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  1. Hi Jeff I like the simplicity of your site - it is clean and easy to read. However, as far as your SEO and page ranking is concerned, you unfortunately have a very long way to go. You have a google Page Rank of zero as far as I can see across the board and there are so many things that you could do to improve your search engine positioning, I'm not sure where to start ! lol There are some simple things that you can do ; 1) Pay for the copyright removal - at the moment (Powered by CubeCart) takes up more than half of your title and appears on every single page. Getting a good title tag is vital to positioning and ensuring that it is unique and as descriptive as possible will have the biggest effect 2) Dont call all your products the same or similar thing - Handmade Cards being a case in point. With the way that standard SEO works in CubeCart this is also a big no-no If you sorted those two things out, you would be part the way there but there are so many other things that could be done. It comes down to time and money ! Good luck Ian
  2. I think you will find people that do all of the above. Which one you choose will really depend on your particular business. If you often have items that are out of stock then obviously dont take immediate payment. I mainly use Protx for payments on a variety of sites that I run but as most of products that these sites sell are either in stock or are custom made (and therefore require up front payment) it isnt an issue for me to always take immediate payment.
  3. Hi Did you get anywhere with your install or are you still having problems ? Ian
  4. Hi For anyone interested in doing a manual upgrade from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1, I have attached a list of the changed (plus 1 new) files. If you have an installation that doesnt have any changes or mods installed then upgrade using the CubeCart standard upgrade procedure. If you have made changes then you can use this list to decide which files can be overwritten using the standard release and which need to be manually changed using the File Difference Report that is available in these forums. Good luck Ian 4.3.0_to_4.3.1_Differences.zip
  5. Hi If you are still having on-going problems with the installation let me know and I'll try to help Ian
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