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  1. And I thought it was only me that did things like that
  2. Maybe the title doesn't really explain. Currently using CC3 When you enter into a product catagory, and see the list of products, there are 2 buttons on the right of each item. "buy" & "more" If you click the buy button, it will automatically add the part to your basket. (not a problem) However, it then redirects you to the view mode of this item, where there is an "Add to basket" button at the bottom. It's very easy, to not realise, by previously clicking the "buy" button, you've already added the item to your basket, so you could now inadvertantly click the "add to basket" button, thus ordering the same item twice. I've done this in testing, a number of times, and questioned my own sanity. Is there a way to overcome this.. Maybe configure CC3 so it doesn't redirect you to the item page, if you use the "buy" button. Or maybe something along the line "This item is already added to your basket" message
  3. In the end.. we decided to change to the classic skin. Created my own background, moved some boxes around, and it looks a lot better. Certainly less cluttered. I now have another question, but I'll start a new thread. Thanks for the info regarding the css file.. I'm learning quite a lot.. changed a few things in layout.css, index.php and the language file. Really enjoying it
  4. I guess the main reason I went for Killer, some of my catagories have long names ie "Specialist and Hole Clearance Sizes", in any other skin, it scrolls on to 2 lines, plus the other skins don't seem to fill the page. Unless there's a way to stretch them
  5. hI FANDANGO. I tried what you said. I increased the gifs from 42px to 60px in photoshop, them altered the html in layout.css, but this didn't work. It sort of sent the gifs a little crazy, and chopped all the bottoms off. I'll try again later this evening when I get home. Thanks for your help so far.
  6. Guys. I'm using CC3, not really bothered too much about fancy templates, so am using the standard "killer" template. As I increase the nmber of product catagories, some of the catagory tabs along the top, are now starting to squash up slighly, resulting in some of the wording being pushed out.. Hopefully, a screen shot is attached. How do I increase the size of the tabs to account for this ?? Thanks again
  7. It looks detailed, but do-able. It obviously requires a considerable amount of planning and downtime. I guess an alernative, would be a new V4 install in another directory, or subdomain, then to migrate the data across. This would atleast allow me to tweak V4 and get it running nice, before going live. What are the main advatages to running V4 as opposed to V3. This is my 1st E-Commerce site, if I can make it work, then it could be one of many. It may not be worth upgrading this site to V4, but I might invest in V4 for any future sites.
  8. Thank You.. Much appreciated.
  9. OK. I think I figured this one out.. well to do what I want it to at least. I have no need for all the country codes, as we don't intend selling off shore, so I removed them all apart from the UK related ones. I then added a new country code for the channel islands. This seems to have done what I wanted. Channel Islands is now Vat free
  10. Is it possible to upgrade CC3 from V3.17 to V4.XX If so, how easy, or difficult is it. Has anyone done it, does it retain everything, or is it a whole new shop from start to finish.. etc etc etc. Thanks in Advance
  11. Is it possible to remove the "featured products" section from CC3. As it's a list of part numbers for us, it's pretty pointless. Thanks in Advance
  12. Guys. How do you apply tax levels for various regions. In the UK, Jfor instance, Jersey is Tax free.. How do I configure CC3, so it doesn't add any tax to a Jersey address ??
  13. keat

    Price updates

    OK, doing a little research, there are mods available to do this sort of stuff. Which mods are renowned to be the best for... mass import/export of data. For the price updating,I'm thinking.. export the data, update it, and import it back again I'm still a little confused, how I would push a new part in between 2 existing ones though ??
  14. Guys. I'm almost finished building my CC3 shop. But have a few questions if anyone could answer please. Firstly, my part numbers are based on item size.. a drill for instance 10mm x 135mm long, the part number is D10-135. Lets say I have 2 items D10-135 & D10-200. But later I want to add D10-175, how would I get this item to show in the shop between D10-135 and D10-200. The CubeCart item number, could be hundreds of digits apart. ?? Secondly. I'm currently imputting my items, with the same price we have in our paper catalogue. If we have a price restruture in a years time, How would I go about updating all my CubeCart prices without having to do each and everyone manually.? I have about 700 items.
  15. I'm guessing no one has a definitive fix for this. I've tried copying sections from one module in to another, but I'm getting all sorts of line errors, so I've now come to the conclusion, I can't resolve this myself. I have 3 options as I see it. Change our internal routines, so we don't charge Vat on carriage.. (Just as tricky), keep searching for a fix.. or drop cubecart in favour of another e-commerce solution.
  16. I'm happy to use the standard "Shipping by price" module, if I could only get it to calculate tax after shipping and not before. I don't know anything about php coding, so trying to work around the issue myself, would be very time consuming.
  17. Thanks.. I found the Mod you mentioned, however, It doesn't really solve the issue. A customer will expect to see.. Products, +Carriage, +Tax = Total. This mod shows in this order: Products +Tax +Carriage (inc tax) = Total. Although the figures add up the same, as far as VAT goes, my customers will be unable to claim the VAT on carriage. as it shows carriage as a flat charge. I need to show: Products =10.00 Carriage =4.50 tax = £2.17 Total = 16.67 This mod shows products = 10.00 tax = £1.50 Carriage =5.17 Total=16.67 Does this make sense ??
  18. Guys. I previously posted this question in the wrong section, appolgies. I'm part way through configuring and building a CC3 store. We offer free delivery on orders above £45, and a delivery charge of £4.50 under this figure. I have CC configured to add carriage to orders under £45, which it's doing, however, it doesn't add tax to the carriage charges. Effectively, tax is claculated before carriage is added on. Are there any updates for this, or has anyone got any suggestions.. I've spent the best part of today, trying to find a solution Thank You for your help
  19. Sorry chaps.. wrong topic section.. edited 19:43 uk time
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