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  1. Thanks for the reference Brian - all our plugins are available for a seven day full functioning trial so you can test before purchasing Ian
  2. Version 1.8 has just been released and this contains a couple of minor bug fixes and layout enhancements plus also a lot of additional integrations and functionality improvements New features added in this release include * Integration with Smartlook - Take a look and sign up for your free account of this fantastic service here : https://www.smartlook.com/?_ak=QrCqPqfMK * Integration of Google Tag Manager code * Integration of Google Invisible ReCaptcha * Integration with Noodleman Absolute Option Matrix Prices plugin * Addition of accordion effect when using Mult
  3. There are so many people using this extension without understanding the PCI requirements for doing so - see https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/faq/#5. Of course, a huge number of people still dont bother with PCI at all !
  4. Hi Rob This is something we did as a V5 custom integration for a client a few years back and they were using it exclusively on their very busy (several hundred orders per day) store for quite a while. They have moved away from CubeCart now and have released this back to us but I havent looked at it in several years and have no idea whether it will work OK with current V6 although I would suspect that the vast majority of it will be fine although I remember that development and especially testing was pretty complex for a shipping module so it will need some time to look into it and valida
  5. Yes it is - 3D in test mode uses a USA based test card so it has to accept a Zip code (rather than UK postcode which cannot be entered). In test mode you get sent to a page where you can accept or decline teh 3D secure details and accepting works perfectly with a fully paid order at the end of it.
  6. Just installed the latest version of the Stripe gateway onto our demo store (https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk), configured it with Test card details and processed a test payment without any issues using a UK address but also tried it using a Spanish address and we have customers in both UK and Spain using it without any issues. If you are trying to test it, you must have your Stripe account in Test mode in order to view the test key details and those must be entered in the gateway configuration plus the test mode tick box must be ticked. You also have to use Stripe validated test cards sp
  7. @twistedsymphony - if you have any questions, please feel free to ask - a ticket via our website is likely to get seen quicker but a reply on here or a PM is fine @jka - thanks for the vote of confidence in the plugin and for buying it. As you discovered, the plugin calculates tax and shipping using what is already configured within your store. In terms of the customer seeing the order, yes they need to login and then it will appear on their Account | Order History page with an option to Complete Payment. An option to send the customer an email at the point when the admin user has creat
  8. This plugin does everything that you are looking to do (and a lot more !). The ability for the customer to complete payment after the admin has entered the order was added in the latest release (this is not a trivial piece of functionality !). As with all of our plugins, you can install a fully working 7 day trial to check it does everything that you need Ian
  9. We have a couple of clients using Stripe with no problems and use Stripe ourselves (not via CubeCart though but through our Hosting Billing software) and have to say they are a fantastic company to deal with - support is helpful and responsive and they are much cheaper than PayPal. Are you using the latest versions of the gateway and if CubeCart itself ? I don’t have the plugin installed on our test store so will have a go at doing that for you Ian
  10. Peter, Doing it manually gives you much more control and always works (assuming you copy the files up via FTP into the correct directories !). I would never consider doing it any way other than manually. Ian
  11. Sounds like they want to control the development of gateway plugins for their system although any new customer signing up would get these details that could be then used for development and testing. However, that type of attitude doesnt bode well for future support and is one simple example of why gateway development can be costly ! However, I would strongly recommend Stripe instead of pretty much any other gateway (and especially PayPal) as their service is considerably better, they are much cheaper and their system simply works unlike PayPal where our clients (and countless other users on
  12. Database changes are shown in the setup/db/upgrade directory - you can run any sql file required directly using phpMyAdmin Ian
  13. Peter It looks like a "standard" payment process - quotes are there because no two payment gateways are alike and take a reasonable amount of development and even more testing. If you want to have a go yourself, the best suggestion is to take a look at the code for one of the free / well established gateways (the SagePay one is quite good but check a couple of others) to see the flow and adjust where necessary Ian
  14. Having a directory per product may seem a little extreme but ALL store owners should really sub-divide images by category or some other logical sub-division, as it just makes many things so much easier - the number of times we have taken on clients that had 20,000 plus images all in one directory which is unwieldy in so many ways. Ian
  15. It would make the extensions marketplace much more useful for everybody if people downloading and using any type of extension could start using the review section. CubeCart V5 was designed to use plugins and skins that could be used without changing any core file, meaning users could easily add functionality to their stores and now V6 has built on that with the extensions marketplace providing the fantastic ability to install directly from within the store using tokens.
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