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  1. I tried multiple skins Using Cubecart 6.4.1 and 6.4.0. If you make an order assigning it to a customers account, if they look in order history, there is no "Complete Payment" option, is this expected behaviour ?
  2. I've tried a few other carts but always end up back where I started, Opencart, even Magento have the same problem, it's a barely curated marketplace so software for old versions, barely supported and not ocassionally non-functional works just lie up there forever basicallly. I always check release date / last update, to gauge how active the project is, if it's been 4 years and last update was 3 years ago, it's a real 50-50 long shot that's it's really robustly written/ in a non-effected by change area of the software. There's this weird rights issue too, like if someone releases a mod, it becomes broken over time and a fix is made it can't be added in but by the author? Only time I can remember that being altered was the All in One shipping mod, when they, Cubecart, took on supporting it themselves.
  3. I send over 100 items a day via Royal Mail, just not most via cubecart, I'm still using PPI though cause moving over software I use over to click and drop was such a big pain the ass. If it worked, I'd run my ebay through cubecart, wouldn't be far off 100 on it's own that.
  4. Have you tried rebuilding the sitemap Dashbord > Mainteneance > Rebuild Bottom option I had an issue with the CHMOD settings on the home folder where it wasn't actually writting the sitemap.
  5. I guess it's a weird rights issue, the developer obviously owns their own works and I've got use out of that work, then they disappear and while I can make minor changes on my own major rework is beyond my skill set. Like if I submitted a bug, and it goes un-updated for months what do I as someone that did a patch up fix, normally I just posted it to the thread here but, clearly that'll become a bigger issue later on and it's kinda clunky to get "third party" support from me and if I was a new purchaser I'd be mad it's "broken" out of the box.
  6. There's been a big issue with skins in general for a while now, hit and miss support from outside developers and the default cubercart ones being "out dated". Mobile is 50% of my traffic these days, if you don't cater to that in some way you're missing out. Alot of these older skins aren't really built with that in mind at all or at best an after thought. What is it you like about it ?
  7. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/product-feeds/google-base Then it's in inventory > export catalogue, that's what I use still.
  8. As pointed out in the other thread about commerce plugin, I was a version behind. This might be the issue 1.3.16 - Corrected array name on phone variable form order retrieval.
  9. Well there ya go, even I'm a version behind, shows it's not just you not seeing the updates.
  10. I've added an extra level of complexity as I have a sage payment module which can also use Paypal so i might be misinterpreting the "capture ID" to mean more than it does. Paypal commerce doesn't appear where phone number is "disabled", I think that's only and option if you are using the card capture system, paypal doesn't really require you to give and email or phone number to use that. So maybe my original theory is correct?
  11. The latest Paypal commerce version is 1.3.15 maybe it's a bug that's been ironed out ?
  12. Huh, same thing happens to me, my first thought was it might be the difference between a paypal card capture or paypal transaction but seems make no difference, weird.
  13. Which paypal module are you using? Have you tried it using the foundation skin? 90% of the problems I've have with paypal are skin related but your mileage may vary.
  14. cURL isn't installed or enabled. # phpenmod curl # service apache2 restart
  15. In a answer my own question kinda thing, you could make a "fake" Admin account with the email address in question, set it up that way. However, in other news, if you set "Order Complete" as the point where an Admin gets a copy email, doesn't happen. nope just appears to be all my my admin emails aren't working ... weird, EDIT: I kinda hate this implementation anyway, even when I forced it, it doesn't store the cutsomers name, order number or products ordered, so it looks crap.
  16. I searched if I'd brought this up before, if I did, I couldn't find it; I use Trustpilot with Opencart (boo hiss) and their plugin works great but there isn't really anything similar for Cubecart, unless I'm utterly blind. Anyhow, turns out you don't even need that much of a fancy dowhackey a simple copy of of the Order Complete sent to a email address they give you will provide pretty much all the functionality required. I saw the BCC all email admin snippet but that doesn't really apply as it's a fixed address to which all complete orders need BCC'd
  17. All Admins get emailed the URL when it changes with updates, I just ask them to modify a shortcut and save it to their browser of choice.
  18. Awesome, thanks for the quick turn around. As of v1.3 - my fix hasn't been added in, just if people are having the same issues I was (might be server settings) element.product.horizontal_gallery.php the following lines are <script src="{$ROOT_PATH}/skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/picturefill.min.js"></script> <script src="{$ROOT_PATH}/skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/lightgallery.js"></script> <script> this causes both scripts to not be found <script src="skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/picturefill.min.js"></script> <script src="skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/lightgallery.js"></script> <script>
  19. This skin is pretty close to what I've been looking for, for a long time. The settings page could do with making the link boxes editable. Even default, it has some odd behaviour, the links have a black background with white text and then when you hoover over it, it's white text on a white background? I mean it's easily customised but it's a bit wierd to change the header background color with out it. Also with SSL enabled the lock icon is misaligned.
  20. But the box weight will differ depending on the type, size and material. I get multibuy fairly regularly but I offer free shipping so I just lump it into the cost bracket internally, if you can cover the cost of postage for 1 item, there is usually economy of saving for multiple items rather than additional costs. The one time I can really think of this as being a major issue is heavy low profit items, like I have a item that's 500ml, so 5 of them is a parcel which costs me £6.00 to send, 4 of them is a packet which costs £2.50 to send. But that's super rare. I agree it's a bit of an issue, certain the first part about hiding shipping options behind a drop box. If I ever get to that part of my design I'll have to have a think about how that should look, as it is that looks like it'll be done 2038, so don't hold your breath.
  21. Make sure the CHMOD and CHOWN for the folder is setup correctly, I had it failing a few times as I'd installed as root instead of correct owner for the cart.
  22. Okay, Time to put my money where my mouth is, I've been bitching about the state of cubecart skins/themes for at least a few years and I've tried myself half assedly but I like the skills and time necessary to complete the project. I've been chasing my tail about finding a designer for a while and I've costed out jumping ship to some Shopify or Bigcommerce or Magneto and it's gonna cost me like way too much money. I'm willing to fund the development of a skin that can be sold on the extension marketplace after or whatever, don't really care, I wanna suppor the platform which has provide me alot over the years, where do I go? any ideas lads ?
  23. Actually now that I think about it, this is interesting. I often wonder, what is the average number of orders per day that the average Cubecart operator deal with and how is their work flow for dealing with it. I assume most are like me, working on multiple platforms - Amazon - eBay - cubecart and using some sort of Label printing or order management system that oversees all those areas (Like channeladvisor, which doesn't support CC or OnestopOrder processing, which last supported CC3 and I've hacked together a work around for CC6 with the help of Bsmither). I mean I sell 10-30 items a day so it's could be handled manually, but that would be a large amount of time for a small number of orders.
  24. Hey Kids, lets keep it civil. I think it's more an issue that you've been conditioned to how eBay works, Amazon is fairly similar, so anything that isn't that is a bit jarring. The other shipping modules are probably artifacts of the time, long, long ago when Estelle's Mod wasn't a thing, this is a problem alot of carts suffer from, Opencart has some god awful addon's that don't seem to do the job they advertise. Parcel2go addon requires demand to develop, so far that's two guys, I'll probably use it.
  25. For sure, I would gladly spend a few tens of pounds, I've bought about 4 through the marketplace here and a few before that I forget how much, just to see how they were made or modify them to suit my purpose in brutal ugly ways. I'm not sure how you even start going about addressing the drawbacks I have. Like Opencart has an extension that auto submits for Trustpilot, that's handy, but if I get some guy to go develop it and I the only customer it's like 500£
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