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  1. Pay peanuts and get monkeys is always the case with hosting - it constantly amazes me that people have busy and sometimes very profitable E-Commerce stores and yet choose cheap hosting and then wonder why they have problems. Full MySQL timezone support is not loaded by default on Linux servers but is a trivial thing to do and something that has always been part of our standard server setup and every single server we operate has this installed and kept updated.
  2. Hi If you want / need to stay with FastComet for your hosting then what you should do is upgrade to 6.2.4 and also ask them to install the MySQL timezone / offset tables on that server. Alternatively, there are better hosting companies available Ian
  3. Try upgrading to 6.2.4 or patch the two files - a critical bug was discovered and fixed this morning
  4. I can confirm that this fixes the filemanager white screen in 6.2.3 @Al Brookbanks - you will need to get this patched into 6.2.3 release ASAP
  5. This was covered yesterday and means that your hosting isn’t fully compatible with this latest version of CubeCart, specifically the MySQL server doesn’t have time zone name / offset table setup. This is not something you can do as only the server administrator has access to be able to create and maintain this All of our servers have this setup as standard Ian
  6. The admin.php file (or however it has been renamed) needs to be from the same version as the files in the admin directory
  7. Agreed that these are caused by a bot and reCaptcha will stop these and while you say it isnt happening very often at the moment, if you leave it, the numbers will increase until you have a flood
  8. Agreed - failed upgrades have been very common in the past when done via the built in upgrade option and often result in a mix of files from different versions - this will cause this type of problem. It has been covered in quite a few threads on here before and a manual upgrade would definitely solve it. Ian
  9. There are two spelling mistakes and the text is hard coded rather than being in a language string - reported here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2250 Just installed this and tested it for a client and dont see any cross site errors when updating the details
  10. @kooby what skins do you have installed and does this happen when you switch from a third party skin to foundation
  11. When using the Print Order Form, the whole point is that the store admin has to process the payment offline (either receive a bank transfer or process a customer not present card transaction etc) and ONLY then switch the order to processing - it makes no sense at all to change the POF module to change the order to Processing. All other payment gateways will automatically change an order from Pending to Processing when the payment processor confirms that payment has been received successfully so maybe you need to consider using one of them instead of POF
  12. Check and see if the file js/common.html exists - the error message is indicating that it doesnt ! If missing then you can re-upload but you would need to find out why it had been removed Ian
  13. mcrypt was deprecated in PHP 7.1 and removed in PHP 7.2 so as you are using PHP 7.3 (which has only recently been released) then mcrypt wont be available. You will need to upgrade whichever payment module (SagePay ?) you are using
  14. We are a web hosting company and if you are hosted with us, then please log a support ticket and one of the team will take a look for you. I can say that we have no reported problems on any of our servers and certainly dont have issues like this that last more than 24 hours !
  15. A lack of server resources is the cause, so if you have external hosting then use a better hosting company - very cheap hosting is that way for a reason with massively overloaded servers
  16. If you have ssh access to your account it may be possible to find out but this is a question that should be directed at your hosting company as they are the ones that have the access and "should" have the skills to diagnose what the problem is. Who is your hosting company and have you already been in touch with them ?
  17. A quick search via Google shows the following ! The "Security header is not valid" error message is only caused for two reasons: Wrong credentials Make sure that you've put your API Username, API Password and API Signature correctly. Sometimes it happens that during copy and paste there is accidentally a space added, this would trigger this error.Double check this settings in the SDK or in the admin panel of your third party shopping cart. Wrong Endpoint This error would come up if you send the data to the wrong endpoint. Make sure that you sending the live credentials and d
  18. A successful payment via PayPal or Stripe should automatically change the status of the order from Pending to Processing for you and trigger the sending of various emails so the fact this isnt happening, shows there are problems there. Errors or useful information both for the payment issues and the order status change timeout should be recorded in the local PHP error_log file and you should also check the CubeCart Error log table Ian
  19. I understand that ! However you said a bug in earlier versions of the foundation skin was partly to blame but haven’t given any details about that - I have been following the thread and know about those patches to the class files but one isn’t any good without the other and plenty of people use custom skins based on older versions
  20. What version of CubeCart have you used to build this site ? There were problems with the custom order ID when it was first released but fixes were added but the fact the key is called “custom_oid_2” indicates you may also have database issues
  21. Can you give more detail about what that bug was and the github issue or commit that fixed it ?
  22. There has been an open feature request for this (as the original github issue was closed as not being a bug !) for nearly two years and this has been discussed for a while longer - https://features.cubecart.com/topic/add-seo-title-and-meta-data-for-translations
  23. The requirement to have an SSL certificate is very little to do with the payment gateways - although many now require a secure endpoint in order for payment notification updates to function ! How about protecting admin login and all other pages, customer login and account pages and the significant drop in Google rankings for not having an SSL, let alone the very important issue of customer perception of visiting a site that Chrome clearly labels as "Not Secure" - you will lose far more sales on a store than any costs involved and if a few pounds / dollars a year is really that important,
  24. Why would you think about running an e-commerce site that is not covered with a SSL ??
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