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  1. Neither CubeCart core or any plugins will have hard coded paths - you can pick up a store and move hosting or even move it to a new domain. That developer disappeared a while back and seems unlikely to ever come back - however, all plugins will still work. You could try clearing cache but otherwise your best bet is to go back to your hosting support. They know their hosting environment and they did the transfer so they *should* be best placed to look into this.
  2. I can confirm that this fixes this issue as well - thanks Brian !
  3. @RossF1984 What makes you say that it appears to be a memory issue ? While I cant claim that CubeCart uses memory in the most efficient way, it is far from the worst application out there and unless you have specific error messages indicating this, I dont understand where that statement is coming from? It is possible of course, that your hosting environment is limited to a very small amount of per process memory but that would clearly show in the PHP error log files (and would have nothing to do with the .htaccess file !). It also depends on when this issue is happening - as @bsmither says, issues with memory around images can cause issues
  4. The OP didn’t actually say that just that they were on PHP 7.4.x but they are hosted with us and their PHP version has recently changed from 7.3 to 7.4
  5. Hi Huzaifa It sounds like it was far from successful - you should go back to them and tell them of these problems and get them to fix them - they are not CubeCart issues but are likely hosting resource or configuration issues. Non specialist companies like this are quick to take your money and not so quick or knowledgeable about issues
  6. It isn’t the move from CC6.4.2 to CC6.4.3 that specifically causes this but moving from PHP 7.3.X to PHP 7.4.X The errors with the foreach statement in tax.class.php are exactly the same, PHP related
  7. These occur under PHP 7.4.X but haven't seen them previously under 7.3.X - can confirm that your changes to cubecart.class.php fixes that problem. I am also seeing the same two errors in tax.class.php also only under PHP 7.4.X
  8. Changing sub-domains to be main domains / accounts is something that can only be done by the server cPanel admin so you would need to speak to your hosting company and explain exactly what you want
  9. If they can choose to pay either $5 OR $6 while still paying by PayPal then that *might* be acceptable but if you think that simply choosing PayPal allows you to add $1 then that breaches their and most card providers T&C. In addition, adding card processing fees to the total is illegal in U.K. and whole of EU
  10. Use a file diff program to compare your version against core files and then you will see what changes you have made
  11. Really depends what you mean by manually processing orders - what is it you are doing and how do you want it to be different ? Ian
  12. Take a look at https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/attached-documents This was designed to add printed documents such as PO Import / Export documentation etc but can easily be used for any type of attachment
  13. Not missing a trick at all - that functionality doesnt exist in core - it is included along with a mass of other features as part of our Enhanced Admin Order Entry plugin : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-admin-order-entry
  14. lol - only recently added although that does mean it is at the front in every CubeCart store !
  15. This is simple to do and is one specific use case for this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/duplicate-cc-or-bcc-or-block-sending-of-order-emails and have quite a few clients using it simply for TrustPilot or other similar applications
  16. A category cannot be deselected within the plugin although this is a trivial task via a MySQL statement. However, if the product status or the category status is disabled, then products would not be selected anyway Ian
  17. Yes it will work on 7.4 as well - I will change the naming of the zip file to 7.2 and above
  18. It is communicating with the database fine - you would get a different error message if that was the case This means either the database user and / or the password are incorrect. You should check these values and then manually update them in includes/global.inc.php
  19. This is a possible solution, but it does mean that orders sitting at Pending have stock allocated against them blocking it from being available to other users, unless the auto-expire number of seconds is very low which should then release the stock and make it available again. This however, can cause it's own problems
  20. Hi Brian I would be willing to take a look and do some testing for you although if @Al Brookbanks is thinking of including it in core then really he needs to check and approve the code Send me a PM with the details and I will take a look Ian
  21. I wasn’t talking about his reply but the earlier one ! Nonsense reply which they then edited to add a link.
  22. Thanks - I will upgrade a couple of stores having problems and hopefully this will make it better
  23. Their reply is spam - they have added an external link to your quoted text. It will be removed soon and the offender banned
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