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  1. This is most likely to be your browser auto-filling variables trying to be helpful ! This is a problem in a few areas in CubeCart even when the field is set to not autofill (for example the SMTP Authorisation password when configuring the store email in the Store Settings). Depending on what browser you are using you can disable this for various types of information. For Chrome, go to the Settings page (enter chrome://settings/ in the browser url) go to the autofill section and then you can disable for passwords, payments methods and addresses and more Ian
  2. Did you check to see if any mod_security rules were being tripped - 90% of 403 errors are caused by that if it is enabled. We use Cloudflare extensively for our CubeCart hosting clients and have never seen a 403 error caused by that. Did you pit a ticket into the CF support team - they are a bit slow if you dont have a paid account but their technical knowledge once they do get to the ticket is excellent
  3. Thanks Claudia - tests by Al and also looking at "Smartlook" recordings for some of these clients do indicate multiple clicks by impatient users - Al has released a new version of the Stripe payment gateway and the two clients are testing this and so far havent reported any issues Ian
  4. There is nothing available for CubeCart that calculates shipping based on these criteria and calculating based on size is incredibly complicated (more than one of an items, a mix of items of different sizes etc) so you would be much better off using the AIOS module in a more generic way to approximately cover your shipping costs (you might win on some and lose a little on others) or build shipping costs into the product prices and offer "free" shipping Ian
  5. A 403 error is almost always caused by something tripping a mod_security rule so check with your hosting company
  6. What server are you running on (linux or Windows ?), what version of CubeCart and have you made any changes to any of the core code or admin skin ? Is this a fresh install or have you done an upgrade (which may have failed or partially completed) Ian
  7. At one point a few years ago it was looking like MariaDB was surging ahead of MySQL but that has gone back in the other direction pretty much now and to be honest it makes little difference what version the server runs, as the speed differences are insignificant at the level of 99.9% of users that would be using CubeCart
  8. After upgrading a couple of clients to use the new version, both of these were receiving many multiple, duplicated payments for order - probably about 50% of orders were having payments taken 2, 3 or even 4 times and so needed refunding - is anyone else using this latest version and seeing this behaviour ? See https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2342
  9. This isnt currently possible but a couple of our clients have recently requested this and so we will be writing a small plugin to do exactly this Ian
  10. I thought the latest versions of these very old (V5) skins like Kurouto had been upgraded to be compatible but if you are running the latest version available, then maybe not. You should consider changing your skin to use a foundation based skin - there are many available in the marketplace
  11. @Ferguson230 a much better solution is to block the class C in your .htaccess file rather than via CubeCart
  12. The simple solution is to block that C class from accessing your account - then again, we block every single Russian (and Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and a few others !) IP address from accessing our network so our clients dont have this issue
  13. They are not used anywhere at the moment except being displayed on the product page so you can use it for whatever you want although most put the product dimensions in
  14. Yes it is for exactly that purpose - re-listing items that are the same or very similar. You will want to ensure that you check and change the entries on the search engine tab - you dont want duplicate meta title or meta descriptions and clone can do some funny things with the SEO url.
  15. On the Advanced tab of your Store Settings, do not ever use php mail() and if you are then switch to use either SMTP with SSL (on port 465) or SMTP with TLS (on port 587) so you are using authenticated SMTP
  16. What you need is this @Noodleman plugin : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/show-prices-with-and-without-tax-/-vat Ian
  17. Exactly right. CubeCart used to clear cache on every single admin page load effectively rendering the cache mechanism useless - actually worse than useless because the constant creating and clearing of cache files used to take a lot of disk I/O and provided next to no benefit to front end users. If you are making a series of changes as admin ie updating orders, adding or changing products / categories / documents, then clear cache every so often if logged in for a long period of time (not after every change) or better still once you have finished and just before you logout.
  18. Are either or both of you using PHP mail() or are you using the better Authenticated SMTP method (PHP mail provides unreliable delivery as it isnt authenticated plus many hosting companies disable the use of it completely). Which hosting companies are you both with ? Have you both recently done an upgrade and are you 100% sure that you did it properly - so many "unusual" problems like this are due to failed or partial upgrades. Ian
  19. Hi Tony The file manager table holding the image references could be in a real mess after all of that - how many entries are there in that table. Having duplicates with differing suffixes is not right nor is having entries at zero bytes Also if the Admin File manager option is slow it probably indicates that you have far too many images all at the one level (I have seen tens of thousands all in one directory many times !) - so many people keep uploading product images into the one top level directory and CubeCart takes forever to read that listing. Ideally I suggest never more than
  20. This is likely a redirect that has been setup in cPanel (Domains | Redirects) although why you would want to add back in the index.php to the url is a mystery - most people would want to remove /index.php from any url to protect against any possible duplicate content issues. Check in that area and remove the redirect that is setup
  21. Frank This has been covered in at least six different threads on here - do a search for "time_zone" and you will get answers - it is a problem at the server level that only somebody with root level access can fix although it is literally a 10 second job to fix it Ian
  22. MyISAM by default (and the way that CubeCart is written) locks the whole table so a far worse situation - imagine a situation on a busy site taking lots of orders with 2, 4 or 8 admin users updating orders and stock and you can imagine what would happen. InnoDB by default locks at row level so a much better situation but still locked by the database connection making that transaction as you say. New CubeCart stores are created with most tables as InnoDB now (the reason that some were left as MyISAM was that full text searches wouldnt work on InnoDB but that was fixed all the way back in
  23. I give up ! As I have explained multiple times there are other "possible" problems such as database locking that are completely separate and to which I was referring - this was on the assumption which I CLEARLY stated that they should always be using different admin logins
  24. The whole point of my last answer is that I never said that !! Read it again - I very clearly said that two admins should always be using two DIFFERENT logins - so really not sure why you keep saying that what I said was wrong. As the OP didnt go into any detail, I initially said that as long as they are doing that (using two different logins), then there should be no problems - it was only when he mentioned the database that I then replied with a little detail about database locking
  25. No, I am not wrong as you are just repeating what I originally said !! It is very clear that I said they should be using different logins ! @Lots Moore then asked about possible database issues, so I answered that as well
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