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  1. For some reason I can't seem to print orders. When you go to print an invoice from the admin area, it's going to the page with this in the address bar: admin.php?_g=orders&node=index&sort%5Border_date%5D=DESC&print%5B0%5D=123456-123456-1234 But then just loading the page with the list of orders. If you try to print from order overview, it goes here: admin.php?_g=orders&node=index&print[]=1123456-123456-1234 But then just shows the page with the list of orders on again. Anyone got any idea where it's going wrong?
  2. In v5 I had if($prodArray[0]['price'] == "0.00") { $view_prod->assign("TXT_PRICE_VIEW","FREE"); } Is it possible to add a similar line of code in v6? If so, where do I find it? Thanks
  3. Right, I think I know what the _a is. I just changed line 322 from _a to "testing" and after paying got sent to "http://www.site.com/index.php?cart_order_id=141009-203928-6031&testing=complete" It returned me to the homepage rather than the order page and hasn't added the transaction to transactions. So i'm guessing that _a is telling the store that the payment has been completed?
  4. Could A not be something to do with the A at the end of the Callback URL? "siteurl.com/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=SagePay&cart_order=631636-363616-6313A" Does that not just seem to coincidental? When using XOR there was an X on the end of this URL to tell the store that it had been sent using XOR. Or.... Line 322: httpredir(currentPage(array('_g', 'type', 'cmd', 'module'), array('_a' => 'complete'))); _a => complete Is that to tell the script that the payment has been completed? Also, any idea what "ReferrerID" is on line 244? Should that be related to the store? Or is it that just an ID relating to CubeCart?
  5. Is the squared bracket after _GET a typo again? EDIT: SagePay GET Keys: Array ( [0] => _g [1] => type [2] => cmd [3] => module [4] => cart_order_id [5] => _a )
  6. SagePay - SQS: _g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=SagePay&cart_order_id=141009-193950-4190&[email protected]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 SagePay - SRU: /index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=SagePay&cart_order_id=141009-193950-4190&[email protected]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
  7. I've taken the line out that caused the blank page. Have just sent you a pm with the store URL.
  8. Actually ignore me saying it's lightspeed. Where would I find that?
  9. Looking at this page: https://clients.evohosting.co.uk/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=81 They're all the same format of numbers?
  10. I've asked my host about it and they suggested switching the account to use their custom PHP 5.4 build: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54 .php At the top of the htaccess file, but that just threw up a blank page?
  11. When we upgraded it won't have made a difference on PHP versions I guess as we were using the other type of verification on the old SagePay gateway and if you look at the thread I linked at the start of this thread, it seems we were having those problems way back then, I just worked around the way the payment was made, which is now no longer an option?
  12. GET /index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=SagePay&cart_order_id=141007-153513-2593&[email protected]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 HTTP/1.1" 302 26 "https://live.sagepay.com/gateway/service/authorisation" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/37.0.2062.124 Safari/537.36" ?
  13. I do have a list of raw access details, but it's a big list of files loaded etc. What should I look for?
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