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  1. Guys. My thumbnail images are really pixellated. when you enter into a product, the image is nice a clear, just the thumbnails are very poor. From what I can see, the thumbnails are reduced in size to become a thumbnail, but then the cubecart enlarges this thunmbnail image to make it look really poor. Any ideas. Thanks in advance
  2. Well it gets better. I've modified reg.tpl, so it now contains the extra field. I figured out in PHP admin, how to add an additional data field, but I can't get it to populate the database. Am I missing something obvious ?
  3. OK. this is what I found. If you place an order.. then go into the admin section and view the same order. It has a status of pending.. at this point, the items remain in stock. If you change the status to completed.. the items remain in stock. They only come out of stock when the status is changed to processing. On my live system, I can see orders with a status of processing, and these have had no interaction from me. So the only thing I can come up with is this.. Something in the payment process changes the order status from pending to processing.. at this point, the items come out of stock. If you skip this step, then the items remain in stock.
  4. Very Interesting. I see what you mean. Test product 2 is showing as 3 in stock. I just ordered all 3, and completed my order through to Postal form. However, when I go back into the store, it still shows as having 3 in stock. So I went and did the same on my test system, and guess what.. it does the same.. Having said that.. my test isn't clean, so I'll do a fresh install this afternoon, and let you know what happens
  5. I just realised. It's not much use in adding an extra field in the Register form, as you'd also need to add one to the Database table.. and this is way out of my league
  6. Guys, does anyone have an answer to this question please. I've been asked today, to include an additional field (company name) on the registration form. Thanks In Advance
  7. Its a very small mod in includes/session.inc.php. takes about 30 seconds to fix. I did mine yesterday
  8. I've just had a quick look in Veiwcat.tpl, it will be tonight when I get home before I can make any changes. I'd have to do it on my test system 1st. What changes would I need to make to the html.. nothing obvious jumps out at me. Thanks again
  9. Guys. My site went live last week.. thanks for all your help. I've now been handed another one to bring up to tidy up and bring up to scratch.. it seems I'm now the company cubecart expert .. lol My question, when entering a master catagory, you are presented with a folder view of the sub catagories. Is it possible to change this to a list view. Thanks
  10. I have the same problem with the channel islands, no one came back with an answer. Luckily for me, I only needed to tax zones.. one for the UK at 15% and one for the channel Islands at 0% Maybe you might want to see if there are any commercial mods available. They tend to be very reasonably priced at about $20, it's whether or not you can find one to solve your problem .
  11. Guys & Gals.. Quite a long replay to my own message, but someone might understand what I'm getting at. The site went live this weekend, so until I can find a definitive answer, I've done a small work around. As we don't indend shipping outside the UK. I removed all the other countries from the database. It keeps it tidy at my end, and easier to manage. I then created a new county code for the channel Islands. So Now when a customer comes to sign up, they have United Kingdom and Channel Islands only in the drop down box. Next.. In the Language file.. I modified the phrase Country = "country" to say Country = "UK or Channel Islands" Now when a customer signs up, he will be charged VAT if he's mainland UK, and no vat if he's Channel Islands. Ok, so it's messy, but it works. Does anyone know, how I should have done this. ?? Also whilst on the subject.. Jersey & Guernsey (channel Islands) are in the list of counties/states for the UK. If I were to change the county box, in the sign up area, into a drop down, but remove Jersey & Guernsey from the county/state list.. would this have worked. ?
  12. Guys. This is my last question.... honest. Provided all my prices are correct, the site will go live on Monday. In the UK, we have 2 tax areas.. 15% for mainland UK, and 0% for what we call the "Channel Islands" (Jersey & Guernsey) I've tried all sorts of things in the GUI so that the channel islands do not get taxed.. I've removed Jersey from the ISO file, but it still seems to be subject to tax. So the only way I can figure out to do this is, to create a new country code for the channel Islands. However, people in the channel islands, quite rightly, regard themselves as United Kingdom, so at the time of registration, they could easily use the default United Kingdom in the drop down on the registration page..However by doing so, will inadvertantly subject themselves to tax How do I configure this, so the country selection is blank by default, thus ensuring my channel island customers choose "Channel Islands" as thier country. Or am I barking up the wrong tree.. and there is an easier way to do this.
  13. keat

    Opt Out

    I found this.. taken me 2 days but it looks promising. in reg.tpl find: <td colspan="2">{LANG_RECIEVE_EMAILS} <input type="checkbox" name="optIn1st" value="1" tabindex="15" {VAL_OPTIN1ST_CHECKED} /></td> and replace with: CODE <td colspan="2">{LANG_RECIEVE_EMAILS} <input type="checkbox" name="optIn1st" value="1" tabindex="15" {VAL_OPTIN1ST_CHECKED} checked/></td> At least now when I sign a new user, the check box is checked by default.. just need to test if it works now
  14. keat

    Opt Out

    I've tried all combinations.. I can't seem to figure it
  15. Maybe try to change the freight handling to a diferent module. Or you could try to repair the database in your hosting control panel. In my host control panel is a section "My SQL Databases" from here I can check or repair the DBS. Failing that, maybe try to restore the DBS. But I guess as you've only just started building/playing.. a backup was the last thing on your mind..??
  16. keat

    Opt Out

    I had a play around with includes/content/reg.inc.php, but couldn't seem to find the section that deals with the "subscribe to store emails" check box though. I had considered, (if I could locate the code), turning it into a "check this box to opt out" option. Being a newbie to PHP, its all a massive learning curve. Not sure my old brain can keep up.
  17. keat

    Opt Out

    Nope.. I can't find it. I've played all morning, and can't figure it out. I also spent the best part of 2 hours scouring the net.. I can't believe, no ones done this before now.
  18. Maybe a corrupted folder. ? Try to open Images/uploads using an FTP app or the Hosting control panel file manager ?
  19. Guys. How do I have the contents of a box appear in the center. I've added the following code to the left hand column <div class="boxTitleRight">Catalogue Download</div> <div class="boxContentLeft"> <p><a href="http://www.mysite.co.uk/44963%20catalogue%20v8.pdf"> <img border="0" src="http://www.mysite.co.uk/webimage/download_icon.jpg" width="150" height="90"></a></p> <border="0" > </div> <div class="boxFootRight">&nbsp;</div> I'd like the icon.jpg to appear in the center of the box.. is this something very simple to do ?? Thanks in Advance Doh... I just figured it out <p align="center">
  20. keat

    Opt Out

    I'm guessing, its controlled somewhere in rec.inc.php ?? and possibly centred around the phrase optin1st=1 ? Maybe someone knows the definitive answer.
  21. keat

    Opt Out

    In CC3, Is it possible to change the registration page, so the user has to opt out of Store Emails, rather than opting in.
  22. keat

    customer login

    I don't have the answer, but we've seen something similar with CC3.16. Customers have been able to log in and order, then a few months later, their password is rejected. And because they already have an account, they can't create another one. Only solution we found, is to delete the account, so the customer can create another one
  23. Does your hosting package supply any stats.. most of them do, you have to enable them in your hosting control panel
  24. keat

    My website

    The question doesn't really make much sense to be honest. Are you asking for the cubecart admin password ?? If so, apparently, you can find it by usisng PHP Admin, from your hosting control panel. Don't know how though.. I've never done it
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