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  1. So I just made use of a GA Debugger for Chrome.  It output the verbage you were looking for however it does appear the parameters you mentioned were in the previous images except as 1-3 letter abbreviations of sorts.


    I think the issue has been found!!  If you look in the attached image below, look at around the 6th line there is a triangle next to "The tracking Id should only be of the format UA-NNNNNN-N".  However if you look up two lines "ga(create, 1, auto)" or go down a little further "trackingId" (&tid) both are set as "1".  This should be my GA tracking number.


    As an additional test, I went in and removed "{/literal}{$ANALYTICS}{literal}" from the skin/templates/main.php and replaced it with my GA tracking code.  I then completed an order and there were no more warnings and the GA tracking code was correctly shown in the log.  I did go to google analytics to see if it received the data but nothing showed.  I believe it takes a bit for that information to populate on the GA side so I will check tomorrow.


    So now the hunt to find where the issue lies in CC core code.  Perhaps the dashes are causing the issue?  Well hopefully this will be easier to find than the whole cause of this data not reporting!  Let me know what you come up with and I will test if necessary.  Thanks

  2. Guess the posts overlapped.  You are exactly right.  After a successful transaction the customer is sent to the receipt page or rather the "/index.php?_a=complete" page.  This page does have the ability to print the receipt as well.


    Upon looking for additional entries after the ecommerce.js ...there are 3 additional pertaining to the analytics ecommerce data.  I have attached all three screenshots of "params".  It looks like the data is there (hopefully none of it is sensitive).  Let me know if you need something else in addition to these.

    I completed a test order quite a bit earlier and have left the resulting success / receipt page open.  Therefore I have all the net traffic info from when that page was loaded.  Oops forgot the attachments again!

  3. I know it's not in the js but there was a decent amount of changes made back in 5.2.11 to the skin/template/content.receipt.php file regarding the ecommerce analytics.  Perhaps that may point you in the right direction?


    I have been hosted with Ian at Havenswift for a few years now.  He was doing some custom work for me back in V4 and I was very happy with the quality of work completed.  I decided to use his hosting and I am very glad I did.  The hosting and support he provides is second to none!  I have used others (I won't give names) that were so slooowww and support was the same.  His servers are blazing fast.  You would not go wrong steering anyone his direction.  By the way, he did ask me if I minded him putting the link there...for me the fact is that he has provided amazing support and decent priced hosting so it didn't bother me to advertise his service in the footer of my site.  By no means was it required.

  4. Hi bsmither, I can corroborate my findings.


    Using the correct access code, downloads the export.

    Using the wrong access code takes me to the admin control panel login screen.


    Looking further at the successful feed the layout looks all wrong.  The data from the next product is showing up at the end of the product before it, etc.


    I looked briefly at the google export feed and it has a correct layout.  Let me know if you were looking for something else.

  5. Does the analytics.js pertain to ecommerce data or is that only for visitor stats / tracking?  If it is responsible for the visitor information (return customers, time on the site, etc) then you would be correct as all that data is showing in the google analytics.  The data that is missing is the ecommerce data that pertains to the number of transactions, sales amounts, etc.  In the previously attached image there is "No tracker found" and "Transaction id is a required field".  I cannot understand any of the rest of it but it seems to say that it didn't receive that data.  So it appears that ecommerce.js pertains to the transaction information.  I probably am wrong but figured I would mention it anyway.


    I didn't put the havenswift link at the bottom of the page but I think Ian at havenswift placed it there.  It is hard coded in, not in the store settings.  Why do you ask?  Is it causing an issue?

  6. I have installed the firebug add-on and was able to find the traffic to and from https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js from non checkout pages.  This receives data response but I don't know how you make any sense out of that information.


    I then went through and processed a transaction to get to the receipt page, that supposedly sends the data to google ua.  After I processed the transaction I actually got communication with "ecommerce.js" with the address "https://www.google-analytics.com/plugins/ua/ecommerce.js".  See the attached image.  Looking at that response it appears no transaction information is being sent over to google ua.  Is that what you see?


    My site address is:



    Thank you for your help on this!

    Sorry, I forgot the attachment.  Here ya go...

  7. Thank you for that suggestion bsmither.


    I did as suggested and placed a couple orders using "vanilla" stock skin.  No ecommerce data was sent.  Thinking, it may take a while for google to display the data, I have waited about 24 hours and can still confirm that no ecommerce data is being sent.  So it doesn't appear to be the third party skin.  Where should I go now?

