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  1. What problems is this actually causing to your site ?
  2. IE7 is much better - you do still have some differences between IE7 and IE8 but minor
  3. Where are you getting this error ? Have you tried re-installaing back the backup that you took before doing the upgrade ? Regards Ian
  4. Hi I have not heard of this problem or of anyone else getting this. Do you have any mods installed on your store. If not then you could and should upgrade to the latest version. Regards Ian Havenswift-hosting
  5. What was the problem ? Can you share the solution in case others are having the same problem Thanks Ian
  6. The version of CubeCart that comes as an installable product via Fantastico with most versions of CPanel is usually a recent version but not necessarily the latest. Regards Ian
  7. This is down to the design of the skin that you are using - there isnt enough space to fit all of the possible information. You have two solutions, only ever make the product name long enough so that it fits on one line or make changes to the skin template so that you can fit in more space. Ian
  8. Hi As I said previously, I have many clients that have many thousands of customers, the largest isnt quite 30,000 but isnt far short and is well over the 500 quoted as being a problem. If your client or you is concerned, then it is easy to generate a database with this number of dummy customers and check the performance on the server that you intend to host the site. Regards Ian
  9. A lot will also depend on the hosting platform and in particular the speed of the server where the database is stored. I dont look after any stores that have anywhere near 4000 categories (and cant ever imagine why you would want that many ?). However, many of my customers' sites have well over 500 registered customers without any problems - several have many thousands without any problems Regards Ian
  10. You dont say whether yours is a standard 3.0.17 installation or whether you have had any mods applied. If standard then the upgrade is pretty straight forward as long as you have FTP access and have a little bit of technical knowledge. Remember to take a full backup of every file and also of the database before you start though just in case Regards Ian
  11. Yes it has changed recently but dont worry about it - as far as I can see the board admin has just changed the name of the group and it wont affect you using the boards at all Regards Ian
  12. We have a very small customer base at the moment, this stat was taken from google. could you possibly please take a screen shot as it what it looks like on your end? and im with you on the bg, working on some new photos of leather as we speak i'm trying to compress things as much as I can now to speed up the load times and will soon add return to previous page links on each page. any other advice would be great thanks Browser split does vary a lot depending on site and visitor profile but typical values that I get across all of sites that I host would be something like IE 60% - 65%, FF 25% - 30%, Safari 4% - 6% and Chrome 2% the rest being made up by odds and ends. Screenshot attached - you can just about see the writing at the bottom of the right hand colum - this is in IE8. As you have said you have quite a lot of problems with IE7 but you also have problems with IE6 and earlier as well Regards Ian
  13. Your embeded url is incorrect - got an extra http:// in there ! 93% are using Firefox ? wow - that is extremely unusual. Site is certainly different and will probably fit the market that you are aiming at very well - but the tiled background is a little messy for my personal taste and it is very difficult to read some of the text on parts of the front page.
  14. Hi All of the above suggestions are good and will give you fairly immediate response especially if you are geared up for wholesale business and advertising of whatever sort is obviously key. What a lot of people dont realise is that the effort has to be consistent and it will take time. Ultimately, the key to getting visitors to your website is spending a lot of time (or money) to get SEO done and then keeping that work going. If you have a niche product / website then it is obviously easier than if you are in a very competative market as you are. If you are going to pay somebody else to do, make sure you ask them plenty of questions and see work they have done previously - there are many companies out there who claim a lot, charge a lot and dont deliver. Best wishes Ian
  15. Hi The global.inc.php file is pretty straight forward, you just need to change rootRel and storeURL to make the correct path Regards Ian
  16. Hi Emma It is very difficult to tell what is going on without access to your system however, my guess would be that something has changed or gone wrong with your .htaccess file - have you switched on SEF url's recently or made changes tothe .htaccess file. Ian
  17. Hi You will get some support days when you purchase a CubeCart licence and you can also purchase top up support through the same control panel. Is it expensive ? It is quite a lot of money but I suppose it depends what your level of expertise is and what it is worth to you. up to 3 months, is $29.95 per month up to 6 months, is $24.95 per month 12 months or more is $19.95 per month Regards Ian
  18. Hi Emma What changes have you made to your system recently and when was he last time that you know that this was working ? The url that is being constructed for the write review is only a partial url and will never work as it is Ian
  19. Hi It is possible to add a product to more than one category but not through the Import Catalog function - that only allows the main category to be specified. If you want to add a product that is already on your system into another category though, it is very easy. Go to View Products from the Admin menu and then click on Manage categories which is a link under the Master category column heading for each product. You can add a product to as many categories as you like Regards Ian
  20. Hi Did you find the solution to this ? The problem is probably to do with mod_rewrite and having a rule in the .htaccess file that is causing this. Have you made any changes to this file or have you switched on SEO Friendly url's in the General Settings recently ? Regards Ian
  21. Did you get your problem sorted out ?
  22. Hi Jamie Glad you got it sorted out and that I could help. If you cant fix the remaining issues, give us a shout Best wishes Ian
  23. Hi Tim If you are on a shared hosting plan it should already be installed for you by the web hosting company - however there are many hosting companies out there that still dont install this as standard. If you are on a VPS or a dedicated server then it is possible to download and install this yourself What is your situation ? Best wishes Ian
  24. Hi This can be caused by two possible problems : 1) You didnt upload the files in binary mode when you FTP'd the upgrade files to your server 2) The version of the the Zend Optimiser that is installed on your server is not compatible and is likely to be an old version If you took a full backup of all the files and the database before you started the upgrade then you will be able to restore back to that point without any problems What version were you upgrading from ? Check and see what version of Zend is installed and compare against the minimum requirements Best wishes Ian
  25. I have used CubeCart for many years both as a user on my own stores but also installing for my own clients and as vokf has said you are very unlikely to find any package that will do everything that you want - I think CubeCart offers a very wide range of functionality at a very reasonable price. You specifically asked about support from the software authors and even with the experience and knowledge that I have built up, I always have a running support contract with Devellion and wouldnt be without it. As this is your first foray into using CubeCart you should certainly have some sort of software support contract whether that is direct or via a hosting company that offer a specific support agreement as part of the hosting. Good luck ! Ian
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