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  1. This is likely to be a problem with sessions - check your session management to make sure you can save session files and permissions are correct. Also check that your domain cookie setting in CubeCart is correct Those are just notices and will not affect any functionality Ouch and Ouch again - old and massively old version ! Speak to you hosting company about about putting your hosting onto safe, secure versions that are not many years out of support - or move hosting company if they are unwilling
  2. If you have any problems open up a support ticket and as always, happy to help Ian
  3. The enhancements that you had written for you are good and help to make up for the failings in the standard search (adding something like Solr as a search engine option would do this) but really shouldn't have used a field that was supposed to be used for SEO - utilising fields for different purposes makes the coding a bit easier to do but can then cause these types of problems. It isn't a big job to create a new database column equivalent to the keywords field, add that to the admin product source and change the custom search code to use the new field instead of the meta keywords.
  4. Not just “not good” - it ruins SEO for a store which is hard enough anyway. Easy and no disruption to change the recommendation. As they aren’t used for SEO, they won’t be missed from that point of view. I do know at least one person that uses these for a custom search solution but that could easily be reworked - a custom solution shouldn’t be a reason to keep something misleading and useless in core
  5. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle - meta keywords are a complete waste of time - no search engine uses this any longer so don’t bother filling them in. A unique Meta title is extremely important and you also need a good unique meta description. Also NEVER use the “recommended” setting to merge global SEO entries Ian
  6. There are no default snippets installed and that one definitely looks malicious. You will need to fully delete this plus clean the whole site as it could have been used to install other back doors into your hosting account Ian
  7. The only way to do this currently if you have multiple files, is to zip them up into one file and then attach that
  8. Facebook will love you and make a LOT of money out of you - your main content should be on your domain so you benefit from that traffic - easy to do
  9. What I can say is that pretty much every single really successful store (Thousands to many tens of thousands turnover per month) that we host has a very active blog on the same domain. Google needs new, regular and interesting (from their customer's, ie Google searchers, point of view) content and so will rank sites that provide that. E-Commerce sites with products that don't change very often and, for the most part, list products that can be obtained at multiple other stores, struggle to get good rankings and therefore generally much less visitors
  10. Yes that is correct - as you are moving from one domain to another domain but otherwise keeping the url structure then same, it shouldnt be too complex WordPress installation is at the domain root and you are moving a store from a sub-directory to the same sub-directory so should have no effect on the WP installation at all For more specific help, please open up a support ticket and as always, happy to help !
  11. Yes, from the given github issue url, follow the couple of links to the submits
  12. Issue was reported and fixed here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2320
  13. Google is good Have a look at https://htaccessbook.com/block-ip-address/ which is one of many good explanations
  14. There is no reason why you should be getting a new admin url after cloning a site - this only happens if you incorrectly upgrade a site (unless it is the first time switching from admin.php to admin_abcdef.php). Need to check you only have one admin directory and one admin file and they are the ones set in the config file
  15. Without knowing what the urls are for your sites, it is impossible to say what is going on but it will likely be a problem with your specific sites or maybe with the hosting company
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