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  1. Registration problem on website?

    Nothing's changed in months, Was working a few days ago, I believe, but not now.
  2. Registration problem on website?

    no. htaccess files have not been changed. I've compared with a backup from 2016 - and I've also re-uploaded the files from that backup by ftp. no difference. Very puzzled at this point.
  3. Running cc 6.0.1 - now have registration problem for new customers on website. If you go to http://www.asllocksshop.co.uk/login.html and try to register, it comes up with "too many redirects", instead of taking me to the registration page. I've tried changing www in various places, seems to make no difference. Grateful for any help Dave
  4. Hi, running cubecart v6.0.1 on PHP v5.3.3, with "foundation" skin - finding that in Admin, if customers have not selected a "state" from the dropdown menus on the delivery or billing addresses, the addresses then come up with a "0" in the "state" line of the address. Many customers are leaving it (state, aka county) unfilled as they are in London, and this is generating an unwanted 0 in a line below town, but above postcode, in addresses. I'd like to be able to either suppress this, have a default state setting, or force customers to select a state. Any help or advice gratefully received.