren't already in existence).... 1) A mod that displays 'OUT OF STOCK' next to a product when it is out of stock, thereby still allowing the customer to see it but to advise that it is out of stock 2) A mod that allows for 'category' discounts. I have Estelle's Product QTY Discount mod but I also really need one for the category. Thanks!!
  13. Estelle's mod store sells a QTY discount mod... :rolleyes:
  14. Does anyone know where Estelle is these days? I've emailed her a couple of times now but haven't heard anything back....
  15. This is the Catgories box on it's own, but I have uploaded the ORIGINAL categories.tpl file and this problem still exists!!!
  16. Something weird going on with the category and currency boxes on the left hand side it's like the currency box is embedded inthe category box, I checked the index.tpl file in the global folder but nothing looks wrong....I don't know how this has happened!???
  17. I just posted this question to the thread for Estelle's 'Text Input Fields For Products CC4 v1.6' mod http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?sh...amp;#entry43370
  18. Hi, I would like to change my checkout page so that my customers CAN'T change the QTY. But I would still like the QTY to show (just need to make it non-changable)....any ideas on how to do this?? Thanks Actually this isn't really want I want to do. What I want to do is for a customer to be able to change the quantity on checkout but if they do, to also be able to change the notes (text field?) for that product (if that's even possible). e.g. they have 3 of 8x12 Prints and in their notes they have the Photo Numbers, say IMG45, IMG67 and IMG88. I need for the customer to be able to change the quantity and the notes (text field) at the same time because they directly correlate with eachother.... hmmmm
  19. I just had a quick look and there are lots of areas showing under 'Counties/States' and they all appear to be in the UK....but it is blank under 'Countrys'...Is there some option in admin that is making your store/registrations only open to the UK?
  20. Hi guys, I was a bit confused by the reply I received. At first I was told that if I am running the latest version of Cubecart I should be fine but when I said that people are still having issues (with the latest version) I received a reply containing a small bit of coding to change. I asked if I could post the coding/change here but I was told there is no need to as a new version of CubeCart is going to be released soon and should fix these problems. So yeah hmm :)
  21. Well, I just wanted to write in here and say that I have submitted a ticket to the support team (since my support plan is still active)....Even though I haven't come across this issue myself (haven't done much testing though), it makes me nervous to see what's happening to other businesses and what could potentially happen to mine. In my support ticket, I told them that alot of people in here are wanting and waiting for someone from the official support team to come in and update us on what's happening....here's hoping someone replies soon...I'll keep you posted on what reply I get....!
  22. OK, I recently brought CubeCart v4.3.0 and I am still only very much building the store but this thread is making me VERY nervous....!!!! Am I wasting my time and money building my store and all the mods I've purchased (Estelles)????
  23. Hi, First time posting over on the official side. I posted this question on the .org site but didn't really get anywhere. I am hoping some other Australian businesses/cubecarters can chime in... What are you all doing about GST? How do you get CC to show the price on the product pages as GST included and display it as a seperate line ('GST included') at checkout? Also, how does it work for your overseas customers/viewers?? As GST is not charged for them, is that right? Lastly, how would any sort of mod work with coupon mods, and any other mods that affect pricing? Thanks!!
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