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  1. Anyone out there know how to completely disable the new letter feature on cc6 its a feature I have never used or needed, I'm completely fed up with spammers, Please no advice about capture, just on how to completely disable the newsletter feature Many thanks in advance
  2. BTW it looks as though I'm having the same problems as this post:
  3. Many thanks for the offer but every time I play around with the code other problems occur!!! Is it possible to completely disable the newsletter subscriptions, Ive already stared out the {*mail_list*} in the main.php but this does not stop subscribe to newsletter when signing on or in the 'Your Account' page
  4. I really just want to know the anatomy of a spammer & a spam bot with Cubecart? What is the point of the query strings I gave in the earlier post, how does this help a spammer, I realise legitimate bots (web crawlers) such as Google & MS scan web pages to update their interweb databases but why do spammers do it. BTW there is no way in stopping this web crawler process (apart from htaccess ) as these bots do not log on. Anyone running a Cubecart shop should check their 'Statistics/users Online page' to see what I mean, I'll bet most popular Cubecart shops will have these web crawl
  5. Kuroutu is the only skin that works for me. I don't think I have the tell a friend feature, I cant see it when looking at products logged in or out as a customer
  6. Capture does not work with this skin.
  7. I'm using Kuroutu skin which I don't think supports captcha.
  8. I'm getting spammers constantly attacking my site by either registering or just scanning my site. As soon as I block one using HTACCESS another joins. I'm unable to use captcha as it does not seem to be supported by Kurouto. I've switched off emailing so as to stop these bots using my email client to spam others Also I'm constantly being scanned by spammer bots, as shown by users online which have not registered, I realise some of these I are legitimate bots but most are not, of which the spamming IP address below is black listed on https://www.abuseipdb.com/ , see below, (BTW I've alter
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