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  1. No, it is more sophisticated than those - the documentation is extensive and their online chat help is also fantastic
  2. That doesnt "solve" the problem just avoids the error message
  3. Use Stripe across multiple websites all under a single account - support extremely helpful and quick and definitely not via IRC
  4. Stripe are very good and the CubeCart plugin seems to work well as well Ian
  5. Assume you mean 6.2.8 - CubeCart 6.8 doesnt exist ! If you ONLY uploaded the setup directory, then that is not the way to do upgrades The images are showing that a key requirement is missing from your hosting environment - you will need to get this sorted Ian
  6. Or you could simply use the Enhanced Admin Order Entry plugin which adds that and a whole load more extra functionality https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-admin-order-entry As the functionality is available via this plugin and there is a VERY long list of requested enhancements that aren’t available, that would hopefully be worked on first, that would be your best bet Ian
  7. This means that either you don’t have ionCube installed (you can check in the CubeCart PHP Info section) or the version of the module you installed from the marketplace doesn’t match the php version you have installed - you will notice that there are three different versions of that (or any ioncube encoded module) available and you must choose the correct matching one Ian
  8. There will always be hundreds of PHP Notices about undefined indexes as CubeCart is not written to declare variables before use - these can safely be ignored. There should obviously never be fatal errors and ideally no Warnings either but there always seems to be a few of these kicking around. The CSRF error is almost always due to the admin directory and the admin.php file being from different versions and havent come across any case caused by anything different
  9. Thank you @Dirty Butter and very happy to help out with the hosting - try to offer free or very cheap Hosting where we can for charities or non profits and especially happy to help out for good clients ! Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family and also to everyone else on these forums Ian
  10. @Dirty Butter drop us a support ticket via your account - we offer cheap (and in many cases free) "Standard" hosting plans for charities and non-profits which is perfect for small WordPress websites and as you are already a hosting customer, would be happy to offer that for free for you - see https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk/website-hosting/charity-non-profit-hosting/
  11. Yep quite probably ! Tactics employed by hosting companies that offer cheap hosting plans ! Nothing comes for free and the myth of "unlimited" hosting (for bandwidth or disk space which even then are governed by fair usage policies) is then protected by other more hidden limits like this
  12. I believe it is a hard limit as are the other account based limits that can be imposed by Cloudlinux - have never and will never use it
  13. The number of inodes is fixed at the time the partition is created but if you run a system such as Cloudlinux (which many hosting companies do and impose limits on all sorts of parameters such as memory usage, CPU usage, number of people connected to the account) then a limit on inodes is certainly possible and one that is often used
  14. That is certainly a larger number of records than most but as Brian said, tables with millions of records should not ever be an issue if the tables are indexed correctly - with unique indexes and correctly written queries, finding one record from a thousand records would only be marginally quicker than find the same one from ten million records
  15. This problem has been reported by various people on certain hosting environments and I dont think a reason has been found - I havent spent any time looking into it as it doesnt happen on any of our servers so dont have direct access (nor to be honest the time or inclination to investigate what is probably a hosting mis-configuration). Even on servers / accounts that use the standard file based caching, we dont get this but then almost all accounts across all our servers use either memcached or Redis for memory based caching which is MUCH faster and obviously doesnt suffer from inode limits (this is a trick many hosting company when they say "unlimited" space - which is rarely true anyway as always subject to "fair usage policies" - but then put a limit on the number of inodes available)
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