  8. Hi,
    Upon going to google analytics and attempting to look at the number of transactions and other related ecommerce data, I noticed all zeros. I have gone back in the history to figure out when it stopped receiving the ecommerce data and it appears that update 5.2.11 has broken the data transmission for my site. This is the same update that switched the google analytics over to universal analytics, from what I understand.

    I am currently using 5.2.13 and also using the blueprint skin from Shopdev. The same code modifications that were made by CC to the stock skins have also been made to my skin but apparently google still isn't receiving the data. Is anyone else having this problem?
    If you are using 5.2.11 and later and are using the blueprint skin from shopdev, Is your ecommerce data showing in google analytics?  I am trying to see if anyone else is having this issue or if it is my site that is causing the problem.

    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi,


    Sorry in advance for the long message here but I think this is a pretty big issue for those who use paypal pro as payment processor with CC5.  I have a bug ticket submitted with the developers at CC with the hopes they will get this fixed quickly.  I am on here attempting to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.  I am attempting to test cubecart V5 with paypal pro gateway and I have enabled some "advanced fraud filters" in our paypal account.


    Upon doing test transactions I am experiencing some bugs in cubecart.  I will try to add the test sequence as best I can so please bear with me.  I add the items to the basket, then go through checkout and make it to the payment screen.  I input the credit card number with the correct exp date, and correct cvv code.  I assure the billing address is all correct for the credit card and hit submit.  Everything goes through fine and I get the "order_processing" message on the page that loads following the payment.  Success!!


    Now I want to test my fraud filters, to ensure the transactions decline as they should.  In the fraud filters I have set to decline transactions where the exp date or cvv code are a mismatch.  So I input the credit card number however I then input the wrong exp date and cvv code with the correct address and hit submit.  The result is only a page refresh.  The only thing that has changed on the resulting page is the cvv code is missing.  There is NO payment declined message or any kind of message for that matter.  I then re-input the cvv and tried it again the same way and the same thing happens...no message.  So a customer would be confused as to what to do at this point with no indication of what is going on.  I went into our paypal account and I can see where the payment hit the filters and denied the payment.  After looking at the request logs it appears that paypal is sending a response, it just isn't be processed by cubecart and providing a message to the customer.  Also in the language file it doesn't appear there is any setting for a declined payment message, only an order_failed message.


    I then did further testing on the advanced filters.  I have placed in the filters on paypal to flag the payment for "review" in the event of an AVS Partial Match.  This means that either the billing address or the zip code (not both) match the billing information provided by the bank for verification.  An order hitting this filter with the "review" setting should leave the order in pending status and display the order_pending message.  So I do the test with the correct address but wrong zip code and it displays the errors_detected message along with a message, that originates from paypal, that says something in regard to "the payment is set for review by your settings in advanced fraud filters".  A customer shouldn't see this message.  That should be a message sent to the admin only, not the customer!


    Ultimately I am trying to do final testing and launch this V5 site to replace the current V4 store that keeps clearing the customer's basket!  I am losing customers daily and need to place this new site up asap.


    Anyone else tested this and experiencing this with the paypal plugin??




  10. I was made aware of new requirements for the google product feeds and was wondering if there is a plan for an update for this. Here is a link to the google page:


    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  11. Yes this site is modded up pretty good. What is your suggestion for fixing this. I haven't even launched the store yet and I don't really want to have to try to upgrade already, especially with all the mods. Is there anything else I can do?

    What problems is this actually causing to your site ?

    I guess it isn't really causing any problems to the site. I was mainly trying to just get rid of the error before it did start to cause problems. I guess maybe I need to let the site work and see then what it is going to do.

  12. Yes this site is modded up pretty good. What is your suggestion for fixing this. I haven't even launched the store yet and I don't really want to have to try to upgrade already, especially with all the mods. Is there anything else I can do?

  13. I just went into my server error logs and found that this error is listed over and over and over. Can someone please let me know what is wrong.

    I am running cc v4.1.1

    Error log:

    PHP Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /hermes/web01/b1599/as.offshoreparts/public_html/includes/functions.inc.php on line 95

    Here is the code that it is pointing to:

    ## Sanitize GET variables to prevent XSS attacks

    function sanitizeVar($text) {

    $text = htmlspecialchars($text, ENT_COMPAT);

    return $text;

    If i'm not mistaken this line of code was changed as a security update several months back. Does anyone know what this should say to make it not throw an error? Thanks in advance to all replies!!

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