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  1. The inbuilt tools do the bulk of the work for you. Afaik, best practice is to truncate as much as possible and remove any special characters, the inbuilt tool will do the latter you'd need to do the rest yourself. If you take the title of your product; Using the tool that'd be But you'd probably want to remove as much as possible extra information without reducing the actual information, just "hat" would be the purest seo but loses too much description so; Would the "best" seo result, least as far as I understand it. You need to rebuild your google search asap, submitting your site map and google shopping links to the new ones should fix that with a day or two, google crawls alot. Your internal links should dynamically update, as far as cubecart is concerned there is a lookup table against your item id and seo link, unless you've hard coded the links for some reason.
  2. Spam is annoying but I think the answer to the initial question is pretty easy; {if $PRODUCT.ctrl_sale} {if $PRODUCT.sale_price>120} Free Shipping {if} {else} {IF $PRODUCT.price>120} Free Shipping {/if} {/if} + whatever skin styling you want
  3. I did request it as a feature a while back. Most couriers provide some form of tracking these days, all of them that I use do so manually adding the tracking numbers each day is very time consuming and I keep getting asked about it. In theory it shouldn't be that hard to do, it's a bit beyond my skill level, when I get a bit of free time in a month or so, I'll have a crack at it (on the test site as i'm 90% sure I'll nuke the store if I do it live, I have previous :D).
  4. I finished the switch from my old skin to a somewhat modified version of Dillion. https://www.kencospares.com I'm not 100% happy with it, didn't really understand why I was having issues, dillion is based on Bootstrap 3.3.7, which is a tad out of date. At some point I'll update it to use 4.6, the differences didn't seem like that big a deal. 5.3 seemed to utterly break the navbar, would take more work that I want to get into at anypoint never mind some mythical future.
  5. mate, tell me about it, I spent 20 minutes today uploading content.product.php instead of element.product.call_to_action.php and getting mad that it wouldn't update.
  6. Any changes to skin would be cached locally as well. so CTRL+F5'ing in your browser is usually sufficient, but just a clear Cache on the top right of the Admin pages is usually all that's needed to make skin changes appear.
  7. That makes the same issue load but without the need to modify the skin, the buttons appear for a second then disappear.
  8. yeah, I figured that, so is this section to display the element only were all things are true and display it there? cause I can see to get it to post for like half a second then it goes away with this $placement issue, which appears to be some bootstrap thing.
  9. The PayLater messaging appears to be cause I don't have it enabled on that paypal account, so that would explain that Still can't get the alternative Paypal buy button to show up for more than a few seconds, with my attempts to cheat "product":{"dom":".product_wrapper #main_content form .row .row:last-child"} even changing that to just be the id of the div, causes the above errors. It also doesn't show on the main page, just category and checkout. I figured it was because dillion removed the #main_content id, but even adding it back made no difference.
  10. I don't see any of the Pay Later messaging showing up in any skin and I can only get the paypal button to appear in Foundation on the product page itself. thought I had one of them sorted it needs a change to "config.foundation.json" but it flickers up for a second then outputs a crap load of errors; {description: 'Expected one of ["home", "category", "product", "cart", "payment"] but received "$placement".', location: 'placement', timestamp: '1677596745015'} js?client-id=AeYlxqQ3Mm1IkVdrJQL2tr0nh8qDl6_lWosWnZh_kK2nMZuNYhLzMLO9_6t1yuSVf9uephcoudClXpa0&merchant-id=URJL4JF9VRTT8&currency=EUR&components=messages,buttons&enable-funding=paylater&commit=false:2 unhandled_error {err: 'Error: zoid destroyed all components\n at https:…ns&enable-funding=paylater&commit=false:2:447499)', timestamp: '1677596745184', referer:
  11. I've updated it to 6.4.10, I think, I'm quite a bit away from testing it in a live environment, I'll double check it closer to the time https://wolvenzero.co.uk/dillion.zip EDIT: I missed about 3 minor things/ went overboard in the product options section so fixed that (thanks bsmither!) https://wolvenzero.co.uk/dillionv1.01w.zip
  12. look in your, includes/global.inc.php file it'll have the Admin URL.
