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  1. This type of thing is much more likely to be a hosting setup / configuration issue anyway rather than a CubeCart problem but can also confirm that have recently been doing a lot of testing with CubeCart on Edge and havent come across any compatibility issues at all Ian
  2. The developer will probably / should be releasing a new version of the skin to take account of all of the skin changes included in this recent version. However, if you are using a modified version, then that update will not automatically apply to your store and you should chat to the developer about this. If you dont make all the front end skin changes then you wont be able to take advantage of any fixes / new functionality that has been added - you may say that you dont need this functionality but it is always best to stay fully up to date because the situation simply gets worse and wor
  3. Do you have "Allow physical orders even if no shipping options are available" ticked in Store settings ? If not, then you will need to look closely at the configuration of your shipping module as something you have set there is going to be allowing free shipping
  4. Not surprised as they had only allocated 32 MB of RAM - that as a default for hosting accounts is just crazy !
  5. Just launched https://www.grandies.co.uk for a client - probably one of the more unusual CubeCart stores you will ever see ! No categories, no products in the store but three subscription based products with the subscription functionality taken care of by a third party business. They operate only in the UK but seems like a great new business idea especially in the current climate where it is difficult or impossible to see older friends or relatives !
  6. OK great - difficult to advise people to use phpMyAdmin as it can cause so many problems if used wrong but glad you figured it out
  7. While this is relatively easy to do, if you dont know how to use phpMyAdmin, then I would not ever recommend you starting to learn / play with it on a live database as you are manipulating the data directly.
  8. Yes, if you have phpMyAdmin it is relatively straight forward
  9. And what exactly is it that is babble and what dont you understand ??? Understand you are a newbie around here but maybe try explaining yourself a little better
  10. OK first thing I would say is move to a different hosting company. Assuming that this isnt your own server that you are responsible for managing, if there was a server problem, sites should have been restored back to a point in time shortly before the problem by them. Whoever restores a backup, it should never create a mess - that is the point of a backup ! A reinstall should never be needed and indicates that something is seriously wrong somewhere. PayPal Commerce is now the only supported plugin which is causing some people issues and these have been addressed in other threads on h
  11. As Brian says, this is just plain laziness from your hosting company and it should be a standard step for all hosting servers. You are not able to do it yourself as it requires root access to the server
  12. @Al Brookbanks do you have a comment as I understand that you have to develop under a strict set of guidelines and the integration has to be signed off by them ? Ian
  13. I doubt if you will find any CubeCart users using Redis - we currently dont have any (after using it almost exclusively due to the historical problems that CubeCart had with memcached which were sorted a while back). Redis is installed on a couple of our servers because it hasnt been taken off of a few yet but in terms of being used, it is only on our Magento sites, where it is especially useful for Full Page Cache
  14. REDIS and memcached both work well with CubeCart. REDIS is not officially supported by cPanel whereas memcached is. REDIS takes a bit more configuration, especially if using it with more than a single site on a server
  15. That is terrible but unfortunately you are not the only one with a similar story ! The chances are that most plugins will continue to work at least for a while but of course as more changes are made to CubeCart, the more chance there is of that happening. Also, if they have stopped trading which now seems increasingly likely, then there is no support and no upgrades etc. If you, or anyone wants to get in touch with a view to replacing any plugin, then please get in touch and we can discuss
  16. A single very low volume user on a fast server and especially with fast SSD disks will not see noticeable or measurable differences. However, even on medium sized sites there are massive performance benefits and the larger the site, the bigger the benefit. In addition, multiple sites on one server will see bigger performance gains. Almost no hosting companies will install REDIS on any form of shared hosting server and even memcached is not installed that often. We had REDIS and memcached on all of our servers but are moving away from using REDIS on new server builds in favour of memcac
  17. I dont know what the problem is as have no direct contact with this developer and he hasnt been active on this forum for many years, however, there have been many reports both on here and from many of our own customers stretching back over the last couple of years of long wait times or no replies to emails which seem to have gotten worse over the last couple of months. Have a search on these forums for previous posts. The website has been suspended since the weekend and while oversights can happen, it is looking increasingly likely that they are no longer trading.
  18. I really wouldnt go to all that bother - simply wait until 6.4.0 has been released. It isnt likely to be long although it doesnt help that very few people are testing it ! If you would like to help then installing 6.4.0 beta into a new domain or sub-domain and doing some detailed testing would be a big help
  19. This is not a CubeCart error but sounds like your hosting company havent configured the server correctly to work with memcached. This has to be correctly installed / configured under each different version of PHP Ian
  20. If you want to be able to do that, then look at @Noodleman plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options
  21. I would be quite careful for several reasons : 1) The plugin hasnt been updated in over two years - while this doesnt necessarily mean anything by itself, CubeCart has moved on a lot in 2 years 2) It isnt just the demo site that is suspended, the whole website is suspended - this again could be a temporary oversight and may be back online any time soon or may mean a lot more. 3) There have been numerous complaints over quite a long period of time from users and many posts on these forums about not hearing back from this developer both for paid development work and also support
  22. That is something I completely agree with though - not sure if the new PayPal Commerce does that or not but wouldnt be surprised and if so would also be a major blocking point in terms of adopting this plugin for a large number of clients (maybe everyone as who wants to take the chance !)
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