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  1. I've done all of that. Just put a space in between the <!DOCTYPE html> tag and the start of the <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"dir="{$TEXT_DIRECTION}" lang="{$HTML_LANG}"> tag...it is saved as UTF-8 w/o Bom as indicated by the tool bar. I cleared all of the cache in admin...
  2. I did that :-/ and repeated the process to make sure that I did it after reading your message.
  3. Hey Brian....so downloaded Notepad++ and saved the file to Unicode Without Bom, and am getting the same errors. Any other ideas?
  4. I am getting the following invalid w3 markup validations for my site ballcardz.com. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Still haven't found any way to fix this. Any further thoughts @bsmither? '
  6. Brian, I just saw this. Sorry about the 3 month layoff Anywho, yes, I'd be glad to see what it would do. Matt
  7. Sorry That's probably best. Still looking for an answer.
  8. Since we're on the topic of "Latest Products," is there a way to make the "Latest Products" clickable so that a page of all of the latest products are displayed on their own page?
  9. Thanks Brian, That's a definite good start. The page is at least navigable now. Still a few issues...Notice the sidebars are not highlighted at all, just text. Also, if you click into the categories, all the subcategories are vertically displayed in a single line. With thousands of categories, this isn't ideal. Also, the footer is in single file, and not in a row like in the Chrome rendering. I really appreciate everything you do for these forums. It means an awful lot. Thanks Again, Matt
  10. Hey Folks, Been working hard on my store (http://www.ballcardz.com), and have run into a bit of an issue with it running correctly in Internet Explorer. This was pointed out by one of my customers, as I do not use Internet Explorer at all, unless I'm testing something. Here are some screen captures to show my dilemma: How it appears in Chrome/Firefox/Safari: How it appears in Explorer: This same type of error is happening in Admin as well: Any help would be appreciated --Matt
  11. Is there a way to have the default drag and drop selection sorted by cat_name instead of the cat_id?
  12. Ok...bringing up an old thread...found this because I'm trying to do something similar. I am using the Kurouto skin and am having layout issues. First, the category names are displaying funny. They are printing beside the pictures instead of under them. Second issue is that I would like to have 6 rows of five categories instead of 5 rows of 7. How can I fix this? I've included a screen cap.
  13. I'm pretty sure that Estelle has a mod for this in her mod store...
  14. I filled out a trouble ticket as I'm having the same issue...I have over 1,000 product codes that are duplicated...some codes are being used on as many as 6 products! Unbelievable! There has to be a fix to this!
  16. Hey, I installed CubeCart 3 from my simple scripts login. However, when I started to add my categories and subcategories I get this: http://www.ballcardz.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=1 How do I make this look right? Also, can I have more than 5 categories without it all getting whacked out? Thanks, Matt
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