  13. I think since Nitefox handed them over they haven't been updated as Cubecart only really supports Foundation. Since the skin I use, also hasn't been updated since it's developer went AWOL, and I wanted to add features, I figured it'd be easier to update from 6.4.3 than 6.2 whatever the hell it was made for. So, I was looking to move over Dillion and modifying that as it isn't a million miles away from what I currently use. I've been putting it off for at least a week, If it's not too hard I can have a look at upgrading these to all 6.4.10 or maybe documenting the process a bit , #nopromises. EDIT:: Yeah, I'm 20% through just documenting this and it's 14 pages, I'm more than likely not doing this for all of them
  14. try disconnecting and reconnecting your paypal account? Seems like a bug with one of the keys from the error displayed.
  15. that all looks fairly correct to me. So it's not taking the paypal payment at all? that's different that your first reported error, in you go to Extensions whats the version number of your paypal commerce?
  16. You can check your "includes/global.inc.php" file it will have the link to the admin page in it, $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin_xxxxx.php';
  17. The payment is for sure going through? Which paypal module are you using and is it up to date in the version number? EDIT: Nevermind, I misread, that is the normal proceedure, after paypal payment is sent it should be set to processing, it's up to you to complete it. Additonally, I'd have a look at "Store Settings > General "Misc" That should have the alert email to Admin setting make sure it's set to processing and the one below is ticked "allow processing to be skipped" that might resolve your above issue.
  18. Dunno about original OP but for me Modules; All In One Shipping Advanced shipping module that can calculate shipping based on the weight, subtotal and number of items in the order. 1.0.24 Shipping CubeCart Limited Back in Stock Notifications Notify customers when products are back in stock 1.0.1 Plugins Noodleman Cinda Skin Settings This extension is required for the Cinda skin to operate. 1.0.0 Plugins Patrick Bullert CraftyClicks CraftyClicks integration 1.0.1 Plugins Gabor Peter Suranyi CubeCart Security Suite The CubeCart Security Suite provides a number of tools to help secure your store. 1.1.2 Plugins CubeCart Limited Google Analytics A web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. 1.0.2 Plugins CubeCart Google Base Google base product export feed 1.0.3 Plugins CubeCart, Ltd Google Microdata Addition of google microdata to products 1.6 Plugins Havenswift Hosting Google Merchant Feed Google merchant product export feed 1.5 Plugins Havenswift Hosting Intact Sales Intact Custom Data Exporter 1.0.0 External Smither Consulting PayPal Commerce Platform Accept card payment, PayPal and alternative payment methods via the new PayPal Commerce Platform for business. 1.7.7 Plugins CubeCart Limited SagePay SagePay Payment Gateway 1.0.12 Gateway CubeCart My Skin is a fairly editted version of Cinda at this point. Now that you mention it, it's either skin related or probably Crafty Clicks which was a UK postcode finder that I'm pretty sure hasn't worked in years. Edit: Nvm Craftyclicks is working just fine mechanically, seems that I just haven't paid my bill in a while due to cc expiry.
  19. Mobile number is null Phone number is <a href='https:// first instance I have on record is 26/10/2021 I was running 6.4.4 at that time and has recurred ever since.
  20. I think it happens when someone doesn't enter a telephone number, I get it all the time.
  21. I was thinking is there a way to detect the toggle "Use Stock Level" on the skin level. The rough idea I have was; On the Product page "Use Stock Level = True" Display Normal Buy box "Use Stock Level = False" Display Normal buy Box with the messaging "This item is Special Order and may take 3 additional days to arrive"
  22. the new analytics addon seems to be doing the trick for me.
  23. Identifier exists, always is true, even when in doesn't is that intended behaviour?
  24. I'm having a time trying to get analytics to work well at all, anyone working on this still?
  25. I see this has been removed from the marketplace, what's the policy on totally abandoned skins? The dev appears to have totally disappeared, like the email address gets no responses, the website he links has gone. if I do the work to get it up to scratch can I release it for everybody or am I better off just starting from scratch ?
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