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  1. Take a look at our Enhanced Manufacturer plugin from our list of available plugins here : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting You can do that and choose to display it either as a list or a drop down (or both !) and can see this displayed on our demo site https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk/fully-managed-cubecart-hosting.html
  2. Personally I think it is - less intrusive for customers and the keys for Invisible work for V2 (not vice versa though). You can see the Invisible working on our demo site https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk Your skin has to be coded to use both V2 and Invisible which current foundation is (as are our three skins) but most other skins arent
  3. Just to clarify - Invisible is not actually known as V3 - V3 is the recently released implementation that CubeCart doesnt yet support I have not heard of anyone being pissed off at sites using the Invisible method (as nobody but the most eagle-eyed customers will even realise that a reCaptcha is installed) and even V2 ("I am not a robot") isnt exactly troublesome. Agreed that the older versions with re-arranging images or typing in text from poorly photographed house numbers, were a real PITA
  4. It isnt a bug and github isnt the right place for it but also the features website seems to be working fine for me https://features.cubecart.com/ You might want to look at https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/dashboard-widgets-and-advanced-reports by @Noodleman as he has stated that he would be happy to add additional reports as / when required
  5. That error often occurs when you have the admin.php file (or hopefully it renamed) from a different version of CubeCart to the files in /admin directory (again hopefully renamed) - yet another common error when trying and failing to do an upgrade fully
  6. Take a look at our Enhanced Sorting plugin which has as one of its features the ability to sort the latest products in any order that you want to https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting
  7. Meta keywords are not used by any search engine and havent been for a large number of years so that part of it is pointless. Would never recommend having the meta description auto generated - SEO is hard enough for small E-Commerce stores without using poorly constructed data. Write unique and well crafted meta title and descriptions specific to each page and if you want something automatic that will provide far more benefit - install the Google & Pinterest schema.org Microdata plugin
  8. Over-complicating it and if it is an established site already then 301 wildcard redirect is mandatory unless you want to lose all indexed urls and link juice built up on the original domain !! No need for messing around like that - simply get the hosting company to change the domain name on the hosting account and create the 301 redirect - all in 20 seconds ? We have done it many times for clients
  9. Always, always create 301 redirects when making any url or domain changes. In this case a simple wildcard 301 redirect from the old domain to the new one
  10. That is correct and I dont think any other third party skins do anything with it except our Retail Therapy skin (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/retail-therapy-skin) which, in combination with our free Skin Configuration plugin, (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/havenswift-hosting-skin-configuration) gives you the option of displaying the short description under the Latest Products on the homepage. If you are interested in that skin but would like the short description displayed somewhere else,get in touch and I am sure that it can be added Thanks Ian
  11. This was introduced in 6.2.0 so if you think that you have upgraded to this or a higher version, then it means that the upgrade hasn’t been completed correctly - a very common problem
  12. This plugin will not work with a lot of third party skins - see https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2142
  13. Hi Nicolas That will be no problem - can you register on our website and open a support ticket with this same information and also include your website url. This plugin should never conflict with any other plugin - you just need to ensure that you follow the couple of minor skin changes as documented on the install tab Ian
  14. If / when an AfterPay payment gateway is written then it would be possible to add an admin option to add a percentage to any fee charged. You would need to check that this isnt against their Terms and Conditions (for example it is with PayPal and some others) and while not especially relevant to you (your customers would only be Australia or possible New Zealand) this is now illegal in all EU countries
  15. Pretty difficult to help much further with direct access to your site and server - your hosting company should be able to help here but you have said they are pretty useless although most hosting companies know nothing about your application. We had a few clients where their emails suddenly stopped sending and in all cases it was where the SMTP authentication in CubeCart (webmail and email clients were still fine) was failing due to the password having a special character in it - used to work fine but now doesnt
  16. You should always use Authentication (and still cant believe they are telling you to attempt to connect without it) but you do say that you tried various combinations with and without authentication. Try changing the password so that it doesnt have any special characters in it - so only use letters (upper and lower) and numbers - I am pretty sure that this will "solve" the problem
  17. I can’t see any reason why they would allow the use of an open SMTP relay - along with a whole host of other issues, it is the quickest way to get the Server IP blacklisted. What version of CubeCart are you running ? Do the EXACT same settings work if you set up the same account in an email client such as outlook ? Ian
  18. Your previous hosting company allowed open relay SMTP connections with no authentication - WOW ! That will almost certainly be your problem as I do t know of any reputable company that would allow that ! If the password is working for webmail then the most likely cause is the lack of authentication so try that first. Port 587 should be open but TLS connections can also sometimes be made via port 25 Ian
  19. Has it been logged as an issue - might be low priority but @Al Brookbanks cant get it fixed if it is not in the list. Always beneficial to sort these types of issues out to stop the error_log file filling up with pointless reports
  20. You shouldn't really have a .xml.gz AND a .xml version You dont have an image sitemap file - but then the built in function in CubeCart doesnt create one (we have a fantastic sitemap generator that creates images / news / video sitemaps as well as the standard sitemap and the program can be setup to run via cron so it is automatically created and has a large amount of configuration possible) Why would you want to disallow indexing of images ? Even without an image sitemap, the Google crawler can eventually pick up some images Ian
  21. We are running plenty of CubeCart sites on PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 and havent noticed any issues or had any reported by clients - in fact, on the servers we use for our Fully Managed CubeCart hosting, we only offer 7.1 and 7.2 ! PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are coming to end of life later this year and we are pushing clients to move to 7.1 or ideally 7.2 ASAP - as soon as they reach end of life, we will be removing them from most of our servers due to increasing security risks
  22. The rush to MariaDB was part valid and part "the latest thing" and was just what MySQL needed. We have stuck with MySQL on all production servers (even the very busiest ones) and I would recommend doing that - both work well and if any form of popular support for MariaDB still continues then they could keep leapfrogging each other so why introduce any complication. Except on the very busiest high transactional websites, nobody would ever notice any difference anyway
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