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  1. Are you sure that it isnt simply your browser auto filling saved form data ? This is a big problem for many people especially with the email settings password - the number of times people go to edit some store settings, the browser "helpfully" pre-fills the email password with an incorrect one and then when you click on save, the correct password is over-written with this incorrect one. Try using a browser you have never used or better still clearing the saved auto-fill form data and better still disabling that in your browser completely. Saving and having any browser pre-fill passwords is
  2. It is the other way around. Invisible keys work for Invisible and "I am not a Robot" (formally called V2) but not the other way around. So always better to get and use Invisible keys regardless of which method people want to use.
  3. That is the whole point though and unless you have free or fixed price shipping world wide (or at least to all countries that you are willing to take orders from) then this step has to be there. If a customer is logged in, then the store knows their shipping address and can accurately work out shipping costs but a guest will see shipping (and tax) "estimates" based on the Store address (you can disable this feature). If your store is in the UK then estimated shipping and tax costs for a guest will be for the UK address of the store. Once an address is confirmed by a registered customer
  4. What do you mean by this - do you know which skin you want ? Any skin based on the stock foundation skin should be fully mobile friendly Drop me a PM if you would like specific help
  5. Your database and dB user names and passwords will almost certainly be different on your new hosting and you need to update the /includes/global.ini.php file with the new values Ian
  6. It is highly likely that the upgrade has failed and you are running a mix of versions - depending on what version you were upgrading from, this was a known issue and you will need to do a manual upgrade to fix the problem. Newer version of CubeCart rename the admin.php file to admin_xxxxxx.php where xxxxxx is a random set of letters so that is why the old admin.php is not working but the problem was that happened while upgrading occurred after the rename but before the upgrade had completed. Ian
  7. Firstly your hosting company should not really be automatically upgrading your PHP version due to issues like this but if you are running on 7.0 or below and they intend to remove support for this and 5.6 which are both out of security support, then this might be their way of prompting you to sort your website out to make it compatible. CubeCart runs perfectly under 7.2 so it is likely that the store that crashes has an ionCube encoded plugin which the other store doesn’t. You need to get a php 7.2 encoded version of all encoded plugins, do the php upgrade yourself and use ftp to upload t
  8. That might be the first one you came across but any purchased from @Noodleman or from us would be encoded and all would need to be replaced It isnt the version of the plugin that is important but which PHP version the files have been encoded for. Unfortunately @Noodleman hasnt updated the marketplace with recent versions and the PHP 5.6 and above version available there wont work. Get the PHP 7.2 version instead from https://www.noodleman.co.uk/downloads.html#multilevel_shipping
  9. If you change what version of PHP your account uses (and it is a very good idea to move from PHP 5.6 and go to PHP 7.2 both for security and speed) then you will also need to get PHP 7.2 encoded versions of any plugins you are using. Ensure you download 7.2 encoded versions of all encoded plugins Switch your hosting account to PHP 7.2 Use FTP or other file upload method to overwrite the PHP 5.6 encoded versions of the plugins with the newly download 7.2 versions Ian
  10. The codes for Invisible reCaptcha work for Invisible AND V2 but the codes for V2 ONLY work for V2 We have had a few clients reporting (and @Noodleman has also mentioned similar problems) intermittent issues when using the Invisible version but other sites use it without any complaints. These dont seem to be skin or hosting dependent but as far as I am aware nobody has looked into it further
  11. Well, you didn’t actually do anything last time as you indicated that it just stopped, so not surprising. As before, check for mod_security rule trips from your own IP address. Simple to check and assuming it is this (95% of 403 errors are caused by this) it is easy to prevent it from happening Ian
  12. We received one email regarding the invoice you mention very late last night (about the same time this was posted). No other emails and more importantly, no support ticket or contact via our site. In at least two answers in this thread alone, you say the plugin is great and covers so many features ! You do make a comment about functionality to provide credit for cancelled orders to re-apply to future orders but this is more of an accounting feature rather than a shopping cart one and is nothing at all to do with the admin entry of orders which our plugin facilitates. If you don’
  13. You won’t, at least not in CubeCart - this is a Hosting environment issue
  14. CubeCart works perfectly on PHP7.2 and if I was you, I would take up the following points with your hosting company as being pretty unprofessional 1) If they did the update without plenty of prior notice then that is wrong - there are plenty of things that upgrading the version of PHP can break 2) It is most likely that you are running a third party extension that has been encoded using ionCube and when updating the version of PHP, you would need to obtain a new version of that plugin encoded to run on PHP 7.2 However, this would be obvious from the PHP error_log file and server log
  15. I never heard back from Rob or anyone else regarding this and so with pressure of work, did nothing else with it. As I said previously, the plugin we developed worked extremely well at the time but it hasnt been looked at since and will no doubt need some work to bring it up to date with any API changes. If you want to register as a client on our site and create a support ticket, we can carry on the conversation there Ian
  16. They are easy to sort and I covered in previous topics on here (I dont have the url to hand but a search should find it). Missing or duplicated indexes will slow your site down - how much effect it will have will depend on the number of records in the affected tables but as a rule, I would suggest always sorting these issues out Ian
  17. Those were always a long shot - the cause of that error is almost always a server / hosting based problem generally a DNS issue and for them to claim it is a coding issue should set alarm bells ringing very loudly on many levels Ian
  18. What version of CubeCart are you running and have you made any changes to core code at all. What plugins are you using ? Any that affect category functionality especially any non-CubeCart developed ones ? Is this consistently happening with that one category but no others or is it intermittent. Extremely unlikely to be a "coding error" but unfortunately that is the typical response you get from 99% of hosting companies ! Ian
  19. Or you can change the All in One Shipping to use weight based charges with your pedigree papers having zero weight. You will be able to work out rates to exactly match what you have now and it will cope with any future possible expansion of new products
  20. Disabling cache is a bad idea and apart from during development phases, should not be needed. Why would you web host have brought this to your attention ? Cache files are generally very tiny and so disk space shouldn’t be an issue Ian
  21. If you make the changes to a copy of the live skin and not the actual skin you are using, then yes - you can change the "Allow users to change front-end skin" setting to "Yes (logged in admins only)"
  22. A 403 error is often caused by a mod_security rule trip so you will need to speak to your hosting company and find your which rule is being tripped and then take a judgment if you want it whitelisted (which whitelists it for your whole website, not just for you). Core CubeCart very (very) rarely trips any mod_security rules so it is likely to be some content within that page causing the issue
  23. So you can delete the plugin directory via the file manufacturer - that will restore access to the admin CP
  24. You installed the wrong version ! You need to ensure first that you have ionCube installed and then must install the correct version out of the three versions available, suitable for the version of ionCube installed on your hosting. You will need to delete the version installed and then install the correct version
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